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    StarterKit - Welcome package for new members:
    Version: v1.2

    This plugin allows for a set of items to be given to players who are joining your server
    for the first time.

    • Place in StarterKit.jar inside the plugins folder
    • Add 'StarterKit' to under plugins
    • Run server once so that the plugin can create the necessary files/folders (or create them yourself)
    • itemsList.txt should be formatted as follows:
    [resourceid] [amount]

    Reference IDs (
    268 1
    269 1
    270 1
    271 1
    290 1
    This gives the player a wooden sword, shovel, pickaxe, axe, and hoe.

    • Items list configuration file
    • [Developers only] Enable and disable logging to the console easily
    • [Developers only] Well commented

    • /skdebug - toggle debug mode
    • Does not import list of previous players before plugin is installed
    • Does not support subitems yet
    • Cannot be configured via commands or by using names instead of resource id's
    Download The Plugin
    Source Code

    • Subitem support '44:1'
    • Load players List from worlds instead of creating a separate file
    • Support multiworlds with individual rules/playerLists
    • Create a properties file for people who want to modify the welcome and can't traverse source code
    • Allow importing of previous players with a command through the [world]/players folder
    • Offer interval configuration with set or random values (get prizes)
    • Offer permissions configuration (configure items per permissions level)
    • Persistent items for users, i.e. All admins have diamond pickaxe, and if destroyed, call command to force delivery of items

    Version 1.2
    • Added the /skdebug command
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a glitch where I wrote the default item (270 1) to the playersList file
    Version 1
    • Initial Release
    Additional Comments:

    I didn't even bother to look for a similar plugin (shame on me), and found StarterKit by Thomas Bucher
    If you found this, and my plugin does not yet offer enough, please have a look at his plugin.
    I hope to offer a more flexible version of this plugin in the future.
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    jolleward I steal plugins as my own

    can u add more items and change the text :)?
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    thanks i saw one in buxville and i wanted one :D
    EDIT! oh noe not "AuthMe" copatible i first see the starter items but when i login or register
    they disappear.... is there way to fix this? or ?
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    um people on my server are saying there starter kit dissapears and btw im using authme can that be the prob?
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    This is perfect! :D
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    English: I cant add the Iron shovel!!! why?
    Deutsch ich kann die iron schaufel nicht adden!!! wieso?
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    nice plugin but one question:

    does this plugin give ONLY at the first login the kit?
    or is there also a command for?

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