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    Minecraft Server Manager - Full featured administration software for your Minecraft Server. Web Administration, Backup, Permissions, In-Game Commands and More!

    Updated: 11/14/2011
    Version: v.9b [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1337jnks]
    myBukkitAdmin adds the ability to view and modify your server and plugins via a website. This plugin is fast and easy to setup.​


    Get updates on TWITTER!

    myBukkitAdmin is still in a beta phase. Let me know if you have any issues let me know.

    Installation and Usage information available at
    Bukkit has requested that I stop receiving donations to allow the community to be a part of the beta, so as of today beta keys are no longer available. The cost to run this service is more than I can afford to bear on my own so if you would like to keep this service around and see v1.0 released please support this project by sending us a Donation

    With the release of v.8b a file will be created called monitor.jar. This program monitors your bukkit server and restarts it if the server crashes or the /restart command is used. If you choose not to use the monitor program, you can disable the monitor by adding or changing the line within /plugins/myBukkitAdmin/config.yml to say
    monitor: false

    If you have a beta key:
    1. Goto
    2. Create an account using your Beta key
    3. Check your e-mail for activation message
    4. Click Activation link, login using your username, password and activation code from e-mail
    5. Create a server by clicking "Add New Server"
    6. Type in Server details including a unique Privacy Key
    7. Download the latest version of myBukkitAdmin from the Account Page or Link above
    8. Install it on your server and start your server up
    9. Open config.yml in the plugins/myBukkitAdmin folder on your server
    10. Type in the Username you created to login to
    11. Type in the Privacy Key you created for this server
    12. Reload your server
    13. Win!
    If I missed anything or if these instructions didn't work for you, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly. The installation instructions @ will be undergoing some reformatting soon, hopefully this helps until then.


    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    Looking forward to the new .6b release :) keep up the good work.
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    Thanks! Had to delay it a bit so we could get moved, but will be out soon!
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    looking forward to using this
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    Sent your key, thank you for your support.
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    I need :(+ I donated 0,01$! It's a little red bull.. but still =D
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    i can help you to translate from english to italian
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    I appreciate your support but each donation actually costs me a minimum of $.34 On a donation of $2 I actually receive $1.64. The only reason I have the Beta open to donators only at this time is due to server load and the cost to implement a solution to increase the amount of Bukkit Servers the my website can handle.
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    So how much do i donate to get a beta key?
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    The same amout a redbull costs. :)
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    $2 is the minimum donation amount to get a key. I say it's for red bull, but so far all the donations have actually gone to the upgrading the host server.

    Version .6b is now available for donors, public release coming soon

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    I will donate 2,50$ if that's ok? :D
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    sounds good, send me a PM with the E-mail address you use for paypal and i'll generate you a key
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    Damn i would donate, this plugin is looking good! But my paypal account was closed due to some Aussie law regarding donation buttons ... If not released will donate when Paypal is fixed.
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    i have been waiting for "approval of an admin" for ages!
    i NEED this to work before coming saturday!
    also, i can't find the button to try again to create an account...
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    Lol I had an amazing idea! translation from English to Redneck! :p
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    The forums that you are referring to are actually for a couple servers that my friend and I maintain. They are not associated with this project. Right now all of the beta slots are in use and currently the only way to get a beta key is to donate to the project to help support the servers that make it possible... and keep some Red Bull in my fridge so I can continue development lol

    Is anyone experiencing any issues with the plugins. I have seen how the plugin manager is giving a few issues removing and installing new plugins, but how are the actual plugin pages working?

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    is there a way for this plugin to be useful without the forums?
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    I get the message
    "Plugin not yet implemented" when I try to use a command from Command Book
    and Big Brother doesn't show any commands. Just a "BB" button.
    But yeah none of any commands that I try from a plugin work..
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    Some commands require that you run them from a user within the game. Currently there is no way for me to check and see if the plugin requires a user to run the command or if the command can be ran in the console. I am going through plugins 1 by 1 to remove the commands that are not available from the console and leave only the commands that will work.

    This plugin doesn't rely on any forums for functionality

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    umm "who" and "give" can be run through the console. But still said unsuported
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    What plugin page?
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    Work on bukkit Build: 1000 (MC: 1.7.3) ?
    and can i buy a key? (webmoney)
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    I have not tested with 1000 but I will look into any API changes they may have made. If it does give any issues, I will release an update soon. I will also look into receiving WebMoney payments, right now all I currently have in place is PayPal
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    erm do you mean what plugin is doing it? erm Command Book
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    We have to pay to use the plugin?
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    XLawless BaronX

    its bs and is not worth it
    also it could be insecure
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    You do not have to pay to use the plugin. Currently, the servers that I use were being pushed to their limits with the initial 50 beta accounts that I offered so in order to allow for more people to use the plugin I ask for a small, 2$ donation so that I can afford the increase in server size and traffic associated with each server. Once released though, the plugin will function without fee though advanced features are available for a 2$ monthly subscription. The advanced administration is 100% optional and is in no way being solicited while you're using the plugin.

    Everything I have posted is accurate and I would assume that if it were not, one of the 96 accounts currently using this plugin would have posted information associated with any inaccuracies to forewarn anybody else. Your slander is not appreciated.

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    XLawless BaronX

    koolstory kk

    my bad but posting it is in order as the connection could be persuaded by some loser
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    Which could be said for all internet traffic. I'm sure Sony would've appreciated your comments a few months ago prior to their security breach. Speaking of which, all passwords are encrypted and stored securely as well as all private keys - which are required to establish communication with each specific server.
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    XLawless BaronX

    But who i don't like Sony they suck

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