[ADMN] UseOnce v0.1 - Use a command once, and only once [1337]

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    UseOnce - Use a command once and only once
    Version: v0.1

    UseOnce lets you configure a command to be used once by any player, and only once.

    UseOnce uses Bukkit Permissions, so any Bukkit Permissions provider will work with UseOnce.


    • Only lets a player use a command once
    • Configurable command
    • Changeable in the config file.
    • Default is: /ilikethisplugin

    By default, UseOnce will create a 'config' file and a 'lang' file on run, the defaults are as such:

    Simply change the value of 'command' to change the command that is only to be used once.

    Download UseOnce


    • Version 0.1
      • Initial release.
    UseOnce was suggested by @Cosmic Break
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    Cosmic Break

    Thank you so much! I cant wait to try it out when I get the chance!

    Ok, theres a problem, i had it to test /rules.

    i used the command once

    but now i cant use any other commands!

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    My bad, re-download and try it now.
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    What if we want them to use the command twice?
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    Then this is the wrong plugin.

    This was mostly made as a request, I didn't really think through how it might be used.
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    @NuclearW Okay cool, I was just thinking I want to give people a magic carpet ride so I want them to be able to use /mc to get the magic carpet but then they would be stuck with it, so I want them to be able to do it twice.
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    Is it possible to set more than one command to only be able to run once - specifically 5 commands :)
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    If this work in #1317, you're my fucking life savior.!
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    Sorry, not at the moment...
    Does it?
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    It actually does :p
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    Thanks, what craftbukkit version are you using?
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    #1317 ATM, but will be likely updating to #1337 this week :p

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