[ADMN/SEC] GuestPrev v1.5 - AntiGrief Guest Manager [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    [ADMN/SEC] GuestPrev v1.5a - AntiGrief Guest Manager [1.3.1-R2.0]

    GuestPrev - AntiGrief Guest Manager:
    Version: v1.5a

    GuestPrev allows you to manipulate your guest accesses and events,
    it protects your server against griefers or unknown players.

    Feel free to open your server to the public without having to worry about griefers.

    Simple, Light, easy.
    No Permissions system required. (But supported)

    Features: Prevents guests from the following...
    • Placing, Breaking, or Interacting with Blocks
    • Using, Destroying, or Moving Boats/Mine Carts
    • Picking Up or Drop Items (Option to Authorize Certain Items)
    • Opening Chests, Furnaces, or Dispensers
    • Interactions with Doors, Levers, Buttons, or Pressure Plates.
    • Trampling wheat and using ladders.
    • Creepers explosions on guests.
    • Workbench Use (Option to Authorize Use)
    • Attacking types of animals/monsters.
    • Exploring the unknown world not generated. (Preventing from increase your file map size.)
    Additional Features:
    • Auto-locks Guest Inventory Changes
    • Stops Players From Using Blocks to Climb Over Walls
    • Enable or Disable Guest Chat, Guest Server Access.
    • Send a private message or kick all guests. (for servers overloaded of guests)
    • Optional/editable Every Notify Messages for guests.
    • Configurable guest interactions.
    • Can make virtual walls for restrict your guests at some ways.
    • Admin Command Tools (Teleport,Kick,Ban,Mute,Froze,Etc...)
    • Set a max amount of online guests in same time.
    • Reserve slots for members.
    • Can disable other plugins commands access.
    • You can optionally set a chat-prefix for recognize who are a guest.
    • A system who logging the players activities. (First Join, Latest Connected/Disconnected)
    • Make your Guests (Spectators) invincible.
    DOWNLOAD: Private now, you can PM me if intersting...
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    Hi all,

    The prefix [Guest] doesn't appear on my server, but i have notified in the configuration file that i have inserted a prefix. Any solutions ?
    I have Permissions and iChat installed, maybe iChat is causing issues with GuestPrev's prefix ?

    Thanks by advance,
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    Well. Let's be a bit more precise. You cannot say this problem is his only because "you are not experiencing it". One should not need to be told this. Universalizing experiences is always a sign of being wrong.

    This problem happens now since [860] New people log in, they cannot move, or they get kicked.

    I suspect it has something to do with another plugin conflicting now due to the craftbukkit changes.

    So now, that officially makes it no longer a problem local to Mickael's computer. Obviously now this is an issue that does involve Guest Prev. on some level. Now why the error occurs and who is to blame is another story. I simply with the error resolved if possible.

    Mickael, if I remedy my situation I will let you know.

    I suspect right now, the last version of NoCheaet, but will test and report back.
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    And at the same time it's not right to proclaim that it doesn't work because of a conflict on one server as he states in that post in bold, it doesn't work on 1.6.6 based purely off of his experience on his server
    I never claimed it was just him, I pointed out that there was a conflict on his server because that is what this is, a conflict between GuestPrev and something else but no one else has reported this issue until now nor has he come back to help troubleshoot the issue, when a problem occurs on one server it's a problem on that server, when a problem occurs on every server it's a problem with the plugin

    If you find a part of my post that claims because my server works GuestPrev is perfect point it out to me, I only said, it works on 1.6.6 because it works for me on 1.6.6 so there is a conflict not a busted plugin
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    Okay then. We have surmised that you feel 2 wrongs make a right, or at least are fine with using the equation.

    Your final conclusion that Guest Prev is not "busted" is still invalid. And the adjective choice of "busted", i find hard to accept because of both its broad meaning and simultaneous lack of none.

    This issue, conflict or not, does not in anyway absolve nor condemn Guest Prev at all. It does however place Guest Prev. into question because quite obviously there is a conflict. And if the conflict is occurring with separate 860 build plug-ins between at least 2 different servers, then that would open the floor to the very real, and logical possibility that the issue lies with the plug-in that was last updated for Craftbukkit 740, inder Minecraft Server 1.5.x, not those in the current 818+ build line for server 1.6.6.

    Sunshe is a marvelous coder. Absolutely brilliant. Her work stand on their own and do not need defending. It is only reasonable to expect an eventual breakage (no matter how small) in the code considering how much things have changed and how many versions away we are from 740.
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    I don't see how you came to 2 wrongs make a right or why you are picking apart my post for being vague

    You are seemingly intent on blaming GuestPrev just because it hasn't been updated to the latest build and you are busy attacking my posts instead of trying to help
    So GuestPrev was working in build 820

    Now I quote from the news post on the front page
    So there is no reason for plugins to break because of bukkit between builds 818 to 860, 820 falls in to this range and so far only 2 servers have had an issue 2 weeks after the release of a 1.6.6 compatible build

    Now for the last time, I am trying to track down the source of this conflict, no doubt it has something to do with GuestPrev as removing GuestPrev fixes the issue however not everyone will be willing or capabale, depending on their set up, to drop this plugin so please either help everyone who uses GuestPrev to find the conflict so it can be resolved either by SunShe or the author of the conflicting plugin or just remove GuestPrev, leave this topic and be done with it
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    Two things to try, will make more sense if you keep reading. Try changing your (GuestPrev) wallheight setting to zero and try disabling the NoCheat plugin temporarily.

    You mentioned the NoCheat plugin - could be a problem with the RB860 update it seems to be "over-eager" on the move violations. I had to disable the move section (just remove the word "cancel" from each of the low,medium,high moving sections). When players on my server died they respawned back at their "home" (this function is provided by Essentials on my server) and the NoCheat plugin saw this as a violation and plonked them back on their death spot (and could potentially kick them I guess).

    The walls thing is just a precaution worth trying as I once set this quite high and whenever a guest logged in and moved or even just moved the mouse they were kicked. Not a problem if they didn't move at all and just chatted.

    Haven't tested this myself as I have just recently disabled the plugin but only because I didn't like guests not being able to pick up items (personal preference) so now use the build:false setting of permissions only. Had no problems with it on CB820 though.
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    Well. You may say i am "intent on blame", but you would be wrong.

    Your claim that 2 weeks have passed and only 2 servers is also false. 860 has not been out for 2 weeks. The issue did not happen for me until i switched to 860 yesterday.

    Quoting the first page means nothing, as it is just a comment with zero detail or information, a blank statement really that says little more than "no api breaks", which does not negate the chance of a breakage from other function interactions.

    In pursuit of this issue, I have upgraded the plug-ins i felt could most cause this issue and in my set that would be NoCheat. The problem has still occurred with NoCheat updated.

    I will look at borderguard next. Nothing else i run actually interacts with player movement...except "pwncraft", which has tossed move errors in the past but i filtered out. I will un-filter the "Cannot pass PLAYER_MOVE" errors and look for that when new residents login.

    It is a hard toss up between the 2. I absolutely love Guest Prev. As far as I am concerned, outside of a few select coders she is truly a Jedi among them. She rocks. So if she doesn't come back, I am sure that her life just does not allow for that. And i wish her the best.

    For now I will have to look at options. Plug-in trouble shooting for me requires a great deal of effort as I have 72 plugins running without conflicts until today, with server restarts every 5hrs. So, i am quite adept at plug-in troubleshooting and identifying conflict or predicting chances of. I will stay on this for another 12hrs and then go from there.

    Do not misunderstand me Maxis, i admire your diligence, especially the help you do give. You answer many many questions endlessly it seems. And for that, one cannot be faulted much at all, except in tone. For that, i thank you.

    Ta Zarius. I will sadly remove NoCheat. And report back when I hear or see a result indicating whether or not it worked for me.
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    gp is still working on #867, i have nocheat 1.04b

    after >1 month, i need a fork of this plugin to have a stable development warranty. this plugin is something like essential on my server :)
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    And yet here you are doing your best to chase him away from ever answering any questions in the future. Go figure.
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    820 has been out for 2 days, 818 has been out for 2 weeks, I said a 1.6.6 compatible build which is what 818 is
    Now do me afavour, just stop tacking a crack at me and troubleshoot or just uninstall GuestPrev, either way

    I've stopped typing at this point as no matter what I go to say it breaks down to me telling you to impolitely go away

    I'm going to do as Jeyge just said, and refuse support for you, there are plenty of other people here that can help you as you seem intent

    And again I can't type any further without breaking my rules and the rules of the forum
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    You are a total child. Getting so upset over a simple exchange on a forum that you must publicly create a "Support Black List" and add my name to it, for making 2-3 posts to you, none of which were personal attacks or insults. Yet you find it hard to reply without being impolite and then add my name to a public black list that you are now supporting in your signature. Passive aggressive much?

    Really Max, grow up. Making a black list just for me because of 2 posts? It is a wonderful way to let the community know the lack of professionalism they will get with your code and very short temper.

    Good luck with your projects.
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    Does anyone know where the wall locations are saved? I need to reset mine!
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    I'm afraid I have to agree with GehennaGirl on this one - Maxis' response to mickael002 of "the problems on your server" and repeating "your" in caps four times seemed a little harsh (I know that mickael's post was also a little harsh in seemingly blaming guestprev carte blanche). GehennaGirl's first post seemed intended to assist in determining the problem and actually included the real culprit (that being a clash with RB860/NoCheat with a few plugins including this one).


    Please note that GehennaGirl was actually complimenting you. I feel her comment on tone was not over the top given the preceding posts that seemed to get a little out of hand. Please take a step back, give it a bit of time and think about whether "black-listing" someone who has also tried to assist people and (in my opinion) not delved into personal attacks is particularly mature.


    Well, back on topic please note that the issue at hand seems to be a conflict with RB860 & the NoCheat plugin. If you experience this problem please try disabling NoCheat or updating it (I believe the latest version at the time of this post has resolved the issue).
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    /guestprev add won't work for me :(
    The only command that works is /guestprev by iteself.
    I am an Op, I'm not running Permissions.
    This is a great mod but I really need this to work. Help!! :)
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    Wow, perfect, i'm hooked.
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    I was getting the internal error as well, right when I turned on walls. I'm running the usual unholy cadre of conflicting plugins but just wanted to throw in another 'me too' on that error :p

    Anyway, the plugin seems to be working pretty good now, but I'm not getting messages when I try to break something (even though it stops the breaking). I was on someone else's server and they seemed to have it configured that way (I think it was their prev-message value). CB860.

    Thanks :D

    Show Spoiler
    # Message settings - Notifications players will relieve.
    # Leave these settings blank to disable player notifications.
    # Use +name to display the players name in the notification.
    prev-message=Sorry, guests are not allowed to perform this action\!
    join-message=Hello +name\, to gain build rights\, read the rules and blah blah blah.
    chat-message=Chat is currently disabled for guests.
    kick-message=Guests are currently not being accepted.
    wall-message=To continue that way, you must be a member.
    wheat-message=What are you trying to do?
    ladder-message=Ladders can't be used from guests.
    maxguests-message=All guest slots are currently busy, retry in a few minutes.

    # Admin settings

    # Related settings (preventcreepers prevent explosions on guests, but keeps the damage)
    # maxguests, Set a number above 0 to restrict max online guests.

    # Guest settings (alloweditem is ONLY for items)
    # Example settings
    # alloweditem=334,319,298,299,300,301 - Lets Players use raw pork, leather, and leather armor
    # workbench=true - Give guest the ability use a bench to craft armor from collected leather

    # Animals/Monsters
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    This plugin is probably not gonna ever be updated, the author has not been on since early may
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    inactive - cb 740, developer not online since 8. May
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    argg! with 1.6.6 this plugin no longer stops guests from knocking paintings off walls, and punching fires out, and punching down torches among other things. Worst part is, guestprev THINKS it's working so it doesn't pass the changes off to bigbrother, so you can't even use bigbrother to roll back the punched down items.

    Need update! need protection!
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    Yikes. Well what do you guys use in lieu of this? Is there anything similar?
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    Permissions build: false can technically do the same, that said I've still got it installed and until GuestPrev starts throwing errors with a new build it shall remain installed because for me at least it works on 860
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    i am having conflict issues with MobArena the option to prevent creeper explosions is messing with creepers exploding in mobarena even tho i am not a guest.
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    Would a plugin dev please fork this great plugin?
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    second this
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    Not sure if this helps anybody but I noticed previous comments regards the MOVE error showing up in some logs. I found out by accident after I moved my spawn point to a high area that new guests were being kicked. The problem related to the walls setting in the guestprev config file which if walls are enabled it has a height limitation for guests. turning this off fixed it for me. This plugin is still working fine on 860 here.
    Now, not sure if someone else can help me. I notice that my guests are now being created in the users file upon first login (permissions 3.1.5) but not being set to the default group, just []. This means I cant use the promote command in the new version of permissions because new guests are not part of the default group. I havent tested but I suspect it is guestprev that is doing this. Anybody know how to fix so that new auto added users are assigned the default group rather than blank. PS. It may be the new version of essentials doing this as I installed guestprev, essentials 2.3 and permissions 3.15 around the same time, so hopefully somebody has solved this.
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    essential's fixed guestprev plugin 1.4i if you use GroupManager and can't more command. you can download it here: https://github.com/downloads/essentials/Essentials/GuestPrev.jar

    i don't know if this will work with permissions, you can try...
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    Any takers?
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    second this

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