[ADMN] Simple Setup Web Administration for Bukkit Servers

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DigitalTyrant, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Well like the title says, I am working on a plugin that allows you to administer your Bukkit server from a plugin. The setup to get this plugin is simple. Create an account at the host website, add a server to your account by giving the details of your current server and define a 'private key', Install plugin and put the private key in the config.yml, reload your server and you're set.


    I am currently looking for 10 server admins to take part in a closed beta program.

    If you are interested please let me know.
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    I was just looking for exactly this, and I would be happy to put it on the servers(2) that I manage.
    I have several years experience with web hosting, and about 4 months experience with Minecraft administration.
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    8 spots remain.
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    I've been looking for this for a while and ta da, it arrives :) I'm running a Bukkit server and i'd love to give this a spin.
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    I would like to try this as well.
    This doesn't have any back doors like MCMyAdmin does, giving the creator full control over the server, right?
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    no back doors, no additional access. I would be able to perform any of the tasks that you are able to do via the web admin panel but I have no intentions or desires to change the time on your servers or talk as the console. In addition, it would be quite tedious to do so having to look up your private key and manually type out a sql statement for each command I would want to run... long story short, I have no interest haha.
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    I would be glad to test this out for you, just got a new clean VPS thats ready for testing :)

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    5 more available.
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    i would love to test this for you :D
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    I want to also test
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    I had some experience in PHP/HTML/CSS in website developing..I will look further you really want me to help
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    McMyAdmin does not have any back doors, you're thinking of MCAdmin - your slander is not appreciated.
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    Nope, I was told MCMyAdmin had a back door as well.
    Not that I care, I don't use the tool myself.

    My point was to see if there was anything in this plugin that had anything like a backdoor, not to slander your product.
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    Then you were told incorrectly. It was I that uncovered the MCAdmin backdoor in the first place by decompiling it. (Posting as FullDisclosure on the MC forums)

    Spreading misinformation is just as bad as slander, especially when it affects someone's income.
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    3 Slots remain
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    If works on windows, I am available for testing.
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    I would definitely like to try this. Count me in!
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    1 last spot
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    i would like to try it if that is ok i just need some help setting it up and im ready to test.
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    Combat Wombat

    Very interested in this. My server is "smp.ethosgaming.com" and our website is ethosgaming.com.

    I'm contactable at dylan[at]progressless[dot]com. (also my Windows Live Messenger address)
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    all keys are used, If you're interested, leave a note here. I will open up another 10 slots after some further development. So far pretty positive response. :-D
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    :( let me know i wanna test it
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    I would like to be able to use this on my server please. I also could help you with graphics (logo etc) and webdesign (colours, layout etc) for the frontend. Im no good at java/php though.
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    I could REALLY do with this!
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    So far the testing is a success and we are probably going to expand the Beta soon to get a broader user base and hopefully tackle any possible issues that lie outside of our current Beta group.
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    This is pretty good :D are you going to add more things like time: day/night weather: sun/storm duration of weather (s):

    Some ideas there for u :D
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    I'd love to see this in action, it looks pretty good so far!
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    All of you that are still interested in this project keep watching, an update will be released very soon as well as 50 more beta slots. I will move the project from this forum to the Plugin Submission/Releases as well. If you liked the way it looked before, check the new SS below :D
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    I would be waay interested in beta testing this. It looks amazing.
  30. I am also interested in testing this. brilliant idea.
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