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    Good Day everyone!

    To begin, please understand that this is currently under CLOSED BETA .

    I am currently in development of a large project that involved a multitude of database inserts, edits, updates, moves, compilations..etc

    Now let me explain to you what it is I'm doing.


    Thats right, its called Soap! Server Overview and Admin Productivity! Soap is used to do the following:
    Gather information in several databases (several because we are working with multiple plugins)
    Then output this information into nicely designed tables (no more black framed tabled)
    Soap will also offer the ability to add and remove to certain tables based on the plugin (For example, admins would have the option to add/remove balance from iConomy)
    You will even be able to export your tables for storage on a local drive!

    So, how does it work?
    Easy! In the future you will simply:
    Navigate to Soap's webpage and click register (currently in closed beta)
    Register an account with your information (IE name, email) Your server information (IP, Port)
    Login to Soap Server Admin Center - Here you will find all the information you need to configure your plugins to work with Soap!
    Once configured, your next step is to sit back and relax! Watch as your users information (Such as username and balance) is collected and stored into tables or export your tables for all to see!

    FAQ (open)


    Q: Wait! So will I have to have a 'mysql' database?

    A: Nope! You will remotely connect to our database using a provided username and password!

    Q: I dont know what mysql or databases are, is that a problem?
    A: Not at all! Soap is designed for no database experience. We'll take care of that for you!

    Q: What information will you be collecting?
    A: Its not up to us, Its up to the plugins! We simply help integrate already created plugins to our website for you to use! We will let you know this, we will not collect any personal information, infact every supported plugin comes with a list of easy to ready collected material in our help section!

    Q: Well, this sounds cool, but how much are you trying to charge me?
    A: Nothing! Thats right, its a free service! We will let you know this though, we have plans for "premium" option in the future!

    Q: What plugins do you export to a table?
    A: Currently, in Beta we do not have a list of supported plugins, we will be releasing one shortly though. We are going to try to work with as many developers possible to support you as much as possible!

    Q: Do you support databases other then MySQL?
    A: Currently no, our security and Auth verification is only set up for MySQL. Probably in the future though!

    Q: Cool! Can I try it?
    A: Sure! We will always offer a demo on our website so that you can get an idea of what your signing up for! CLICK

    Q: Sounds great! Can I help?
    A: Of course! There are many ways you can help!
    • Become a tester! I need Beta testers! All different kinds! I need people who are unfamiliar with this, and I need people who are familiar! I need website owners, server admins, plugin developers! I need everyones help!
    • Developers: Are you a program developer? I need your help! If you already have plugins made, see if they can be exported into a MySQL database!
    • Money! Soap is free to use! If you want to help out and pay for server fees it would be appreciated!
    Apply for Beta:
    Interested in helping? Here's what I need from you!
    First Name(I prefer to get to know my testers, username if you wish):
    Specialty(Server Owner, Forum Manger, Plugin Dev...etc):
    How can you help:

    Simply post that in a reply, if I can use you (which I probably can and will) I will send you a Beta-Authorization key!

    Q: Where do you profits from donations go?
    A: Good question! If we happen to have extra money we donate it to the Nature Conservancy : Plant a billion trees foundation ( http://plantabillion.org )

    Q: Will I get any credit for helping?
    A: Of course, anyone who helps will receive a place in our about us section, more noticeable helpers will also have listed what they did. You can opt out of this if you would like.

    Q: Is that all you will give me?
    A: Yup! Maybe if you're good we'll send you a letter in the mail? We're not here to make money!

    Finally I think I'll list some basic to-do:

    Theres a LOT to get done, I AM missing a lot here!

    To-Do (open)

    Plugin Compilation - Have to go around and gather all updated plugins that currently use databases
    Plugin Integration - Begin adding plugins to database and set up for automation
    Support - Articles for each plugin will be made for user assitance
    Web Debug - Ahh spiders! Website needs a fair amount of work and content additions.
    Security - I believe we're fairly secure, wont hurt to double check it all in the end.
    Open Beta - Should be able to open up public beta by this point

    Thats all for the To-Do now, thats a lot!

    How about some images and links?

    Photos of Soap:
    Control Panel: Not much yet!


    Front Page

    demo at: http://oomlee.com/soap
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    this would be an awesome option for BigBrother
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    It looks like a blog. You should make it look more like a control panel.
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    I can look into having options to change the theme, shouldn't be a problem, any 'control panel' themes in mind?
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    Terry Tibbs

    I'd gladly help out with beta testing. I'm familiar with web development and database management; not so much with plugin development.

    Also, is this self-hosted or does it run on your backend?
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    It runs on my webserver (bluehost being my webhost)
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    I don't have anything in mind... But I'm totally going to watch this thread. I might actually even have use for this...

    Oh, and you might want to fix 'Nature Conservancy:plant a billion trees foundation'.
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    Updated the login process auth with some extra security.
    Added beta info page
    Fixed access.php headers
    Added notification of key loss on login
    Fixed recursive linking problem on demoaccess

    Gonna try and finish the registration for beta users tonight.
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    Just noticed what you did with the name "SOAP" :D
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    Heh, I actually just picked soap, and half way through the design I came up with "Admin Productivity" and decided to the SO..

    Soap will go from Closed Beta to Open Beta. Open Beta will possibly be on a longer beta then I desire. This is because I seem to have hit a snag with MySQL Remote host. My webhost will not let me turn off the function, therefore any server that wishes to use the site would have to have there server address manually added. Hopefully (but not expectantly) I will receive some donations toward the project which will allow me to purchase a server in will I will self host.
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    Alrighty, took last night and this morning to teach myself all about self server hostingsuch as apache, mysql, and php. I think it might be ultimately beneficial to self host this project, giving me complete control over mysql and how behaves.

    As far as overall further development, I do hope to get more feedback from users, I would hate to spend an abundance of time and effort in something no one would really use.

    Question to everyone who understands what soap is: Is my current explanation of soap understandable? I'm not quite sure how much information an average server owner knows/understands.

    I would like to have beta tester userbars made for my testers by Friday.

    Im a bit busy this week with finals so development probably won't pick up until maybe Sunday.

    Im going to aim for have beta registration/key setup and a more developed to do list with done dates by this time.

    I hope to also receive one or two more testers before next week.
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    If you need a tester im here! :D I love testing things from operating systems to web scripts... i LOVe to find flaws and bugs... how sad? Im also a coder ;)
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    Cool, what do you language to you program in? I've got all the early stages of PhP and HTML under me and some basics in Vb.net

    As for the status of the Registration for beta:
    WOW! So far the code for this page was WAY more then I thought it would be! Mostly because I had to learn completely new MySQL information.

    I decided to change how this system would work, too.

    Upon registration each user will get their own MySQL username, password, and database along with the automatically created tables that follow for each supported plugin. Before each server was using the same username and password and only receiving different tables based on their server name. This new system should prove much more secure.

    One problem I AM worried about are updates. My ultimate goal is to support most plugins that user MySQL, that being said I will have easily 20+ plugins using different tables. I'm worried how I will check to make sure these tables have not received changes, and if so how to make sure everyones tables become reset properly.

    Im not sure how to do this without having to check manually everyday for updates (Slightly unreasonable)
    Maybe trying to work with the plugin dev? Any ideas toward this would be nice.
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    We could contact the plugin dev's and get them to email us pon a new release or just simply have one or two people check a plugin page daily? Not too sure... normally they tweet the updates and if you follow them you should pick up on updates.

    Email me: [email protected]
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    Alright, later this week I will need some help with users with servers.

    After some very brief testing I am worried that connecting to a remote lags servers

    Can anyone give any further insight on this?
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    If the connection takes a hell load of internet, then yes it will lag.
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