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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Jeremy1080, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Yes I know it is buggy, that's why im offering to create anyone a custom listener to do whatever they would like, but I need donations or I wont be able to. PM me if you would like a custom one.

    Hello Everyone! So all of you know about votifier, and we all know that the listeners are good and all, but why isn't there one to run any command? Well I changed this :)

    Just throw it in your votifier Listeners folder and restart, It will create a file called command.ini in the Votifier folder. Inside you can put any command! Such as:
    But the best part about this listener is the ability to add the persons username!
    So if you wanted to give $18 everytime someone voted using iConomy:
    Servers Currently Using this: and

    I hope you all enjoy!

    Change Log:
    10/29/11 - First Release
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    Moved to Bukkit Tools as this isn't a plugin.
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    This is cool
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    Thanks! I had no clue where to put it but I wanted the community to have it!

    Thanks :)
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    No problem ;)
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    Looks cool, can you make a tutorial how to use it?
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    Not creating the command.ini for me?
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    Where are you looking for it? It doesn't create it inside the Listener folder, it creates it inside the Votifier folder. If not just create one and it will work fine. Ill look into it thanks!

    Do you mean on how to use Votifier completly or just my listener?

    Thanks for the feedback guys! :)
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    Both :)
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    how would i make this log votes?
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    Did you get this idea from buycraft by anychance? With the {USERNAME} tags and all that lot? Good idea though!!
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    i have no idea what this can do ?!
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    You'd get the broadcast listener...
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    I'm sorry, I thought this thread said 'Any command on vote!
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    It does say any command on vote, as in any command you could run from the console this can too. If you want to log it I suggest the flatfile listener, if you want everyone on the server to be Notified then in the config file you could put "say {USERNAME} Voted for the server!"
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    I did and there was no output in game or console
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    Well unless you find a plugin that has a command to add a line of text to a flatfile file. Or download the flafilelistener class, put it in the listener folder, and after a restart you'll have a log everytime someone votes.
    flafilelistener - Download here.

    Remember you can use more than one listener at the same time. I have iConomyListener for giving money, BroadcastListener to let everyone know someone voted, flatfile listener to keep track of it all, and this amazing new one to give everyone a diamond when they vote.

    I'll be releasing my version of iConomyListener (Which has Register Support) - Doesn't just work for iConomy.
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    What is the config for this? (example please)
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    That's amazing to hear that you are using my listener! It gives me that good feeling on the inside and makes making it worth it :) lol

    Read the first post, the entire config is entirely just the command you want to run.
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    there is no config file for this, only the broken iConomyListener.config or whatever
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    Is there any way to issue two commands?
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    I put this in my listeners folder, then restarted my server and no command.ini file appeared in the Votifier folder. What am I doing wrong?
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    Love the listener but would love it even more if we could have multiple commands run in order.
    I'd like to have it announce with say they voted, then change time to day, stop the rain, and even give them an item for voting.
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    didnt create the file. :S
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    Not creating any file
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    ended up creating the file a couple of restarts later.. -.-
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    is it posible to use more than one command
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