[ADMN] Spectate - Watch what other players are doing in first person [1.5.1]

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    Great plugin, but i noticed one problem. I use muliinv plugin to manage inventories between different worlds. well, i was in creative world and spectated someone in the regular survival world, and when i went back to the survival world, it erased my inventory and gave me his.

    Can you make an option in the config that makes it so your inventory doesnt change when people spectate?
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    Already added for the next update!
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    perfect! thank you =]
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    Brilliant idea, grait work i must say :)
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    this is amazing
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    Very nice! Installing for my server!
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    I can't confirm it, but I think if you have a tame wolf, and you speculate the wolf transports and is visible by the person being speculated.
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    Works fine but,,,, spectated a player today and was asked if I tp'd to them. Said they saw the inside of someones head when i started spectating briefly
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    When you spectate someone with x-ray do you also see all the ore's or do you just see stone?
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    Looks great! I know how I can use it for things other than moderating, though. I could temporarly give the permission node to everybody during an arena battle and give them a first person view of the battle! Could you add permission nodes for specific players, i.e. "spectate.use.sambot1115"? That would be cool for an RPG server so teams can see each other (perhaps tie into permission groups for this i.e. "spectate.use.Member"?)
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    Hey, i have tested it a bit :)
    When i have scroll mode when i switch between players, then i ofcourse have to use the mouse button's...
    When i left click, then i destroy the blocks they lock on.. Just like i real..
    And the same happends when i right click, then i place a block, like in real... And those two things is annoying, can you example switch to when i rolling the middle mouse button, then i switch between players :) That's much bether than clicking and destroying and placing blocks.....

    And sometimes when i take off spectate, i sometimes get their inventories when go back to my self....

    And when i spectate someone and click the tab key to see whos online... the one I'm spectating doesent show, is that just for me, or does it show for everyone that he is offline/his name is not there via the tab key, but he is still online ingame...
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    I'll try to see if there's a fix for that. Until then, just make your dog sit while you spectate.

    You don't see anything client side, only server side.

    Yeah, I could try adding that.

    When you right click and left click, it may look like you're breaking and placing blocks, but you actually aren't, unless you have a plugin interfering. The person you're spectating won't see anything. I don't think I can actually check to see if you're rolling the middle mouse button.

    The inventories problem is a known problem with any multiworld inventory plugins that make different inventories per world.

    As for the playerlist thing, it's a built in feature with bukkit's invisibility method and I don't know a way around it if there is one, but it will only show them offline for you.

    Also, sorry, I actually had it ready in 1.8 but had taken it out right before release because I thought I had found a fix for it, but I'll include it in the next update.

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    This. Is. Awesome. [diamond]
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    Works great very laggy though
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    before i download this i have a question, can only OPs spectate or everyone? I'd appreciate it if everyone could.
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    Only ops or people with the permission...
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    When i have in the scroll mode, and right or left click, it show's for ME that i have placed a block or breaked a block.. but can you do that is respawn just like in worldedit... respawn on the milisek i have destroyed it.. and when i take the spectate off, then i see that the blocks is missing for ME, but for everyone else it's not placed or breaked... so if you can't add that it respawn in the milisek i destroy it, then you could add that when i take off the spectate mode, it will replace the blocks... Please do something about that maybe :) ?
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    There's nothing I can do about that, it should automatically reappear...
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    For people who I'm spectating, the block is destroyed and when i place, they see that i placed it.. So you have to fix it that it doesn't place or break block... Or the easiest way is to change what buttons you should press....
    I and many other's( I think) would prefere to use the middle mouse button (the scrolling whele) because then you dont destroy or break blocks, and it's much handyer if you thinking of scrolling down a list...

    Can you please try to add that, that would be great :D
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    Please make it possible to control players :3
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    If you scroll up a few posts, I reply to a person that said exactly that.

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    Yeah, and that was me man.... But i see you cant fix it... lol-,-
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    I saw this and immediately got excited about this, and I really want to add this to my server. This has been brought up before, but could you somehow configure a way (or explain to me a method) to make it so if I start an arena battle (PVP, 1v1) that those two people that are fighting are able to be spectated? I was thinking on making a permission group called Spectators, they teleport to a room and can only spectate, but I only want them to be able to spectate those fighting. Please reply soon, thanks.
  25. (I'll post this here as well)

    This plugin is great, however, personally I would like to have two features more.

    Announce when other player is spectating other, and also have a feature to not announce it (like when I am checking if one's griefing other one). Right now only two people have the permission to use spectate, but I would like to give it to everyone in the server. But I cannot do it, if it doesn't announce it, since it would be spying more or less.

    Ask player to accept the spectating. So that you could actually stop other one from spying / looking your stuff. This could be easily achieved by changing "spectate.cantspectate" permission's truth value by player himself.
    Just asking. It's possible that these ones were already asked, but I didn't have the time for read all the comments.

    Thank you! A good plugin!
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    I have a suggestion as well as these others. Could you add someway or please tell me one, to disable people teleporting to a spectator? This could prevent abuse in several ways. Could someone please reply with any ideas?

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    I wanted people to spectate when doing Hunger Games maps through multiverse. With multi-world permissions, I am able to get people in one world to spectate people in the Hunger Games world, but they can't get out because it seems that people teleport to a spectator (as stated above). Permission node "spectate.off" would be HIGHLY appreciated!
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    UPDATE TO 1.3.1 Please!
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    add permission to modify the inventory
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    When playing,after I finish spectating a person,I cannot pick up items,block pick items(creative),or delete items(creative),or even MOVE the items to a different spot in my inventory.After leaving and rejoining my server,it is STILL happening.

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