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    ~ PlotGuardian ~
    Version: 1.5.4


    PlotGuardian was first intended to be used on a server called ConsiliumCraft, BuilderPlot was not supporting PermissionsEx back then and the plugin appeared not to work very well for our use. As a result of this I started the development of PlotGuardian which originally implemented both WorldGuard and WorldEdit which made the plugin dependent on two other plugins and I was restricted to their code. As from version 1.5 I took a further step ahead and re-coded the whole plugin to make it completely stand-alone.​

    PlotGuardian protect plots which easily can be created with just one command, no need for separate worlds when you can have re-useable plots implemented into your current world. You can also create a protective plot which protects an area while users with plots inside those areas are still able to build in those.​

    For those of you who rule economy servers can also enable the economy feature in this plugin to allow users to buy and sell their plots using a sign. This is possible by just typing '[plot]' on the first row and the price on the second (example: '$100'). As the plot name can't be seen on the sign it must be placed in the plot to work.​

    PlotGuardian has moved to BukkitDev!
    Click here to download
    Click here for further information

    Would you like to support me as a plugin developer? I appreciate any donation, doesn't matter how much you donate, just show me you like my work and I'd be really happy :)

    Click here to donate

    Other plugins of mine:
    - Performance Monitor
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    Used it, aweeeesome, just like all ur plugins;)
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    Plugin updated to version 1.2! There are new commands and permissions for both plot creation and deleting. You can now allow any user to delete an existing or create a non-existing plot by only using the WorldEdit wand to select the area. There are even more options to create a plot so you don't have to digg all the way down to bedrock or fly all the way up to the highest placeable block location to specify the area. You can do this easily by just adding 2 more parameters to the command!

    Found a bug? Post a commend and I'll fix it in the next few hours (depending on when I read your comment of course :))
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    Is there a bukkit dev for this plugin?

    But still i will give the plugin a look as i'm trying to find a plot plugin.
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    Sorry there are no bukkit dev for this plugin yet. Let me know if it works out well for you, I would like to hear some feedback of what I could do better other than the upcomming updates. I'm planning to add a configuration with loads of options which you can enable disable etc.

    Thank you :D
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    Approved, looks nice.
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    Thank you! :D
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    That's alright :D
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    Sweet! :D If you have time, could you have a look at my Performance Monitor It's been around for a couple of days longer than this plugin and I would greatly appreciate it :)

    Updated to version 1.3!
    Been working on this update for a few hours and it's finally complete, there might be a few bugs so please let me know if you find one. I have gone through all the commands and tried them in different scenarios but it's possible I missed one.

    The biggest thing that came with this update is the configuration system, due to this I had to remake almost every part of the plugin to make it as customizable as possible. You can choose the name of the plots as long as they follow a format (a word with a number behind), you can add as many plots you'd like and how many members you want. You can claim how many plots you want and you can choose wether they shall be able to unclaim those or not. All this can be setup in the configuration and is just a few of the features.

    There is a new system which enable you to set a default Y minimum and Y maximum value in the configuration to make it easier for you if you want to create many plots with the same height.

    As this is a pretty huge update I would appreciate some feedback if there is any bugs or what you think about it, what I shall add to make it better, etc.

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    Thanks, will take a look.
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    Nice plugin. but may i ask u some things?
    Is possible that you can make the following?
    - The admin create a plot - name it and put on sale - then the user buy the plot ?
    instead make /plot claim - he makes /plot buy =)
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    Um i was having trouble with the "protectAreaOutsidePlots" and "blockBlockinteractionsOustsidePlots" when i set them to false. They always seem to reset to default when i reload the server.
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    Of course it is, but what shall the user pay with to buy a plot? Shall this be inherited from another plugin or shall there be some way to earn 'money' to buy one?

    You cannot edit the config while the plugin is running, you must stop the server and then start it backup. I will either fix this or add a command for configuration in the next update. Thanks for asking :)
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    My idead was:
    I have a RPG server.. and i have some Ranks ppl can aquire after make quests.
    And they have 2 ways to make they´re houses.
    1 is inside the kingdom, protected againts invasores and griefers, other is outside on a freebuil zone.

    My idead was: with the money they do on the quests or trading items, they can go to a place i build with the plots and they choose free the plot to make a home or a farm whatever after they get the proper Rank :)

    Sorry my english.. and btw im loving this plugin - even with the 1 plot per user claim its a win. Great job out there ;)
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    The only way I can think of at the moment to make it as customizable as possible is to make the user able to buy a plot with items, then you can easily specify how many items of which type it shall cost. What "kind" of money do your players gain when doing quests? Is it virtual money generated by a plugin or is it items they collect? Do you think this would be a good idea, to buy plots for items?
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    Great then - we use the Duckshop plugin so ppl use the gold currency on the server.. So its awsome if u make them pay with gold bars :) if u make that is freakin awsome :D
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    I might add a /buy function (and /sell) in update 1.4 where you can buy/sell plots for certain items with a specific amount set within the config.
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    Perhaps use vault? I am not a dev so I have no idea to explain this, but I believe vault will allow you to hook into all other econ plugins, I will be using this instead of Simple Region Market if you add that =)
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    Ups i forgot to mention that.. yes we use Vault :)
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    Thank you for mentioning that, using such plugin would make PlotGuardian compatible with a wide vary of plugins and I will definally have a closer look at it tomorrow. I might implement this feature if it works as expected in version 1.4, otherwise 1.5.
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    This plugin automatic generate a plot with cuboid? ;o
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    No it's not a generator. The purpose with this plugin is to create user defined plots, which means you can easliy implement a plot system into your current server world and place them however you want and which size you want. If you want to create a field of plots of the same height etc. there are features to do this easily without touching the terrain.
    PlotGuardian creates a plot with WorldGuard and does not change the terrain.

    Currently working on a system to implement vault and make users choose wether to use it or not. Already created a system for users to sell their plots for their desired amount for other people to buy. There will be a feature in the config to set a default price when creating a new plot and this can also be a parameter with the /plot create command. This will make the plugin fully compatible with and without vault. Is there anything I'm missing or you guys think I shall add? I would appreciate if you sent me a message :)

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    Perhaps signs? Like, you would make a sign like this

    sell price/buy price
    seller, when bought, buyer <-- Automatic

    So you can just make a sign at a plot and sell it like that :)
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    That would make a nice feature, fairly easy to add as well. Thanks :)
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    Thats its what i meant to say :D

    One thing - ive created a zone to make the plots , but then before create the plots ive protected the area with world guard, then i tryed to create the plot and i can overpass the protected zone.. So i nedded to unprotect the area before create the plots.. my question is :
    - If i create the plots, then define an area to protect , becouse i dont want ppl to destroy some building ive placed -.- , they can claim it?
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    As long as the region name is within the format (which you can set in the config) users can claim the plot. If you create plots inside an existing area they might not be able to build on those as another overlaps. I don't think WorldGuard allow you to overlap existing regions. Your idea gave me another idea too, define an area to protect around the regions.
    Did this answer your question properly?
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    WorldGuard allows to overlap regions. There is a priority setting and a parent setting. If you set the parent, then the user needs permission to both regions.
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    As I thought then (needing permission for both regions, if overlaping), always thought worldguard doesn't allow overlaping ... strange :/ Must have been from another plugin I experienced that, thanks for the clarification though :)
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    FYI, it seems your plugin requires Java 6. Is it needed or could you recompile future versions for Java 5?
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    All my plugin support the latest version of java (7) and it's recommended to update to this version. Certain functions has to be coded in a different way if I were to recompile it with a lower version. I'm not sure if I shall spend time doing this, I have a few big updates going on for this plugin at the moment. I Might release this with other java versions once the most main features has been added.

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