[ADMN] Yet another Bukkit Updater 0.0.1 - advanced Console Updating for Windows

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  1. Yabu Yet another Bukkit Updater
    by Screeny
    Version 0.0.1

    Mirror 1 (Dropbox)
    Mirror 2 (Forum attachement)
    Source Code

    With Yabu you are able to manage your Bukkit and Craftbukkit Buil
    and Update them to the version you want.
    You are able to get all Infos from the build with just one command!

    To use it you have to know how it works!
    this application hasn't got a GUI. It works with paramters that you have to give.

    If you start the Application for the first time it will ask you to answer some questions.
    (Bukkitversion, Craftbukkitversion, Serverpath, Always backup old server files)

    If any of these values is set wrong the app may not work.

    Print Help
    C:\PathtoEXE> Yabu help

    Main Features (open)

    Here i will talk about the main features
    you can choose between 6 "trees"

    (all are Case-Insensitive)
    • bukkitstable
    • bukkitrecommended
    • bukkitcurrent
    • craftbukkitstable
    • craftbukkitrecommended
    • craftbukkitcurrent
    Each tree has Informations:
    • Author
    • Builddate
    • Buildduration
    • Buildnumber
    • Comment
    • Description
    • Displayname
    • Filename
    • URL
    • Timestamp
    And some Functions
    • all (To Print all Informations listed above)
    • Update
    • Download
    For example
    C:\PathtoEXE> Yabu bukkitrecommended buildnumber

    prints you the Buildnumber of the latest recommended Bukkit Build

    You can also execute this
    C:\PathtoEXE> Yabu Bukkitrecommended all

    to get all the informations listed above.

    Check for Updates
    For example:
    If you want to update your Craftbukkit to the newest Stable version, you simply have to tip
    C:\PathtoEXE> Yabu craftbukkitstable update

    So if the latest stable craftbukkitbuild has a higher buildnumber than your current version it will ask you to download the update.

    If you only want to have the recommended Craftbukkit Builds you can tip
    C:\PathtoEXE> Yabu craftbukkitrecommended update

    Always Backup Switch
    If you set the alwaysbackup switch to true the app will create a backup everytime you update your JAR

    Misc Features (open)

    Change Settings
    C:\PathtoEXE> Yabu settings

    Get the current Craftbukkit Version
    C:\PathtoEXE> Yabu getcurcbver [pathtoCraftbukkitJAR] 

    If you don't set the pathtoCraftBukkitJAR argument, it will read the version from the craftbukkit.jar in your Server Directory

    Usage (open)

    for example you can change your .bat file to start the Bukkit Server to this:
    Now everytime you start the server with your .bat file Yabu will check for updates!

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.0.1
    • Initial release
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    Personally I would recommend against running a random EXE by a user with one post that doesn't have the source posted with it. Just a heads up to any users who see this.
  3. so here is the source code: GitHub
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