Ads On Server! - When login in ad comes up for 10 seconds!

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Would you like this on your server?

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  3. I don't have a server but i would not like a server to have it

  4. It would be very usefull for my server to make some cash

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    I would love to get an ad for my server. This plugin would have that you can gain money for companies and not just from selling VIP or anything else but ads.

    Plugin Add ons
    1. Plugin if you login you get an image up that stays for 10seconds.
    2. Ads while playing (make optional) and you can pay to get rid of them which would work with permissions.

    If would be very thankful if you make it because i pay for the server so i would also be able to make some money from ads. This is a very good way for servers to make money. Thank you :) and hope someone will do it
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    Wouldn't this be classed as a client mod? Plugins can't edit client side things.
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    Its possible, but you would have to enforce a client mod that the developer makes. Or you could use Spout... But not sure its possible with Spout yet.
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    ok :) but share this with developers you know so they can see it :) thanks
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    Double post :/.

    I doubt you'll earn any money with this and it doesn't work for people without spout.....
  7. You can do this with maps... Give the player a full inventory and full bar with map (id 0) and place an image on that. You can then disable dropping and picking up items for 10 seconds.

    No Spout needed.
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    That is a good idea but im not sure if it would work well :) But ask other people to talk about it
  9. maps... right, im sure everbody will look on that...
    Spout splashscreens are possible, you can do that with SpoutEssentials already.
  10. Well it's the only thing I can think of without the need of Spout.
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    The maps idea is possible but that would seem extremely annoying but effective. And with Spout, if these ads are pictures definitely yes. If they are videos, no. Not yet... Just install spout when a stable build for 1.0 is out and encourage your users to use Spout. Once all is said is done, download a Spashscreen plugin and set the image to display for 10 secs. There are 2 plugins with the capability of a splashscreen I'm sure of that.
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    do you know any one that could make this plugin?
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    With or without spout?
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    idk without would be better
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    just force spoutcraft, there is a function in the config file, it may slightly decrease your users but if the server is really awesome then no worries?
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    might work but then someone would have to make the plugin?
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    Thats a good idea, and you could just have some text come up for the first 10 seconds and that map idea would work. Mabie also make a picture of it in MC on the server and for the first 10 seconds you have to stand in front of that and cant move then u get teleported back. It sounds like a good idea tho, and would encourage people to donate to remove ads. It could work with soput too cuz u can add your own sounds so you could have someone talking about it for 10 seconds.
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    @gjosse yes it would still have to be made, just saying its very feasible thro spout and you can make sure noone gets around it

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