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    SetRank - Change ranks in-game
    Version: 1.1_1 CraftBukkit 1000

    /rank [Player] [Rank] - Changes the rank of someone
    /setrank [Player] [Rank] - Same as above

    Permissions (open)
    setrank.rank.<group> - Replace <group> with any group you like, players with that permission can rank to the group which you've chosen.

    setrank.rankall - The player can rank to all groups

    v1.0 - First release
    • Added setrank.rank.<group>
    • Added setrank.rankall
    • Fixed a text color bug
    • Fixed a big ranking bug
    • Added an owner-name property to the config file.
    • Change ranks in-game
    Error check list:
    • Are you sure you're using Permissions?
    • Do you have Permissions v3.x or higher?
    • Make sure that you're not using the global files.

    SetRank v1.1_1

    Source code

    Optional: You can use CraftBukkitUpToDate to keep this plugin up to date.

    Note: This requires the Permissions plugin, it does not work with PermissionsEx,
    EssentialsGroupManager or PermissionsBukkit. EssentialsGroupManager uses /manuadd.

    Do not use the global files! They're causing errors.

    This project has been discontinued. Download the PermissionsBukkit version here.
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    Every time I go /setrank nerf_herder Admin or something like that it says no such group so what do I do?
    PLZ help me Im kinda new at this.
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    mine won't work with essentials
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    You create the group...

    I clearly said that it does not work with EssentialsGroupManager.

    This has been answered from page 4 to 6 at least once.

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  5. I know you have said it doesent work with permissionsEX but is it possible to make it work with it?
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    No sorry but I can make it work with PermissionsBukkit.
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    Okay, I have essentials installed but i am NOT using Essentials Group Manager, should it still work? I do indeed have Permissions.
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    As long you don't have EssentialsGroupManager.jar and EssentialsGroupBridge.jar yes.
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    I have a friend who has a server and when i type in /setrank <username> says syntax do we fix this???
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    It wont let me set my ranks. and now every block i break comes back. i type it in right and it says no such group! Can u help me please!!!
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    O and I am sorry to bother you Baummann but, was the error that I posted before because It cannot detect Permissions? I'm sorry it's just i could not find it on the pages, very sorry.
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    not using group manager just using basic essentials for /give and stuff and when i switch to admincmd it works but no essentials... not using group manager
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    /setrank [username] [rank]

    Do you have EssentialsGroupBridge.jar? If you have it, that's causing the problem.

    Yes, it couldn't detect Permissions.

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    Works great in my server, thanks!
  15. i have permissions 3.1.6 but setrank still doesnt want to work it gives this error
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'rank' in plugin SetRank v1.11
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    but you posted that this error is when there is no permissions plugin present, help?

    EDIT: console shows it detects permissions
    14:24:26 [INFO] [SetRank] Booting...
    14:24:26 [INFO] [SetRank] Permissions system detected!
    14:24:26 [INFO] [SetRank] Done!
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    Could you show me a list of plugins you have?
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  18. i removed all my spout plugins and i tried to promote myself although the original problem was with some1else but it still gives this
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    Are you using the global files? They are causing problems.
  20. Ok now my issue is fixed, i have a suggestion is it possible to change the colours of the messages aswell as

    so like i could have it to instead of being "etherz10 the Owner joined the game" it could be for example white instead of red and the yellow rank name could be the actual suffix or prefix or you could just have it set in the config if you understand what i mean


    normal config here then underneath

    Moderator - &a
    Admin - &c
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    I can't add the rank color but in 1.2 you can use your own colors.
    It's possible.
  22. i edited my above post, ok great, any ideas when 1.2 will be released?
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    Randy Schouten

    Please, for gods sake, do not change the commands.
    Keep it as simple as possible, maybe the only thing is to add a third argument for the world, but nothing more.
    I beg you.
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    I never said that I'll change the commands ;).
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    Randy Schouten

    I know, but for example PermissionsPlus also had commands like this, but changed them into some other command which took ages to remember and write down.
    That's where my comment came from. ;)
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    Oh ok. And sorry, I'll change /setrank to SetRank's "control panel" to do stuff like reloading the config. You'll need to use /rank after that's added.

    If I didn't release it until the day after tomorrow you can insult me.

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    Randy Schouten

    Ah, that's fine.
    As long as it doesn't become something like "/user -addgroup u:MemberName s:GroupName w:WorldName".
    That's how PermissionsPlus looks like now.
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    Will you support user-customized text syntax for announcements in the chat?
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    Randy Schouten

    I think you quoted the wrong person.
    @Baummann (attention) ;)
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    The hell? Haha thanks :)

    @Baummann will you support user-customized text syntax for announcements in the chat?

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