[ADMN/TP] AutoTP v1.2 - Auto Teleports When Player Places Illegal Block [Bukkit1.6.4-R2.0]

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  1. AutoTP - Auto Teleports When Player Places Illegal Block.
    Version - 1.2

    AutoTP, is an admin and somewhat anti griefing plugin, that automatically teleports the permission bearer to the player that has placed an illegal block, in this case, LAVA, TNT, or uses Flint And Steel.
    The plugin is permission compatible, with 1 simple node. Created as a request on the forums.

    Does not impact the use of making nether portals. Also works in creative.


    If you need support for this plugin, you can submit a ticket on bukkitdev.org Also I have a live support IRC channel on #beerhuntor on the esper.net network. Or you can just come hang out with me :)



    Download AutoTP v1.2

    ToDo -

    Nothing as of yet, open to ideas.

    Change Log -
    Version 1.2 -
    • Changed version format.
    • Updated to Craftbukkit1.6.4-R2
    Version 0.1 -
    Released AutoTP.
  2. LOVLY!! Just tested it and it workes great!! :D

    However, if an admin places lava and fire etc, it works for them aswell, witch could be an problame since they are building whit those items! Is it possible to have an permission node for admins that makes them not effected by the plugin that way?:)

    Keep Up The Good Work M8!!! (Y)
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    edited the tag
  4. Could you not, not give admins the permission? I could add it if you really wanted it.

    Wasn't aware I did anything wrong. Thanks anyway.

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    Admin -> ADMN
  6. Ah I see. Ill make a not for future reference. Apologies.
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    Update to latest build :3?
  8. Updated to 1185 :)
  9. Updated to latest RB of Craftbukkit.
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    I greatly question the reason for this plugin. Wouldn't it make more sense to just BLOCK the placement of that block instead? This also allows people to deliberately troll and annoy the admin by force-teleporting them (I can see people organizing a "Screw with the admins" day where everyone starts placing these blocks and causing the admin to bounce all over the server). There's so many better ways to stop griefing than using this.
  11. If you feel that way, then by all means don't use it. I don't force people to use this plugin at all. People have there own minds and can make up the reason to use this plugin. It was one of my first plugins and I decided to put it up on here.

    But if more people request that feature instead of the way it currently works it can easily be done.

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