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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by JoeLyshGaming, Jan 1, 2021.

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    Plugin category: World Generation?

    Minecraft version: Any version 1.14+ (preferably 1.16.4)

    Suggested name: Advanced Pillaging

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin where pillaging is a LOT more creative.

    Some key parts I'd like to see are:
    • Custom chests based on how many times players have beaten raids.
      • This would mean like, if the server has beaten a certain amount of raids, pillager chests would level up (including non generated pillager chests, so when they're generated, they're already a certain level). They all would have a cooldown time, and after this amount of time, they'd decrease a level, and so on until they're level 1 again (normal loot table). If chests leveled up, they'd have a better loot table.
        • Loot tables customizable in config file
        • Raids needed to level up customizable in config file
        • Max level chest customizable in config file
        • Cooldown time customizable in config file
      • Custom chat messages when a player: Kills the last pillager (completes the raid), opens a pillager chest, fails a raid.
        • Messages are customizable in config file
      • Preferably, this could link with Holographic Displays. This would display the chest level above the chest, example "Pillage Chest - LVL 4".
        • Holograph text customizable in config file
      • If a player didn't participate in any raids, they can't open pillage chests above a certain level.
        • Restriction customizable in config file.
    • Custom raids
      • Custom mobs for raids will participate in certain levels of raids. This including creepers, enderman, ender dragon, wither, ghasts, and so on.
        • What level mobs spawn on customizable in config file
    • Ability to manually start raids
      • This would use a custom command to start raids (must be near a pillage tower or village, doesn't have to be both). This would spawn the pillage mobs in a normal radius of the player.
      • Also, it'd have a command syntax to spawn a raid at a certain level (custom raids) using the custom mobs set in config.

    Ideas for commands:

    /raidstart {level} {player}
    {level} not required, but if put, it'd start a raid at that level using the custom mobs in config. If not put, it'd start a raid at the lowest level.

    {player} not required, but if put, it'd start a raid of a certain level (if specified) near that player (if they are near a village or pillage tower.
    Ends all current raids
    Resets the amount of raids completed to 0.​

    /raidchest {level} {player}
    Spawns a pillage chest in front of the player

    {level} not required, but if put, it'll spawn a raid chest of the specified level.

    {player} not required, but if put i'll spawn a raid chest of the specified level at the specified player.

    If any part of this isn't possible to do, that's fine. Just (if you wanna make this) try to include as much of it as possible please.

    Ideas for permissions:

    raid.start (/raidstart)
    raid.start.level (/raidstart {level})
    raid.start.others (/raidstart {player})

    raid.end (/raidend)

    raid.reset (/raidreset)

    raid.chest (/raidchest)
    raid.chest.level (/raidchest {level})
    raid.chest.others (/raidchest {player})

    raid.openchest (given to players who participated in a raid. never goes away) (if it's possible make chests open to only players who participated WITHOUT making a permission, that'd be amazing)

    When I'd like it by: no specific due date :)
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    Mathias Eklund

    I'd love to give it a shot in making this for you, but I don't quite understand everything you are talking about.

    What are these chests? Does Minecraft normally spawn in chests when a raid is finished? I'm not quite understanding what you are looking for here? Is it an upgrade to an already existing raid loot chest or do you want a new system made that spawns a raid loot chest after a raid is finished?

    Don't get me wrong, I like your idea of having a better raid system compared to the regular Minecraft one. But I don't think everything that would need to be explained can be explained in this little amount of text.

    To be honest, I think your idea is not ambitious enough, so I was thinking of revamping your request and creating a very big plugin for an improved and customizable raiding experience in Minecraft. Like, I don't have a full understanding of what you are asking for in this post but I've been inspired by it so I'll most likely be making a public plugin for this and I will try and make sure that what you want can be done with that plugin, but for that, I would need some clarification on the chests and some other information regarding raids as I don't really know how they work, so I'll be investigating that on my own.

    I'll edit this post if my understanding of what you want has changed after I know everything about the current Minecraft raid system.
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    These chests are the ones in pillager towers. They are there since world generation. They aren’t spawned on raid completion. I just want the game to be able to tell if they are looted, and if they aren’t, then upgrade them via the request above.

    Edit: I like your idea about extra features added, and I wanted more features than just the ones I listed, I just couldn’t think of any. If you do create a public plugin, please do be sure to send me the link :)
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2021
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