[ADMN] SpoutTexturePack 1.0 - Add a bit of magic [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by CainFoool, Aug 4, 2011.

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    SpoutTexturePack - Add a bit of magic!
    Download: SpoutTexturePack.jar

    SpoutTexturePack lets you change all of your user's texture packs to a specified one you provide in the config.yml.
    Once they login, it will quickly download and update their texture pack in-game.
    Spout is not a dependency, however this plugin is useless without it.

    1. Changes entire server's Texture Pack
    Configuration example
        texturepack: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7186172/Foliacraft.zip
    1.00 - Released plugin
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    Okay, I did. You actually did provide the source in your jar though. All the source (.java) files are right there alongside the .class ones. You might want to change that.
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    Wow, cain had a bad way of handling that. Do you think you could make a better texturepack plugin?
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    While you are at it, check the source of bukkitcontribessentials. The developer is MIA, and his plugin just needs updating to spout.
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    Why do you think I made this plugin? :p

    I attempted to get BukkitContribEssentials to work however I was getting loads of error messages in-console.
    So I just made this. I might add custom global music later.
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    Does this support HD texture packs without modloader?
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    Yes it does, I believe.
    You can try because I am not entirely sure.
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    I'll tell you once I know if it works or not
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    Alright. :)
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    trying this out, it works with 16x16 texture packs easly.
    im now checking 32x32(HD) texture packs. ill let you know if it works since the other dude vanished into oblivion or something.
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    If you would like :)
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    i tried several 32x32 HD textures, different download sites aswell, and they dont work.
    the plugin appears to be limited to 16x16 or smaller texture packs.

    @CainFoool this might have something to do with the "HD texture pack fix" needed for all texture packs bigger than 16x16. you might have to implement it in your plugin in some way to get HD textures working. but im not a developer, so it might be something else. nice plugin anyhow.
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    I will look into it but I think it's on Spout's side.
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    Let's do some Multiworld texture packs!
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    Can I just point out:
    I downloaded the Spout launcher, installed my 128x texture pack manually and it worked 100% fine, no texture fixes or anything of the sort.

    Anyway, 2 things:
    1. If a player doesn't have the Spout launcher, can they still connect? (If not, could you make it configurable?)
    2. If we can get hi res packs on this plugin, could we maybe have a pack per resolution that players then choose between? I made a custom 128x pack for our server but I know not all players will be able to run it, so I'd like to give them the option of a 16x version instead.
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    Is it/can it be world specific?
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    I'd also be interested in multiworld support, HD texpack support (if you have that ability, if not maybe Spout will), and user controllable texture pack resolution scaling. I definitely think multiworld support and HD support should be top priority though.
    Great mod! Hope to see more.
  19. Spout, not Sprout XD
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    Fixed! Momentary dyslexia. Apologies. :D
  21. I normally do a typo of 'Spount' :p
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    Yes, that player can still connect.
    And if I was to implement that I believe that the GUI API is still a little buggy so not yet. Maybe soon.
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    Yeah, I was thinking more of having a list of approved packs, so if a player wants a pack we can add it to the list. But yeah, whenever Spout fixes that - the client itself is still quite buggy right now.
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    Multiworld? PLZ!
    I used bukkitcontrib essentials for its multiworld because we have different themed dungeon worlds so we need mulitworld!
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    Okay for starters @cholo71796 Had every right to use the source you so carelessly left in the plugin to add functionality that was lacking from your plugin. The terms of use regarding plugin development is a nice read, You should read it your self, before you threaten to report someone.
    Second, was thinking of using this, then seen it was a mash up of code that is poorly written with out multiworld support and functionality of buckkitcontribessentials.
    Being a plugin developer means you care enough to make a plugin public, so why not care enough about what the community wants, instead of being an ignorant arrogant coder.
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    Hi you said you will add multiworld support if enough people ask for it so... I ask it also because I need this. And please make it working with bukkitcontribessentials and like that our players will not have to download mods : x y z just bukkit contrib. Thank you !
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    I dont mind him using the source. It's redistributing my plugin that I did not allow.
    I do care. I will be adding Multiworld support some time this week.

    And there is no point even bothering complaining to me, you're not even a dev.
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    Can you make it acceptable to have a LIST of like Accepted Plugins.
    So i can still KNOW which ones people can use but still give them a choice.
    I use a HD pack but some people use normal ones. Id like to be able to stop Xray Texture Packs and still allow for a lil personal choice
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    I will think about it. Eg if you typed /pack

    It would say /pack 1 : Painterly.zip and stuff?
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    Or just have a check and If they are not using a Texturepack thats allowed have it deny them acces to the server and display a list of Texturepacks that are allowed... Or maybe Use the Default Pack and then let them Select which to download.. I love this idea. but Every one doesnt like the same style and a lil flexibility would make this amazing. Even having the ability to just use default like a few of my players like would be a good option.
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    if i use the plugin, nobody will get the texturepack in cofig.yml?
    it just doesnt work, i dont get any errors

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