[ADMN] Xifux 1.0 - Plugin Browser, Auto-updater, and Server Creator. All in one?

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by WMisiedjan, Feb 9, 2011.

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    What is Xifux 1.0? - Continued: 21-December-2011 (Orignally BukkitToDate)
    Xifux is a code name for a new project, a external and internal bukkit launcher tool that keeps your server up-to-date!
    The outdated BukkitUP and other alternatives, just downloads the newest build, if there is a new one available.
    The problem is that it also downloads failed builds, And don't automatically updates it to the server itself.

    Currently Planned Features:
    • Plugin Browser / Server Builder
      • This is going to be the future of Minecraft server administration experience.
        I'm going create a nice GUI so you can browse plugins and select them to be on a new server or existing server.
    • Auto-Updater
      • Automatically update your server and plugins if a new version is available.
      • Planned Subfunctions for craftbukkit.jar:
        • Recommend Builds
        • Development Builds
      • Planned for Plugins:
        • Basic Automatic Plugin Updating
        • Auto-Disable outdated, broken, plugins.
    I'm planning a event for a 24 hours of coding marathon. that i'm maybe doing alone or maybe doing in a group.

    I'm going to start working on this plugin / tool.

    If someone has any suggestions or questions, leave comments below.

    I may make those 2 main feauters: Auto-Updater and Plugin Browser / Server Creator as 2 separate applications or plugins.
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    Updated my google code!

    Finally found a way to Load craftbukkit.jar into my launcher, execute it, detect if my plugin says it needs a restart/update, replace new craftbukkit.jar and execute craftbukkit.jar again WITHOUT closing my launcher at all.
    Basic code is available at my google code acocunt. Although, its not 100% stable yet, but it works. Now just need to clean up that code, make some commands and add the countdown feature and such.

    thanks to some people at Stackoverflow!

    I HOPE the release is here before the end of the next week. Because I haven't very much time lately due school.
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    That means you're getting closer to the end of the tunnel, YAY!
  4. it gives a error as of now...
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    Something I just thought of is, why not have the same for minecraft_server.jar, once you're done with this, I'd think it would be easy to adapt.

    EDIT: CraftBukkit doesn't need minecraft_server.jar!
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    Yeah, Will put it on the ToDo list ;)

    Oops, I just broke my SVN, But I made it work again by resetting the whole thing and recommitted the latest code.

    Hope I can release a ALPHA version of this tonight.
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    I won't be able to test it for you because I'll be gone for a week, see you then ! [​IMG]
  8. EDIT: I'm an idiot... ignore this :D
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    Im waiting....
    This looks so awesome, I always forget to update Craftbukkit and then im getting errors with all the plugins and so on and always i dont know whats the problem, then the plugin developers tell me to update craftbukkit! So i hope after you released this that problem will be gone :D

    So when you gonna release the first version?
  10. Hello,
    If you want, i can help you update the links on the launcher+plugin... i put in a request to update the launcher only..

    EDIT: they just updated the link :O, ill put in a request to patch again later...
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    This is getting old... :'(
    Now that there are recommended builds this should get easier, hope you'll pick this back up!

    EDIT: Didn't see for your motherboard...:oops:
    I hope you'll get a new one soon!
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    I think I'll rewrite this whole plugin, and add support for repos for plugins.

    Because I think the current most popular plugin is shitty and you still need to do everything manual. It just downloads the shit to a folder that you need to apply.

    I'm going to get rid of that. Starting to rewrite tomorrow evening.
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    (ping...) Still developing this?
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    ping.. Rewriting EVERYTHING in C#. Getting sick of Java and it would be a lot easier with a external launcher.

    I'll soon be having a 24 hours of coding event to raise money for charity. I'll update this thread and I'll release a new thread soon.

    I rewrote the whole thread and came up with a code name for a new project that is very similar to BukkitToDate.

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