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    Plugin: LockIP
    Version: v0.4

    This is mostly for servers in offline mode. This plugin kicks users if they try to login from IPs not associated with their account so compromised passwords from won't be an issue as they are with an Auth plugin. Also no one likes having to enter passwords on server reloads.

    I do plan to create commands to allow users to specify more IPs themselves, I should have that done in the next few days.

    • Limit users to certain IPs.
    • Specify what IPs for what user.
    • Doesn't include annoying host name info, easier to specify IPs.
    • Prevents account sharing.
    • Allows matching of partial IP.
    • Doesn't prevent housemates from playing together.
    • Can add last attempted IP to list of accepted IPs for any player from in game.

    Editing users.txt while the server is running will not doing anything. As of now you can only edit the IPs when the server is stopped. Just go into the plugins/LockIP folder and open users.txt and add or remove IPs there.

    Setting subnet=true will put LockIP into the following mode. It will only look to match the first 3 octets of an IP. So if my IP was, anything from 192.168.1.* would be allowed to connect. This could help with dynamic IPs, I'm not exactly 100% certain if they stay in the same subnet. However it does allow people from the same subnet to login as each other.

    LockIP.exempt - Allows a user through without checking IP.
    LockIP.admin - Allows user to add last attempted IP to list of accepted IPs for any other user.
    /lockip <user> - Adds last attempted IP to specified user's IP list.
    Change Log:
    • Added /lockip <user>
    • Alphabetized flatfiles
    • Added permission node (LockIP.admin)
    • Added permission node (LockIP.exempt)
    • Removed Case Sensitivity
    • Added subnet matching
    • Initial release
    Thanks to Mixxit for originally coming up with this idea. Unfortunately, his plugin has been taken over by someone who is just pretending to support and update it. I didn't use any of his source but all my features are pulled from his plugin.
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    It works in a totaly different way.... can someone make a copy of this plugin so no commands are there for the users to be confused on... iplock the one from tailor has commands that is BAD this one doesnt require player to type stuff... they just login and done
  3. I can remake LockIp if that is what you want?
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    yea... can u remove the use of commands completely and just do it so it saves their ip in a file and doesnt let the person log in with another nickname
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    ummm is it just me or the download link is broken?
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    way outdated thi doesnt work anymor
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    There's another version of this but it sucks in comparison. OP if you update I'll tattoo your name on my chest in impact font. Ok, I won't really do that, but you'll have my eternal gratitude.

    EDIT: The other on is IPLock. It requires a password the first time you log on, but you can set it to stop prompting you when you log on from a certain IP. The reason I hate it is because people can't figure out how to make a password and it really annoys me that I have to explain it instead of them just looking in the chat window..
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    the ink do not work
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    Outdated this is gone
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    Are you ever gonna update this for 1.2.5-R4.0??
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    Error (404)

    We can't find the page you're looking for. Check out our Help Center andforums for help, or head back to home. EDIT: That's the download link :(

    C'mon just make a devbukkit download :( they almost never have errors :)

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