Inactive [ADMN/SEC/TP] TestqUiz v.2.1.6- Light-weight, sign testing! [1.4.6-R0.3]

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    This is a nice plugin!
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    Thank you!!!
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    I'm not sure if you have read my comments on TestqUiz Dev page yet. If you haven't then please do it. I love your plugin and I would love to see it updated. Thank you.
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    Oh, LOL I forgot to subscribe so I get emails about that. LOL thx. Yes, I'm planning and update for the near future.
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    Video Please :p
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    I don't blame you for asking. I realized this could be a little confusing. I'll make one (or get Samkio and Torrent to do it after I post version 1.1).
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    Pretty funky plugin - i'll take a look when i get time later :)
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    Funkeh, approved.
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    PREVIEW of Next Version:
    Next version is going to have a lot of features added. I'm planning on just calling it 2.0 instead of 1.1. Some features will include notifying, banning, announcements when receiving certain answers, and custom messages. There will be some bug fixes as well.
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    I have been waiting for this :p
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    And the list is just growing...
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    Wouldn't this just cause lagggggg? Or is it, whenever a player is walking over a sign, it will check two blocks under them.
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    It always checks block1 whenever you walk. If it is a sign, it continues in the code.
    This is nothing compared to A LOT of other plugins (ex: Towny, Factions, MobArena ... a lot).
    This should only cause lag if you are running a server with bad specs. It works fine on my server, and my server is in the middle.
  15. I'm very confused on how to set this up, the HOW IT WORKS section isn't very informative. Can you get into more detail step by step?
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    I'm almost done with 2.0. I will redo most of the writing. Anyway... here is how it works:
    Dig a hole 2 blocks deep, and place a sign in it saying [TestqUiz] on line 1, and then the answer on line 2 (Correct, incorrect, or finish). Place a block above the sign. This should fill up your hole. Now, whenever a player walks over it, your answer is made.
    Images will come to help you in the future. At the moment, check out this text drawing:
    [] - block
    = - Sign


    That is how you setup the answer. Now, you may ask how you make a question? A question is made however you like, but I like to set it up like a T. The middle of the T has a question, while the top 2 ends have the answer. Under the top 2 ends are hallways. One has the correct way. The other, the incorrect. As you go through the hallway, you will walk over the sign. The sign will then determine if wrong or right.
    Then what does the Finish answer do?
    In the next update, you can configurate prizes. In version 1.0, it clears the temporary memory stored by TestqUiz. I recommend you make a Finish sign so this way your server does not crash from out of memory issues.

    Full Text Image:


    If this is still confusing, then wait until this weekend. I will upload version 2.0 with a better tutorial!
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    Updated the plugin and added a tutorial!

    Please report any bugs!

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    Looks like exactly what I need, but I cannot get it to work. I'm using Essentials GroupManager for permissions. The "Owner" group has TestqUiz.* and the "Default" group has TestqUiz.notify.* When running a Default user through, the user doesn't get any notifications, nor does the server. Setup is per the tutorial.

    I really think it's a permissions issue but I can't sort out exactly what. Any permissions pointers or tips?

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    When you created the answer sign, did it say something like: "Answer sign created!" ? What do those signs underneath have?
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    No, there was not an announcement of any kind when I created the signs.

    The signs read


    The punctuation is exactly as shown, with TestqUiz on the first line with no spaces and the answer (incorrect/correct/finish) on the second line with no spaces. The third and fourth lines are blank.

    A review of the startup log shows that TestqUiz loads correctly and gives a "ready to test." I can do /TestqUiz and it replies with version. I can also do /testquiz reload and /testquiz bypass. Both of those respond correctly. But creating a sign does nothing.

    Knowing that there should be a response to sign creation is a big help. I'm not sure it's a permissions issue now because I can do the other commands just fine.
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    TestqUiz on the sign has to be in brackets like so: [TestqUiz] ).

    EDIT: Nothing is wrong with your permissions. You simply did not create the first line correctly :).
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    Thanks #1. Wow . . . I must have gone over the tuturial half a dozen times to figure out what I was doing wrong and I missed that every time. :oops:

    Ok, I can create signs now and it gives the response. There seems to be a timing issue though. One user got the first question right, but blasted straight down the hall (through wrong answers) and got to Finish and it promoted her. It only registered the first and last answers.

    I have general:start:time set to zero and general:logout:clear set to 0.

    Anyways, other than that (which I'm sure I can work around by making my distance between answers farther) it works as advertized. Thanks again.
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    The start time starts as soon as a person logs in.
    Logout clear wipes any stored memory after that time. If you set it to 0, that means all memory after the player logs out will be wiped. So the amount of wrong answers, bans, spam, etc. will be wiped.
    I do not recommend having the questions in a straight hallway. Anyone following can easily see the answers. Making zig-zags and making them farther apart might fix the issue.

    This is what I think is the issue: Whenever a player walks over a sign, the entire time the player is over the sign it is saying there is an answer. To prevent that, I made an Anti-Spam in the code. The Anti-Spam stores the player in memory, and after 3 seconds it removes the player. I've already lowered the anti-spam to 1.5 seconds (in the dev. version), so you shouldn't worry about this issue exactly happening again.
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    Hi, Peoples i have an problem ... i Search an tutorial Video to this plugin but i can not find a Tutorial can an people help me? (Sry for bad English i'm German ;))
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    This is the only tutorial you can find:
    There are not any videos out (that I know of).

    Your English isn't that bad!
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    Your welcome!

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