[ADMN] ServerLogSaver v2.1.0 - Backup and Clear the log in your own way! [1.1-R4]

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    Version 2.0​

    Simply put, this will backup the server.log file to a directory, and then clear the existing server.log file. This is to reduce RAM usage of the server host and effectively reduce lag for server players.
    Most of the functions in this are configurable, such as backup location, time delay between backups, choice of Size and Time rotations and more!

    *This post will not be always up-to-date, BukkitDev is however*

    Download the Jar

    Download the Source
    • /sls copy
    • /sls zip
    Current Features
    • User defined time for backup intervals (default time is 1 day, 1440 minutes)
    • Backups are time stamped for ease of use
    • Compress the logs
    • Check for 0 byte content
    • Console notice (optional)
    • Choice of time/size/restart rotations
    • User defined backup storage location
    • User defined backup file names (prefix and time setup)
    • In-game command
    • Choose the number of logs to keep before purging
    • Record commands used in a separate file
    • need more ideas, feed back would help :D

    Version 2.1.0
    • Choose the number of logs to keep before purging
    Version 2.0.2
    • No longer backs up as soon as the server starts with 'time' rotation
    Version 2.0.1
    • Added 'restart' rotation choice
    Version 2.0
    • Updated to new config
    • Added in-game commands
    • Complete re-code
    Version 1.1
    • Added configuration of backup location
    • Added configuration of backup name
    Old Changes (open)

    Version 1.0
    • Release of v1.0
    • Added configuration of size/time rotations
    • Added a console message choice on backup
    Version 0.2.1b
    • Added configuration of compression, true for zip, false for normal copy
    Version 0.2b
    • Added Log Compression using zip
    • Added 0 byte content checks, won't back up if the server.log is 0 bytes, and waits till the next cycle to check again
    Version 0.1.1b
    • Fixed problem where spaces weren't handled properly and made new directories with %20 as the space
    Version 0.1b
    • Beta Release ServerLogSaver
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    hmm, will have to check it out and see :D
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    Now includes the source files
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    Now on BukkitDev here
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    how does this reduce ram?
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    Well let me put it like this, as how I see it, with a 1GB continuously open as opposed to a 10KB file, which would use more of the computers RAM. I would say that it would be the GB one. I may be wrong but past servers that I have visited have show to me that a large server.log file can severely slow things down, hence why i made this.
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    Works great, thanks for this plugin.
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    This is brilliant. My server log get's up to many gigabytes in size and becomes pretty much unusable due to it, I love you for this!
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    works very fine with #1137
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    Thanks guys, it's great to have some positive feed back. Although I still need to clean up the config a bit. xD
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    Finished! New version includes customizable backup locations, backup name prefixes and backup name time layout.
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    awesome just implemented.. 2gig log files arnt fun. :D
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    Thanks for using my plugin! I went onto your server and checked out how well it handled being on such a large server and it seems to be going well. If you notice any problems please inform me.
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    this is always tedious to do manually, so I applaud your work.
    Thanks for stoppin by, what'd you think?
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    You have a very, very nice server

    I'd prefer this didn't get lost under all the hundreds of plugins out there...

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    Does it backup plugins and can you add the option to do /backup and it MANUALLY BACKSUP the server
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    No this just backs up the server.log file and yes, now that i know how to do commands, i will add the manual backup function as soon as i get home (tomorrow).

    Tested and working with new CraftBukkit Build 1185

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    Idk why but my server keeps removing everyones inv u think it might be this?
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    Players inventories are held in the world folder. This plugin does no modify the world folder in any way, only the server.log which is not involved in anything to do with the world folder.

    And also, this is working fine and tested with CB 1337

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    Beep Beep error! The tag should be [ADMN] Not [ADMIN] and great plugin tested on my little server
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    This would of been real helpful with my mcmyadmin server. ;( to bad we switched host. This would of been helpful
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    Changed it to [ADMN]
    Thanks for noticing, i never even thought it mattered, and thanks for testing it out. :)
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    Just installed, this should be perfect =D logs were getting too big to manage... I could crash the machine trying to open a single log file. Thanks for the work, I will tell you if I have any issues =)

    If you ever feel like visiting my server (not really sure if you can see this in action), but you are always welcome-
    IP: mcnoobs.info

    Thanks again!

    Just had a thought- I know some log plugins out there split play commands from social logs. Is there any way to integrate such a feature, so that compressed logs have two different contained logs? Mostly just curious, but it is working great so far =D


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    So you mean that you want it to be like when you use a command, say spawning a mob "/spawnmob sheep" or something, it records it in a seperate log? I just tested that with a couple different plguins and it doesn't look like the command is actually logged anywhere so for this to work i would need to make my own playerListener and record when someone uses a command.
    I guess i could have a go at it but after i have redone my code because right now its a tad messy so when i get the time i will re-write it and possibly add this in.
    Cheers for the feed back.
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    XD it looked different. :O
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    Thank you soo much! Using dynmap logs tend to run amock with large size during fullrenders, this will help make my server more stable.
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    Glad you like it :D
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    Updated to Version 2.0

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