Inactive [ADMN] TextureMe v0.5 - Select texture packs supplied by server! [SPOUT] [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    TextureMe is a plugin that allows you to change your texture pack in game, which is also downloaded for later use on any server. You can have unlimited texture packs to be chosen and decide whether or not the user should be prompted when they join. You can also open the menu by pressing the key binding ("F7'' by default) but can be changed in the Spoutcraft controls menu under "plugin key bindings".

    Screenshot (open)


    1. TextureMe requires Spout to run, you can download the latest recommended build of Spout
    2. This requires the Spoutcraft client mod to use, but not to join the server (Download: )
    3. You can learn more about Spoutcraft here.
    4. Drag and drop Spout into your plugins directory
    5. Drag and drop TextureMe into your plugin directory
    6. Start the server
    7. Configure in 'plugins/TextureMe. (Optional)
    8. Restart if configured. DO NOT RELOAD!

    • Unlimited texture packs
    • Intuitive Spout GUI
    • Key binding (Press "~'' to open the menu)
    • You can change the binding in the Spoutcraft controls menu
    • Forced default texture pack
    • Add texture packs from in game
    • Modify texture packs from in game
    • Players choice pack
    • Remember texture pack selections
    • Configurable notification material
    • Delete texture packs from in game
    • Per pack permission nodes
    • Configurable default key binding

    What's new in v0.5:
    • Per pack configuration nodes - Set in packs.yml
    • Configurable default key binding - Set in config.yml


    • - Allow players to use the GUI
    • textureme.configure - Allow players to manipulate saved packs.
    • textureme.playerschoice - Allow players to use their own pack

    • Nothing at the moment ;)

    You can add as many packs as you want, just copy and paste one of the examples and input the values you need

    • 'prompt on login' - Whether or not the texture pack menu should come up when a player joins
    • 'notification id' - Item id to be shown on notifications.
    • 'remember selections' - Remember packs that players choose and set them on join.
    • 'prompt title' - The title displayed on the prompt
    • 'default texture pack' - The id of the texture pack you wish to force, leave as default to use player's choice. Set to the ID of the pack you want to change. (ie. dokucraftlight)
    • 'texturepacks' - where you add new texture packs by the format given below
    • 'name' - Name to appear on the menu
    • 'url' - Url to the texture pack (MUST END WITH .ZIP)
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    yea...looks nice, but not enough info
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    Yes it does, I guess BukkitDev is being annoying again, I'll add some info to the OP

    All the info is on the BukkitDev page but it seems to be messed up :/
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    ok, looks good, i'm downloading
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    It seems to be inactive, and I prefer to use the ListWidget so you don't have to deal with multiple pages.
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    how to you view the texture pack menu?
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    i can't even download it...
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    Link Dead!

    Edit: Mirror ([...] Download | Mirror [...]) it's the same of Download?
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    Try now

    Use the download link now
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    wait do i need both the SpoutCraft.jar and the spoutplugin.jar?

    hey when i enable it it makes me fall through the world and eventualy i get the internal exception: timed out error

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    Spoutcraft is a Mincraft client, learn more here

    Need more info - Error log, CB version, Spout version?
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    where do i put the spoutcraft?
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    Spoutcraft is the client mod required to see any of this, you use it instead of the Minecraft launcher. You can learn more about it here.
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    Cool, this is pretty neat.
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    this plugin wont be detected when I turn on the server.
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    I need more information to help you, is there an error? Please post the console log. What version of Spout do you have? What version of CraftBukkit do you have? Are you sure you have the .jar in the plugins directory and not the .zip?
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    Awesome Plugin! But i have one request :) add a way to prompt users to select a certain texture pack when they log onto a certain world. Example, I tp to the world "future" and a gui box pops up with texture packs that I should use for this world.
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    Update v0.2:
    • Permissions node to control who can select a pack -
    • Forced default packs - Set 'default texture pack' in the config to the ID of the pack you want to set, leave as default to use the players choice.
    Example (open)
    prompt on login: false
    default texture pack: dokucraftlight
        name: Dokucraft - Light
        name: Dokucraft - Dark
        name: Dokucraft - High
    This would force the pack named "Dokucraft - Light"

    • Add texture pack in game - See the "Configure" button on the Selector (Key: "~") (Only visible to OPs)
    • Modify texture packs in game
    • "Player's choice" selection to remove a texture pack

    Patch v0.2.1:
    • Bug - Add "No Permission" error
    • Bug - Stop letting packs be created even if a field is blank
    • Bug - Fix permissions

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    I noticed you said "Restart if configured (DO NOT RELOAD!)"
    I have a single question: does that mean that this plugin is not /reload compatible? Or is it just I shouldn't do that after configuring the plugin?
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    It is not reload compatible, all Spout plugins, whether they say so or not, are not reload compatible. This is also why I added the configuration GUI, so you don't have to reload it.
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    the server is ignoring spout and texture me :confused: [stick] please help me
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    Put them in the plugins folder which should be in the server base folder.

    Also check the server.log straight after restart to see if there was any issues with spout or textureme in running.


    ~~ Tech Help (hopefully) -- YoshiGenius
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    Patch v0.2.2:
    • Switched to new event system
    • The default packs will only be generated once per config file now (You can delete them now)
    • Configurable prompt titles
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    Could you please add my above request, or at least explain why or why not?
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    SpoutCraft is a mod?And all player need to install the mod?

    The plugin is awesome, it's so creative.

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    I'm a little confused to what you are asking, please clarify or ideally post an Issue on GitHub describing your request

    Yes, Spoutcraft is a client mod for Minecraft, you can download the launcher which you would just use the launcher instead of Minecraft.You can download that at
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    I'm not getting any errors in the log, and this is still not working for me. When you join the server it says its downloading the default texture pack, and gives the prompt for choosing a texture pack. Nothing happens though, even when I choose which texture pack I want to use.

    I'm on the latest spoutplugin, mc1.1, latest rb for bukkit, and the latest dev build of spoutcraft.

    Please help :)
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    You probably have a dead link, you need a direct link to a zip archive. I use Dropbox for this but it's not 100% consistent.

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