Inactive [ADMN/SEC] Guardian Alpha - The final replacement for Logblock and Hawkeye [1.2.5-R1.0]

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  1. Guardian
    The future of griefer detection and rollback
    (Thanks @doggy for the image)​
    It is with great pleasure today that we announce to you the release of Guardian Alpha.​
    The full guide to Guardian can be found on our BukkitDev page , however a brief history of our project and our aims.​
    The idea for a unified grief tracking and rollback system was not a new one, but it came to play in the beginning of September (2011) aiming to be the culmination of all Hawkeye and Logblock's efforts, a joint effort by oliverw92 and DiddiZ was made. It was resolved that Guardian would be the future, it would take the best features from both Logblock and Hawkeye then roll them into one neat package. The project went off to a good start, commits were flowing freely to Github and a new author, md_5 was added to the team. Things were going smoothly and it seemed a release was imminent, however then changes to our team started to occur. oliverw92 found himself with very little time outside of his studies and DiddiZ seemed to be unable to find time. Nevertheless we plowed on. It is now months later that Guardian rises yet again from the dead and with the addition of 7H3LaughingMan to the team.​
    Current Status
    Inspired by the original Guardian brief we now have an Alpha release of Guardian. Feel free to test it at your own free will, it currently logs block flow, destroy, place, and fade. We recommend using it in conjunction with your current logging plugin, however it fully supports Logblock style searching and queries, with a Hawkeye style database backend.​
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    If you need all these "null" en tries please say so and don't just ignore me.

    If so:
    How much do you want?
    200MB database dump of "null"-entries from guardian?

    These null entries seem to comefrom not yet implemented features(but why are those simple things like last login and IP "null", seriously, this is confusing these should be very easy to get).

    Also the garbage seems to be these MOVE_TO what is this even supposed to be? Every player or entity movement? Are you kidding me? Well whatever, optional feature is optional, but i find these ones that are nulkled at the moment way more important.

    These 2 things let this plugin appear way more buggy then it it is. You should really change it or at least include a warning(comment) in the config.
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    Are you sure? I think that cause was solved, the problem is still present in the latest dev-build, actually one that I had built after applying a patch.

    I don't think what you've explained is an issue anymore, thankfully, but in my ticket I noted that one of Guardian's queries were stalling other queries (the ones that are used in plugin enabling), since the table was locked for use.

    Is there a way that somehow the search query statement could include a "LIMIT"? I think there should be a high default row limit in search queries, about 10 thousand or so, and then you could specify your own if you wanted with a parameter.
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    Guardian-MySQL.jar goes in plugins/Guardian folder.
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    Oh Thanks.
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    Guardian cannot start on my server :
    Error whilst attempting to get connection: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure
    The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
    HawkEye too gave me this error... I don't know how I should configure the connection to MySQL ! Help please !
    My server runs on CentOS whithout a preinstalled MySQL service. But other plugins using a DB without problem.
    What I can do ?
    Sorry if my english is bad, I'm french.
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    Does anyone have a file and folder that I can use? I cannot get mine to work.
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    Is chest logging coming soon? I have some problems with /guardian tool command and i cant get it working. Some information about params would be nice too.
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    Maybe you should put that in the OP and/or on BukkitDev... it wasn't easy for me to find that information :p
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    Does this require MySQL to work? Please answer!
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    It does.
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    Guardian keeps freezing when Loading Guardian and freezing the server. Any solutions?
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    This plugin is defently not made for 100+ player servers.. When my
    Queue overloaded i loose all logging and my CPU usage skyrockets. After about 10-20 minutes running this plugin it starts to become very slow, in about 40 minutes i loose the ability to rollback griefs.
    Oh and lastly i only use "BlockBreak" and "BlockPlace"
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    I don't know how to use the 'IRC'. Any help? :D
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    Guardian Load time is probably the biggest turn off. That and it chooses when to work... It's alpha though :)
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    The rollback command is simply /guardian rollback [PlayerName] r: # ('r' as in block radius) correct? Or is there a different way of rolling back? Because when I do it this way ^, It rollsback everything the player has ever placed or touched.
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    I'm completely redoing my server for Minecraft 1.3 (coming out August 1st, 2012). I'm wondering if I should switch from LogBlock to Guardian for that.
    Should I?
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    Do i need mySQL??? And does it work with PermissonsEx??

    If it works with PermissionsEx I will get mySQL just to use it!
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    Will this be updated to 1.3 soon? I can't go without a block logging plugin, and I'm guessing Hawkeye, which is what I currently use will not be updated since the author hasn't been online since April.
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    This plugin works fine, on a 1.3.1 server, as is.
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    Is this still being developped ? Last commit was 25 days ago... :/
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    that is not really an error. It just means it is having a hard time either imputting data or reading it.. mainly because to much has been edited to fast or you have a slow database connection/write speed.

    also, can be easily cancel with a /stop ;)

    Stay with LogBlock for now because it has chestlogging and player interact logging.

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    You guys are amazing! This is a sweet anti-grief plugin! So going to use it when you update to 1.3. Keep up the great work!
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    Is this ever going to be updated... Also, can I have the mysql bridge to test this out? Jenkins is not working :(

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