[ADMN/SEC]MCCrimeFiles - Global banning system[1337]

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  1. [ADMN/SEC]MCCrimeFiles - Global Banning System[1337]
    Download: Latest (v0.21) - Click here
    BukkitDEV - MCCrimeFiles

    MCCrimeFiles is a multi-server database which aims to ban as many griefers as possible from as many servers as possible. For more information, please visit our website.

    Put the downloaded jar file in your plugins folder. Done!
    Permissions?: Bukkit Permissions support will be added in 0.3 along with some really (really) cool other features.
    Download Links
    Click here to get the latest version.
    (There is no point in adding earlier versions as the plugin will update automatically)
    Commands: (open)
    /gban: adds a player to the database
    /mccf lookup: gets the current status of a player within the database
    /mccf update: Checks for updates and installs them if present (the server will do this automatically)

    v0.21 - Fixed small security bug (update pushed to all servers)
    v0.2 - Fixed auto updater bug and command bug
    0.1 - Initial release
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    Stylish web page.
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    a bad mcbans clone? O.O
  4. How would you know it's bad, you haven't tried it? It's not a clone, it has some major differences.
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    Tim Andersen

    what are the differences?...
  6. 1. MCBans is harder to set up for server admins.
    2. MCCrimeFiles does not require anyone to sign up.
    3. We are for griefers only, some servers have different rules and therefore servers where rules differ may have people banned for things which are legal on their server.
    4. The way banning works (http://www.mccrimefiles.net/pointsexplained.php)
    5. More stuff, I will make a list on the website at some point.

    TBH, when I started developing this I had no idea MCBans existed.
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    Well, nice idea on implementing consequences. If a player has 5 or more bans... what happens to their points when their time is up and are allowed to play again? Do they go back to zero or do they drop down to 4?

    Some ideas:
    1 - I like the ability to filter out banned people based on their score.
    2 - And maybe have a sort of "white list" for those who are over my filter limit.... this way I can let some people "slide" in.
    3 - Your website should keep track of each players highest ban score so that we can filter out people... even if they aren't banned anymore.
    4- Also, it may not be a good idea for your website to not show the total bans a person has. This would deter griefers from using the website as a "medal of honor" listing.

    Anywhoos.... I hope this takes off for you... seems like a clean start.
  8. Thanks for your ideas. Once they get up to 5 they get 6 months and when they get unbanned (albeit after 6 months) they keep all 5 points. Then, when they get another point they are taken up to 6 points but get the same 6 month ban.
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    Just a few things, and some clarification :eek:
    1. MCBans is now easier to set up with just setting a config up on the website (Not required), and downloading the plugin
    2. Isn't that a bit of a risk, since you don't know who may be using the system and what for?
    4. I still don't get it, if someone bans you, you get a point, but is there a way to prove that the ban was illegitimate? Seems a bit unfair to have users banned for just one offence..
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  10. They are banned for only 3 days first offence. Don't servers have to signup on your website? We'll see how it goes, we think it will work fine but we'll still have to test, that's why we're releasing in beta.

    On a different note: I have had a few feature requests from people, the guy who programs the plugin is reluctant to implement them so I'm going to learn Java in order to implement them. In case you're wondering I program the website and the backend (where all the data is stored and the ban and check operations are processed).
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    I am anything but biased, and I am seriously offended you would even consider commenting that. I'm unaware that the system is biased as we require evidence for every ban made, any disputes without it are immediately localized, we do not tolerate bans of that nature. I'm currently working on a new method for permanent bans issued by MCBans.com to which we will no longer deal with disputes for them, the server owners will, and the status of them will be publicly viewable (the jury for the permanent ban dispute will be hidden for their own protection to everyone).

    As for setting up the plugin, it's been said by many people, it's easier and quicker to set-up because there is little work to actually be done, and a minimal amount of restarts are required as well.

    Yes they do have to sign up on the website, this helps us regulate which servers are using the system and prevent them if they abuse it, it's a precaution so that the API keys can be disabled, and any method for using the plugin is prevented for those that just use it to "get back" at people and other such reasons.

    I only commented to get an idea of how you're going to manage such issues as it seems like it could seriously hamper your efforts, but I wonder if I was mistaken to comment for the first part of your reply.
  12. Sorry, I meant you were biased towards liking your plugin more, not that the system's biased. We have got some systems in place to prevent that, although they will be tested.
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    Aren't YOU biased?
  14. I wasn't saying I'm not.
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    Fair enough. I just thought it seemed hypocritical to attack someone else for being biased when you could be providing evidence that your plugin is better.

    Frankly i don't really care much for public banning solutions. It makes it easy for one person to ruin your reputation, even when you weren't greifing.
  16. First I'd like to say I'm sorry for accusing anyone of bias. I admit I am biased myself, it'll probably wear off in a few days. I'm just quite annoyed with everything at the moment, I'm literally being attacked. Just before release I had a German guy trying to hack the server which he succeeded with (due to me being stupid and forgetting to reprotect the admin area and at the time it was in a rather obvious place (/admin) now it's in a less obvious place and much more protected). Another thing is the guy that is developing the plugin has been uncooperative at times and getting to release has been very slow because of this and him not putting much of his time towards it. I can forsee behaving to learn Java and continue the plugin myself.

    Anyway, reputation ruining is almost impossible with MCCrimeFiles and will probably just get the server banned.

    New features we will be implementing due to request:
    1. Configuring to allow certain players even if they are banned.
    2. Some (optional) cool spout stuff.
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    So if I ban someone I have to wait 3 days to ban again?
  18. No, the points system is for players. The person you ban will have 3 days banned when it's their first time, the second time it's more etc.

    As an op on a server banning someone you only have to wait a few seconds between bans at the moment. We will be adding features fœ banning up to 5 people in a single command for groups of griefers.
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    Looks good to me :)
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    Seems legit.
    Although this is like the 3rd global ban system now.. (Gets confused)
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    Yay for abused ban system!

    Go for MCBans. Seriously. The policies and everything this plugin does/uses are really bad. Also, no permabans here.
  22. Yay, reinventing the wheel with stupid excuses! Good job!

    Why is your class files encoded? Hmm... suspicious
  23. They are obfuscated and optomized. It's mainly because the variables were set to absolutely stupid names lol and for optomization.

    We are taking suggestions for new ban sentences.

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  24. Sounds like you guys have great programming styles. And I'm actually positive that obsufticators lower performance speeds if im correct.
  25. I'll do some reasearch. The obfscator/optomizer (ProGuard) does have a lot of options so I'll see if removing some options can increase speed. The plugin appears to run at a good speed anyway though, it's very quick.
    Also, there are some VERY cool features coming in 0.3! Clue for one: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/756146-item-and-block-inventory-images/
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    Pretty silly to re-invent something.
    If you have actually coded a system, good job - it looks alright..
    However, the difference between this and MCBans is that MCBans has servers and a (nearly) foolproof system for managing bans, appeals, etc. and you have a database that everyone connects to.

    While I dont use MCBans, I support something like that that is clearly thought out rather than taking a risk using a system that may or may not always be online or even exist.
  27. It definitely exists and definitely works. The uptime is great so far, no downtime.
    Here is a link to a server that uses MCCrimeFiles,, it is a very good German server. They do have some German signs and broadcast messages (some are English) but the admins speak fluent English.
    To prove they are making connections executing checks etc. go here: http://mccrimefiles.net/serverlookup.php?ip= and join the server, once you have joined the server you will see the amount of joins will increase on that page (after a refresh).
    EDIT: For the 1.0 update (before) you will see some really cool features which will distinguish it from MCBans even more. There will be some pretty cool stuff in 0.3.
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    Looks okay, but this won't get approved unless you add a changelog.
  29. I thought it did have a changelog, obviously not. I did remember to put on on BukkitDEV though.
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    ??? I really don't see anything related with a ban plugin and inventory images. You shouldn't mix showing user inventories with a banning plugin, it should be 2 different entities.
    Also, one question I have, is your plugin compatible with KiwiAdmin or can it be made compatible?
    Edit: Changelog needs to show latest modification at the top. So the bottom of the changelog is your plugin release.

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