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    TribesNextDoor v1.3

    TribesNextDoor is a plugin which is allows you to make tribes, these tribes are the equivilant to Towny's towns.

    Download (Just download the latest file)

    TribesNextDoor provides simple management of areas along with many other useful features.
    Some of these features include:
    - Tribe area management. (Managed in chunks)
    - Tribe tp (You can tp to people in your tribe)
    - Tribe chat (You can send messages to all tribe members online)

    Known Bugs
    • None - I would like to try and keep it this way :p
    TO-DO(In order of importance):
    1. MySQL support (Done)
    2. Civilisations - groups of tribes
    3. Tribe map command; showing which chunks are claimed
    4. Add other economy support (Will use vault if i do implement this)
    Commands Anyone can use
    /t|=|Shows information about the tribe you are currently in
    /t <tribe>|=|Shows information about the tribe who's name you entered
    /t list|=|Shows a list of all the current tribes-
    /t chiefs|=|Shows a list of all the current tribe chiefs online, and what tribe they belong to
    /t here|=|Shows which tribe (if any) owns the current chunk you are standing in
    /t accept|=|Accepts a tribe invite if you have one
    /t decline|=|Declines a tribe invite if you have one
    /t spawn|=|Teleports you to your tribe spawn if you are in a tribe
    /ttp <name>|=|Teleports you to that person if they are in your tribe and are online
    /tc|=|Toggles tribe chat if you're in a tribe
    /tc <message>|=|Sends the message to all people in your tribe who are online
    /resident <name>|=|Shows you information on that person including their tribe and their role in the tribe

    Tribe elder commands
    /t add <name>|=|Sends that person an invite to the tribe if they are online
    /t kick <name>|=|Kicks that person from the tribe
    /t claim|=|Claims the chunk you are in so it belongs to your tribe
    /t unclaim|=|Unclaims the chunk so it no longer belongs to your tribe
    /t set msg <message>|=|Sets the message your tribe members see when they log on

    Tribe chief commands
    /t rename <name>|=|Renames the tribe to that name if it has not been taken
    /t elder add <name>|=|Promotes that person to tribe elder
    /t elder remove <name>|=|Demotes that person from tribe elder to resident
    /t set spawn|=|Sets the tribe spawn to your current location
    /t set chief <name>|=|Promotes that person to chief of the tribe

    Staff commands
    /t new tribeName chiefName|=|tribeName is the name of the tribe, and chief name is the name of the person who will be chief of the tribe. So if i wanted a tribe called GuyTribe with me as chief, i would do /t new GuyTribe theguynextdoor

    tribes.* - Gives all tribe permissions
    tribes.bypass - Allows you to bypass protection - Allows you to make a new tribe (recommend only staff have this command)
    tribes.reload - Allows use of the reload command
    tribes.admin - Allows use of tribe admin command
    tribes.staff - Allows use to toggle the ability for people to ttp to you


    - Added MySQL support
    - Updated to 1.3.1
    - Performance improvements - these fix major lag issues with the plugin
    - Fixed errors where the plugin would not write to the files
    - Initial release
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    Hey! Hope u updating it for 1.3! ... btw. Love it! <3
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    You are awesome guy!!!

    But I have a great idea what will make it much more awesome!
    Maybe you can include "tribe fights", so that two tribes can fight to get land of the other. And another awesome idea: Maybe make some NPCs, so that a world is full of their areas and you must fight for every area with them. You can do that without Spout, there is excisting an old, unknown (but still upgraded) NPC library, you can do EVERYTHING with it. For example, Citizens is based on it!
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    Why thank you kind sir

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