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    Plugin category: ADMN

    Suggested name: The Underworld

    A bit about me: I'm the founder of the upcoming DoshCraft server for 200-slots, an ex-moderator for Bukkit and Minecraft Forums and I develope some simple plugins! I'm always after some unique, big and creative ideas.

    What I want:
    So, let me explain this carefully...

    I know that there are some plugins already which (temporarily) ban you for dying. There are also some other plugins, such as ones that jail the players. But let's take it to another step!

    There would be a world that we call as "The Underworld". Inspired by the SAW movies of course, badly behaving players could be sent here with a command and they get a "last chance" to behave themselves. It's about "live or die, make your choise", as quoted by Jigsaw in the movies.

    The player would have to go through a challenge or two with a prebuilt trap room that is refreshed after every use by the plugin (schematics to restore?). These could be surviving a horde of monsters, making it across a lava or something like that.

    There is also a timer, 1-5 minutes(?), if the player fails to complete the challenge in that time, he dies... and if the player happens to fail and die, the hardcoreness of these challenges kick in and the player is banned forever from the server. If he or she succeeds though, he/she may return to the regular world('s spawn). From there, it's up to the server staff choise what to do. If the player doesn't behave well after that, he/she can be sent to the underworld again or be banned right away.

    If there would be mobspawners, let's say there isn't any light source, or if there is/the light turns off, the player cannot place any torches etc. to prevent the spawning unless it's required by the challenge itself.

    Another cool thing about this would be able to place signs with the player's name on them, similarly to "Hello Juze. You've been behaving quite badly..." etc. EDIT: I think this may be better to do with chat output. Fairly much easier too.

    MCBans support for this plugin (if anyone ever cares to make it) would be nice. I don't know how the sign thing may work with multiple people in Underworld at once.

    The challenge(s) itself should be considered quite difficult, so griefers and so on may not just pass it easily with no effort and get back to griefing.

    Ideas for commands: /uw playername (when repeated, player can be manually removed from the Underworld)

    Ideas for permissions: default:false underworld.admin, with possible subpermissions such as underworld.admin.banish and underworld.admin.unbanish. Can be done without the admin subnode, also perhaps an useless permission for people that cannot be banished to the underworld. (defaults to OP otherwise)

    Willing to pay up to: Likely $0, if this becomes a private plugin project for my server, I'm willing to pay for it. Just for the codewiz @codename_B out there again, if you ever want to change from the minigames project to this! :D

    When I'd like it by: No rush, any time is fine if anyone is interested.

    Similar plugin requests: None as far as I know.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @Juze (yes I tagged myself)
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    @Juze - draw up an example of how you want this "underworld" to look and how the escape portals and challenges should look?

    I have a few thoughts initially, perhaps items with a limited availability must be harvested (which can only be found in the center of lava craters or similar) for example harvesting 50 redstone and placing it in a chest to be teleported back to the "real" world.

    Or some kind of harvest/mining challenge like that in a very crazy terrained world.

    A few fun thoughts do pop into my head, like spamming the place full of endermen.
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    @codename_B : It would take testing and see what's balanced. Resource gathering ones may seem a bit out or far idea for me, to honor the SAW movies, I would think a more of survival challenge would fit well. We can experiment this on my server sometime and look for ideas if you have time.

    EDIT: Interested to vouch this, perhaps? Want me to list your name?
    EDIT2: Some ideas for the deaths...
    1. Room spawned full of one random monster type.
    2. The room is already filled with spiders, if the timer hits zero, it gets dark and the spiders will eat you.
    3. Endermen are like, loldunno. Could be fun.
    The most simple version of this plugin would mimic Guild Wars, where "Dhuum" (in GW, looks like a death with a scythe) is spawned next to the player (unhittable/invulnearable) and strikes the player to death with one hit, and then gets banned. In world of Minecraft, this, could be a creeper (mind the area of effect damage, don't want to ban players around you or able to teleport/run away) or some other mob.
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    Wow I like the idea here... it be a nice add on to a dream-world plugin also in for the nightmare half... force players to live out a nightmare that they have to actully try to get out of or die trying ... then wake up to be left in the dark because they didn't make it out right. (lol if you are still going to work on it @codename_B)
    Neat idea tho Juze :p
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    The nether or The End could be used well in here too. Say, another simple solution would be to send the player to The End (or maybe a hardcore version of it, of course, somewhere with no other players) and they must beat it. That removes the requirement of having its own world.

    Failure is a death, and of course, a banhammer in the skull.

    EDIT: Don't forget that you also need to be able to include the reason in the command, it's a requirement for MCBans (global bans) at least. This reason could also be told for the player in chat output when they are introduced to the underworld.
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    Bump, support/interest anyone? ^_^

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