Inactive [ADMN/TP] eTeleport v1.9.3 - An easy teleportation plugin [PermissionsBukkit] [1.4.6-R0.1]

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    eTeleport is an easy teleportation plugin. There are a few commands which can teleport you around your Minecraft Map. It allows you easily to teleport to other players, coordinates, worlds and more.​
    Try it out.​
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    hi, i got annoyed by my players who were always asking for teleport them to their friends, so i tried your plugin.
    it works fine, but there is a small problem, it ruins the command block's teleport mechanism. i used command blocks to teleport players to specific places by coordinates, but now i can't beacuse they use the same command.
    so please make a way to change the simple /tp command to something else
    i really like your plugin beacuse it's so simple, and i would like to use it again soon
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    Maybe you can write /tpo <player1> <player2> onto the command block. This teleport player1 to player2.
    I don't know how the command block work exactly
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    i think you didn't understand me :)

    i use command blocks like /tp @p 25 69 48 so this teleports @p the nearest player to the given coordinates (in order: x y z), but the /tp command is already used by your plugin, so the command block would only be able to teleport to other players' location and not to the coordinates.
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    Have you tried to use /tpc? Maybe something like '/tpc @p 25 69 48' will work?
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    Well, as i read your answer i haven't, but for now i tested it, and it don't work :(
    i will continue testing later with different permissions plugins

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