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    This is a forum bridging plugin mainly for xenForo but it may also work with IPB or PhPBB or MyBB and so on... If it does not then just leave a comment and I will fix it to handle those forum software's.

    I made this one because in xenForo if you want to make a custom user field for when they sign up then it will use that field to check for their Minecraft IGN.

    DOWNLOAD: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    SOURCE: ForumBridge v1.2

    * forumbridge.* - Able to do everything
    * forumbridge.ban - Able to ban players from the site
    * forumbridge.unban - Able to unban players from the site
    * forumbridge.rank - Able to rank players on the site
    * forumbridge.syncall - Able to sync everyone to the forum

    * /fban <player> - Bans them from the site
    * /funban <player> - Unbans them from the site
    * /frank <player> <group> - Puts that user in that group
    * /fsyncall - Syncs all the players to their forum rank
    * /sync - Syncs that player to their forum rank "In case auto sync isn't working"

    Config Setup:

    db-host: localhost
    db-port: 3306
    db-database: database
    db-username: username
    db-password: password
    # For xenForo custom user fields
    multi-tables: false
    # Use a custom ban field
    use-banned-field: true
    # Show user on server "xenForo"
    show-on-server: false
    # Permissions that you use either PEX, bPerms, GroupManager, PermsBukkit
    permissions-system: PEX
        # The users table
        table: xf_user
        # User id field
        user-id-field: user_id
        # Group numbers for down below
        groups-id-field: user_group_id
        # Uses this if multi-tables is false
        username-field: username
        # Is either 0 or 1
        banned-field: is_banned
        # If banned field is false then specify the banned users group for the site "Dont specify it below"
        banned-users-group: 0
        # Group to be set to once unbanned "Refers to below"
        default-group: 1
        # The custom user fields table
        table: xf_user_field_value
        # Field id field
        field-id-field: field_id
        # Field value field "Their minecraft name"
        field-value-field: field_value
        # Field id name
        field-id-name: minecraft_name
        # The custom user fields table
        table: xf_user_field_value
        # Field id field
        field-id-field: field_id
        # Field value field "The value of yes or no for is on server"
        field-value-field: field_value
        # Field id name
        field-id-name: online_server
        1: Guest
        2: Member
        3: Admin
        4: Mod
        5: VIP
    If you have any questions on how to set it up just leave a comment or if you have any issues with it just leave a comment also.

    Change Log:

    * 1.4

    - * Added more permissions support
    - 1.3
    * Added if the player is on the server status for xenForo
    - 1.2
    * Fixed for banning offline players
    * Added github repo for source
    - 1.1
    * Now auto syncs with the forum, no need for /sync anymore
    * Keeps config comments after reloads or restarts
    * Added change log
    - 1.0
    * Initial release
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    Why are there sync commands? Shouldn't syncing be automatic?:confused:
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    If you want I can make it automatic?!
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    Yeah that would be great! I like making rank changes a lot on xenforo and I dont want to be constantly syncing it! :p
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    Ok then I well have it update about every 10 seconds?!
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    Very nice! i will try it.
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    There update to 1.1 for auto syncing!
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    Thanks :D I'll definitely try this soon!
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    Would be cool to have a github, or source in a zip. :D
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    Github is definitely better! I <3 github!
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    Ill try and upload it to Github tomorrow.
    EDIT: Added the source!

    I have just added a notifier for if that person is on the server or not for xenForo. Here is a screen shot of it in action:

    Here I am on the server, as it says in the about section:

    Here I am not on the server, as it says in the about section:

    EDIT: Feature added to 1.3!

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    I am not Read Woltlab Burning Board. Can you make this for WBB?
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    Ummmm I have never even heard of WBB but I will do some research on it.
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    Ok i want to know if you even tried it yet on enjin because it SHOULD work if not then you can ask me to fix it for it.
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    Hey first of all: Awesome Plugin! (Was looking for something like this for a while)
    Second: Is GroupManager supported? If not, could you implement it?
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    Umm ya I will try and make it search for what perms system you are using and adapt to that :)
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    Cool I think I will use it once it can do this :3
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    Use Vault to make it work with a all permissions.
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    SMF and GroupManager support would make this perfect for me :)
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    i just put this on my server, not bad.

    any chance of a future build. to have something that will show up on the sidepanel to show how many players are on the server at any given time?
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    Since this is mainly for xenForo and im guessing thats what your using I will have to look into how to make a sidebar widget, so maybe later in the builds.
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    As said above, by adding Vault support it should support almost every popular permissions plugin out there. But with the current buid, what permissions plugins does it support? PermissionsEx? bpermissions? GroupManager? PermissionsBukkit?
    I use XenForo myself, but I need it to work with bpermissions if I should switch to it.
  26. Is this usable with bPermissions or can you include Vault so most of the permission systems enabled?
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    Added support for PEX, bPerms, GroupManager, PermsBukkit in version 1.4
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    Yay groupManager support.

    Simple Machines has custom registration fields that are defined in the table smf_custom_fields which has this structure (and a couple others, but these are the important ones):
    id_field, col_name, field_name

    These are referenced in the table smf_themes like this:
    id_member, id_theme, variable, value
    memberID, customFieldID, fieldName, minecraft_name

    From the config, it looks like this plugin would almost work with SMF, but for the life of me I can't get it working.
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    I will make a tutorial will that help?!
  30. Very nice sir!

    Though there is a slight problem when trying to use ForumBridge with bPermissions.

    When i join the server the console says

    And in-game I'm spammed with the message

    And i get this error:

    This is my config file:


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