[ADMN][WIP] SecureServer v.0.5 - Administrator rights are secured [1000]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by blackmutzi, Aug 12, 2011.

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    SecureServer - Administrator rights are secured
    Version: v.0.5

    This is a plugin that should prevent the cracked login Minecraft client with an administrator user name.
    In order therefore to get admin rights. ​
    Das ist ein Plugin, das verhindern sollte das gecrackte MC User sich mit einem Administrator Namen einloggen. Um sich somit Admin Rechte zu besorgen.

    /ss register [your password]
    /ss login [your password] [admin key]

    #Command only Admin:
    /ss_set [PlayerName] [PermissionGroup]

    - secureserver.commands.register
    - secureserver.commands.admin

    #Support Only:
    PermissionEx(Pex) v.1.13


    1: Copy SecureServer Folder and SecureServer.jar File in your Plugins Folder.
    2. Edit config.yml File in SecureServer Folder.
    3. Edit permission.yml File in PermissionEx folder. Create Default,Player & Admin Group.
    4. Edit permission.yml Default Group Permission: - secureserver.commands.register


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    This wouldn't be an issue because Minecraft verifies online-mode servers. Unless this plugin is designed for offline-mode servers.
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    This plugin is designed for offline-mode servers :D
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    Sounds awesome, cause i run a offline mode server, and many players tried to login with my nickname.
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