[ADMN/WEB] Plugin Update Checker v0.9.01 (PHP) - Manage and watch your plugins

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by !Phoenix!, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Plugin Update Checker - Manage and watch your plugins:
    Version: v0.9.01

    This is a php-based script to give an overview of your plugins and show available updates.
    It's based on the fact that the thread-title becomes changed if a new version is released. This change results in an "out of date" mark.

    I hope you will like it :)

    • Shows available updates of plugins in the list
    • Easy design-customisation by CSS

    Demo (static)
    Download (Currently unavailable - See #26)

    How to install:
    1. Upload files
    2. Edit config.php
    3. Open create_table.php in the browser
    4. Delete create_table.php
    5. Open index.php and add your plugins
    • Show informations like "No plugins in the list", "Plugin added", "Plugin deleted"
    • Show warnings like "Plugin already in the list"
    • Maybe add update-detection for the script itself
    • Status overview on top of the page (number of outdated plugins etc.)
    • Try to reduce runtime
    • Add update-detection for bukkit itself?
    Development Status:
    • Stuck; in discussion with the Bukkit-Team
    • Have to find a way to get the information from plugins.bukkit.org - not from the forum
    • (Status update: 31.07.2011)

    Version 0.9.01 (20.07.2011)
    • Quickly fixed unknown constant E_NONE
    Version 0.9 (20.07.2011)
    • First Release
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    It checks the version based on the URL of the input/current?
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    Yes; it checks it by analysing the page in the forum.
    Thats why allow_url_fopen is required.
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    having an update checker as a website is great :)
    but i dont like the look, how about using a clean and less space-using spreadsheet?
    for example just like:
    Pluginname1 | OLD-URL1 | NEW-URL1
    Pluginname2 | OLD-URL2 | NEW-URL2
    Pluginname3 | OLD-URL3 | NEW-URL3

    i also would suggest an automatic version-check (and not only title-check) and Bukkitversion-check, looking for the "v1.0.0" and the "[1000]" part inside the header.
    the tool BukkitPluginWatcher did that, but the thread is gone, dont know why :(
    i will upload that u can have a look into it: BukkitPluginWatcher @mediafire
    (usage: copy a thread-url into the url-column, thats it... - at start you're not able to click something because its updating the plugin-versions. After that you get an error, just ignore)
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    Thanks a lot! I'll have a look into this.
    Maybe it would be a nice idea to make the spreadsheet customizable :)
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    i would like it, that u still have to input the Pluginname and the URL.
    It the page the following things would be shown in a table:
    - Pluginname (clickable to open the Thread in a new tab)
    - Bukkitversion
    - old version
    - new version
    - Update-Button (clicking it will set the new version as old versions)
    and all sortable to Pluginname (alphabetical) and Bukkitversion.
    If there is a new version the background of the "new version" and/or the "Bukkitversion" column will turn colored
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    Sounds good, but this could take a while :p
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    noooooo :(
    i would like to help, but im not very experienced in html/php
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    I'll try to spend a lot of care (Would like to see that as well) ;)
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    Apache error.log shows:

    line 46: $error_reporting = error_reporting(E_NONE);
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    That's curious, but now it's fixed.
    Normally E_NONE is always known as 0 (Zero), but .. however
    fixed :)

    (Only have to replace index.php)
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    Fix confirmed

    Loading the plugin page requires a huge amount of waiting ( about 20 sec ).
    I believe, that the page is reloading all bukkit links and thats what takes so long.

    Is there a workaround / fix?
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    Yes, it opens all saved links every time you open/reload the page, that's why it takes so long.
    -> The runtime prolongs in proportion to the amount of plugins.

    I already tried to make it as fast as possible but I don't think that I can make it faster with this method.
    But I wrote to the Bukkit-Team if it would be possible to get direct access to the database which would speed up the whole thing a lot (I hope) (...That would be really cool).
    The only comfort at the moment is that you don't really have to open it more than once a day..
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    I'm pretty sure this goes here, as it isn't a plugin.
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    You could rewrite the php code, so this page ->first<- displays something, then a loading animation and then the result.
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    Just a little note...

    They require that the [ANY] in the thread title be the latest craftbukkit version. They're quite anal about this. Just a constructive suggestion.
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    Yes, that could be. I didn't know that a forum like this exists, thats why I first asked where to post it and then submitted it here. So maybe this will be moved.

    I am not really sure what you mean..
    As you may have noticed this isn't a plugin and so it is independent of craftbukkit. I first used [-] and then changed it to [ANY] because I saw another submission with the same "problem" using this tag.
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    Also when it gets moved to Bukkit Tools, it wont need that tag at all. ;)

    By the way, tagging @Plague is usually fine. (He's nice. Don't tag him though, cuz i did. ;P) But this guy's online so lets see if he can move it for you: @RightLegRed
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    moved to tools, you can chagne the title and post to whatever you like there are no real guidelines for tools
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    thx @Plague
    btw: Do you know how long it takes until Emails are replied? (-> My request for database access)
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    I would need javascript or iframes for that.
    The problem is that I never really worked with javascript before and moreover I would like to try to use as little javascript as possible.
    And iframes wouldn't allow feedback (-> status-overview on top of the page).
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    Hmm, i get no errors whatsoever, tried it using a 'user' and without, but it always comes up blank when I try to add a plugin. well not blank, it just doesnt show up. This is very annoying as i really need this tool :). I could send you the files if you like. I have set up all the mySQL and everything, sorted out the table, and like i said, no error messages, and i had a look at the index.php,and i saw it is supposed to show error messages if it couldn't connect to the database, so I don;t think it; the database. I'm leaning towards thinking i may have had a bad download (?)
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    - First have a look into the database if there is something in the table (I don't think so).
    - The plugin-name have to be min. 1 character long
    - Try to add different/common plugins. If it doesn't work post the url you tried to add.
    - On line 54 there is an @ in front of fopen(...) - delete it and retry to add a plugin (Should have deleted it already :/)

    I will try to improve the error-handling with the next version which could make that clear.
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    Well, 3 weeks ago I released a application that used the exact same thing (scraping forum threads), you can ask Taranis01, but it was closed from the bukkit team because the servers are already under pressure/load and we by using this method is putting a lot of extra unnecessary load on the servers. So my thread was closed, and yours will be too.
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    Hmmm :/
    I hope someone will speak with me about that before this happens..

    Are you talking about that:
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    The download to your tool has been removed until we can be certain our hosting is stable and can handle the load (without the added load from your program and others like it). This thread is still being made available so that the program can be discussed in the meantime.
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    @Taranis01 , @Simanova , @microskies
    Only for your information: The thread is back and it will take a while until a new version is released because I first have to finish the discussion with Bukkit about update-tools and suchlike (See also #26 by EvilSeph).
    Furthermore I would like you ask to reduce the use of my script to help bukkit with their server-problems.
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    I stopped using it 2 days ago, waiting for a stable hosting
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