[ADMN] Vote v0.3 - Basic, effective, light weight, session Vote system for day,night,storm [1000+]

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    Version: v0.3

    Vote sessions offers your server and players a system for basic voting of day, night, storm. It supports multiple worlds, and is efficient/smart with clean interfacing along with light weight performance.

    Like my previous, and first plugin, invulnerability. The goal, and purpose is to have something light weight with efficient coding/logic (tries to be, if not continue to update/improve) without all the excessive packages that comes along or unnecessary features. The interfacing for user output is also clean without all the messy hassle of ugly text/wording.

    How it works

    When a player creates a new session, there is a fifteen seconds time limit before votes are processed. If a player has voted, the user will be locked out from further adding votes to that session. The same applies for trying to create a new vote session. Vote passes is calculated by the number of yes votes opposed to no. If in case yes is tied with no, vote will default to fail and no changes will occur.

    I hope this plugin helps those that are looking for something similar.


    1. lightweight, plug and play
    2. all events are handled in game, no configuration required
    3. permission node to disable certain votes for specified world
    1. /vote
    2. /vote day,night,storm
    3. /vote yes,no
    4. /vote ?
    1. uses bukkit built in permission system; the permission file is located in your main server directory, named "permissions.yml"
    2. vote.<worldname>.<votetype>.disable
    Change Log

    1. added disable voting for specified world(s) with default bukkitPermission
    2. added a thirty seconds wait session after each vote
    3. improved session threading, hopefully.
    4. improved logic for command grabber further
    1. further improved performance, rewrote algorithm for command grabber
    2. removed <time> parameter, default fifteen seconds of vote time.
    3. should be more "light weight," file size has also decreased by several bytes
    1. initial release
    Bugs, Comments, Suggestions?

    Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or bug reports you find!

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  2. so this CAN vote for weather SUNNY also? if it starts raining, ppl could vote for sunny weather?


    tried, obviously when it rains, u can vote for "storm" so storm ends :D
    how about can i remove day or night off from voting? i have 24/7 day world and 24/7 night mob world, i dont want ppl to try vote the day or night off^^
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    That's smart, I didn't think about eternal day/night worlds when I created this. I'll work on something to adapt to this.
  4. thank you :) i keep checking this topic
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    I'm not quite sure I understand the permissions. I use McMyAdmin so I'm not sure what it is I need to add to allow it?

    Is there a way I can add one permission line that allows to vote/accept/deny for certain groups?
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    Hi chilldy,
    From the looks of it, McMyAdmin uses a different permission system from the new default BukkitPermissions. It rather looks to be like Permission 3 (I could be wrong) which is not supported in this build.

    MyMcAdmin shouldn't do anything to affect the server, it should only read from console etc/alter properties. If you are running the latest bukkit build as your server core. It should have auto generated a file called permissions.yml in your root directory.

    In case you need a bridge to some of the newer plugins that uses the bukkitPermission system with Permissions 3,

    As for the permission node to allow/deny user groups; I will add it in the next release when I have more time. (Currently busy and working on a new shop plugin/project).

    Hope that clears some confusion and not cause more. lol. (Apologies if it does)
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    Well perhaps it is not possible to use colored text ;/ Can you do the trick to add?
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    Hey @ktbanh nice it works on #1317, but some requests:
    - option for "required-yes-percentage"
    - Changeable Color and Text
    - Global time between vote-starts (only want to start a vote every 30 or 60 minutes)
    - /vote sun,rain,storm
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    + sign not allowed in CB build.
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    I can't figure it out. I had this Plugin working perfekt for a month, and suddenly i get "vote for day/night/whatever has been disabled on world" any ideas?
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    figured it out. thx

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