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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by poopnozle, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Prison Servers

    Suggested name: Mining LVL

    What I want:

    This shouldn't be something too complex but it would be rather cool to see.. I would like to see a plugin that not only shows your Mining Stat but rewards you for each level you earn in it. The way I imagine that happening is having a player Mining LVL that appears over top of their characters head as a nametag and them mining certain blocks that give a set amount of EXP (EXP can be set to anything on any block). But to make things more challenging I'd like to see a exponential EXP growth per level. For example...

    LVL 2 == 10EXP
    LVL 3 == 15EXP
    LVL 4 == 25EXP...
    LVL 1000 == 1000000EXP
    And so on..

    As for a LVL up reward I believe it should be linked to console so the server can run any command (I want to do /pay {amount} when they rank up automatically aswell as run some other commands.)


    Exponential leveling.
    Infinite levels.
    Configurable EXP sizings and EXP giving blocks
    Configurable Automatic Console commands that can be added or taken out
    Configurable LANG for the level ups
    Level # under nametag

    Ideas for commands:

    /Level - Displays your Mining LVL + how much EXP you have/need.
    /Level {PLAYER} - Displays another persons Mining LVL + how much EXP they have/need.
    /Level Set {PLAYER} - Set's a players Mining LVL (OP ONLY)

    Ideas for permissions:

    Mining.LevelSet (OP ONLY)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever!
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    I know the same plugin,Unfortunately i forgot lol
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