Inactive [ADMN/SEC/GEN/INFO/MECH] MineDeck V0.1 - Send SMS and E-Mail from Minecraft! [1.2.3-R3.0]

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    MineDeck - The Easy Way To Communicate With The Outside World

    Version: Alpha 0.1

    MineDeck is the easy way to communicate with the outside world. Yes, the REAL world. Everything on the page is 100% legit. I've spent the last 3 months preparing for the Alpha release, and I am 100% excited to release this plugin into the wild. So, without further ado, here is MineDeck:

    What can MineDeck do?
    • Send E-Mails to any address
    • Send SMS Messages to AT&T, O2 and T-Mobile
    • /email <address> <subject> [message] - Will send an E-Mail to that address :) Use pluses, "+", as spaces for now...
    • /text <number> <carrier> <message> - Will text a message to a number. The syntax for carriers are at&t, o2 and tmobile. As above, use pluses, "+", as spaces.
    So that this doesn't drive my servers crazy I have limited the amount of things that MineDeck will send. Here is a short guide...

    Download MineDeck from Bukkit Dev

    Guys! This is a very early test release. Please, please post feedback below or on the Bukkit Dev page! Any feedback will be muchly appreciated! :D

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    kezz101 this looks amazing :eek: you should really update this!

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