[ADMN] Spectate - Watch what other players are doing in first person [1.5.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Chipmunk9998, Jan 27, 2012.

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    would be nice if more than 1 person could spectate a particular person.

    also if someone spectates someone then logs off it says they are still being spectate and cant be spectated again
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    Good plugin but,Same problem ^^^ ,someone help-me?
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    I'll try to see what's going on.
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    It's conflicting with Invisible command in the AdminCMD Plugin.
    It enables Invisibility and then leaves it enabled after running /Spectateoff.

    anyone that encounters this can manually fix it by going into the AdminCMD Plugin (/plugins/AdminCmd/userData) user YML file and set Invisibility to false....

    This is what I found in my case... Hope this helps...
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    Turns out I wasn't making people appear and dissapear right.
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    any chance of the multiple people spectating? and also the public spectatable list or something? :D
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    I found a bug, i was spectating my friend (he's a moderator), and while i was spectating him, he killed me using /kill and then it wouldn't let me /spectate <friend> (reasons: he is currently being spectated) or /spectate off (you are not spectating anyone).
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    Fantastic plugin! Many <3s for you.

    Just another boring feature request: could you set a flag to mark players as not-spectatable? I run a zombie survival map, and I want players to be able to spectate others, but not the admins flying around and watching while invisible.
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    cool plugin, very buggy with fire and lava deaths though. when spectating and the person being watched dies from fire, it says i die and it saves them from death
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    This is a GREAT plugin! Tested an it works very well for the most part. I wonder, is there a way to set permissions so that if I give my mods access to this they can not spectate on admins? Also, a small bug I found, if you are spectating, and log out, when you log back in you are still spectating but can not UN spectate until the person logs off, or is kicked >:3
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    This plugin should be ready for R5 if no one else mentioned. Please update it, thank you.
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    I've got it ready! =P
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    That's good, thanks. I love to watch what players do and not wonder if they're going to TNT the whole village :)
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    Version: v1.5.2
    Bukkit: 1.1-R6
    I got this strange error when i try to do it. I get stuck to the player but I'm not getting invisible. Error:
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    Basically this is fantastic. Thanks for creating it!
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    Is there any Video I can see about this plugin?
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    I don't suppose "seeing from their eyes" includes seeing if they are using xray or clear texture packs? I get that's probably a huge stretch lol.
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    I really love you because of this plugin! I use this together with X-ray detection plugins, so when they give a warning I just spectate them ;D

    Because you made this plugin, I make you instant permanent VIP (Normally 50$ donation) when you join my server ;D
    To join simply click the banner in my signature and msg me your IGN ;)
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    i know i sound like an idiot but how do u install this?
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    There is a severe bug with this plugin! I was just spectating another player mining. He was very low on health (one heart) and then a slime jumped on him. He backed away and didnt get damage, but I died and lost all the items he already had in his inventory (the ones gerenated to view his inventory). Also there was a death message. It would be highly appreciated to be invulnerable when in spectating mode :/
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    I thought I made it so that spectating players were in god mode...

    I'll have to look into that.
  22. Could you add a feature that players with permissions cant be spectated?
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    Sometimes it randomly takes players off the radar and they aren't displayed when hitting TAB
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    Yeah this. Having a perm for players/groups that can't be spectated would own.
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    Can i give u a suggestion...

    Try to make it like COD killcam so players see how they got killed. would be greate idea :)

    thanks already for reading my suggestion.
  26. Does it also give other players ability to look at their coords? This would be an awesome pop server plugin if they could not.
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    Nice plugin!! Can you have some people 'non-spectatable'?
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    Just added it today! The permission is "spectate.cantspectate".
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    This plugin is amazing! I love it!
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    Are you able to see if the person is using a texturepack? Visual Mods?

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