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    SetRank - Change ranks in-game
    Version: 1.1_1 CraftBukkit 1000

    /rank [Player] [Rank] - Changes the rank of someone
    /setrank [Player] [Rank] - Same as above

    Permissions (open)
    setrank.rank.<group> - Replace <group> with any group you like, players with that permission can rank to the group which you've chosen.

    setrank.rankall - The player can rank to all groups

    v1.0 - First release
    • Added setrank.rank.<group>
    • Added setrank.rankall
    • Fixed a text color bug
    • Fixed a big ranking bug
    • Added an owner-name property to the config file.
    • Change ranks in-game
    Error check list:
    • Are you sure you're using Permissions?
    • Do you have Permissions v3.x or higher?
    • Make sure that you're not using the global files.

    SetRank v1.1_1

    Source code

    Optional: You can use CraftBukkitUpToDate to keep this plugin up to date.

    Note: This requires the Permissions plugin, it does not work with PermissionsEx,
    EssentialsGroupManager or PermissionsBukkit. EssentialsGroupManager uses /manuadd.

    Do not use the global files! They're causing errors.

    This project has been discontinued. Download the PermissionsBukkit version here.
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    Nice plugin, should save a lot of hassle editing YAML files.
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    I am going to test this on my server right now :D
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    I'm tired of that, too. Sorry I mean: I WAS tired of that, too.
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    Very useful and easy to use plugin - good job!
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    Out of curiosity, does this work if the given player isn't online?
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    No it doesn't.
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    Darn. Oh well, still a usefull plugin.
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    I can add that if you want.
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    I would second that request :)
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    Ok - will try that out. I must say you are providing great support so far - keep it up :)
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    So what's the difference between this and permissionsplus?
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    What permissions plugin does this work off of does it go off of permissions 3.1.x, and if so will you add in the permissions to add only specific ranks and not promote themselves to admins or some other higher group?
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    Is there a way to make users auto rank up after an amount of time?
    Does this support the new default bukkit perms?
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    Please submit this to multiplay gameservers I can't find it in their list!
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    There's no much difference. I never understood how to use PermissionsPlus (Err wait I didn't even use it).

    Never heard of multiplay, can you tell me the URL of their website? Google only shows me things like Minecraft - Multiplayer.

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    It is minecraft multiplayer. But I don't really know how they update their plugins but your plugin I really need it cause I'm having problems with my dedicated server.
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    If you can post your plugins there just send me the link of your server host's site.
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    I was wondering if you could make it so a moderator can only upgrade someone to member? Because right now my Moderators can make themselves admins. Thanks.
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    I'll give it a try.

    Look at post #26

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    Wonderful plugin, exactly what I needed for my server!

    Great job!
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    Thanks. Glad that you like it. :)

    Good news! I'm adding a new permission!: setrank.rank.<group>
    For example:
    You got a moderator and want him to only promote people to Member, you just need to add setrank.rank.Member to his permissions.

    If you want a group to have promotion access to all groups just add setrank.rankall

    This has not been added yet!

    It works with Permissions 3.x. And now for your second question... Look at the post above.

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    Thanks a lot, I really needed that :)
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    thank you now i can upgrade to 3.x from 2.x
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    im missing a multiworld suport :-( but at least a good idea to make a plugin that is less comlicated in ranking
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    I liked this plugin when I first got it, super easy. But for some reason, the ranks I set people to did not save or permissions decided to clear/reset its user.yml file. It started happening after I installed this plugin. Permissions 3.1.5 and bukkit 1000 on minecraft beta 1.7.3
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    It uses the world the player is in.

    Hmm that's wierd.

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    yes but i have about 6 worlds. and i am searching for an automated system where ppl can rank on their own. basicly i would use it with commandsign. so people can pay for ranks. i tryed it with this permissionsplus but it seems to not work with the /@ to get my superadmin rights. so i was looking for another ranking commands.

    most people like me want everyone have same rank on different worlds. because u can definde per world nodes.

    but well it shouldnt be an offense its more a suggestion

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