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    NetherBan v0.6.3
    Condemn your users to an eternity of suffering!
    NetherBan has moved to BukkitDev! This page will no longer be maintained!

    Basically NetherBan provides an alternative to straight out banning. Banning can be too harsh sometimes and kicking just isn't effective. So I created NetherBan! NetherBan allows you to ban your players and prevents them from escaping. While banished, players can't use portals and have restrictions based upon what you do in the NetherBan.prop file! NetherBan is flexible, it allows for many configuration options and include (but not limited to) mute on ban or can't build and dying will not spawn them in the normal world while banished.​
    • Ban players to the Nether!
    • Kick players to the Nether!
    • Whitelist for your loved ones!
    • Configurable!
    • Blacklist items!
    • Permissions support! (but not required)
    • Lightning strikes on banish (configurable)
    How to get Help:
    Visit NetherBan's BukkitDev page and create a ticket to get help! I cannot ensure you will get help if you post on this page. This is the best and fastest way to get help.

    Version 0.6.3
    • Bugfix - Made NetherBan usable again!
    Version 0.5.2 - 0.6.2
    • Thanks to @DreadKyller to maintaining the plugin while I was gone :)
    Older Versions (open)
    Version 0.5.1
    • Bugfix - Fixed stupid bug where plugin had to be reloaded again after loading it (Thanks @tips48 )
    Version 0.5
    • Bugfix - Players can now be banished while offline
    • Bugfix - Checks on player login to see if a player is banned and makes sure they are in the Nether
    • Bugfix - Players can now be unbanished while offline
    • Feature - Added "Banish-on-Death" option in the NetherBan.prop
    • Feature - Added "Kick-on-Death" option in the NetherBan.prop
    • Added "Entities-Target-Banished" option in the NetherBan.prop
    Version 0.4.1
    • Bugfix - Made fallback for error when you don't configure the plugin correctly.
    Version 0.4

    • Bugfix - Whitelist command is back
    • Bugfix - Improved consistency
    • Feature - Lightning on banish (configurable)
    • Restructured code
    Version 0.3.1

    • Bugfix - Removed players can be banished while offline
    • Bugfix - Removed players can be whitelist while offline
    • Bugfix - Removed whitelist command
    Version 0.3

    • Feature - Added version command (/nbversion)
    • Feature - Added help menu (/nbhelp)
    • Bugfix - Players can now be banished while offline
    • Bugfix - Players can now be whitelisted while offline
    • Bugfix - Fixed adding yourself whitelist bans you
    Version 0.2

    • Bugfix - Fixed the plugin not liking when you banned people who where in the Nether already.
    • Feature - Added whitelist.
    • Bugfix - Chat errors
    • Feature - Added whitelist command (/nbwl || /nbwhitelist)
    • Feature - Added alias for /nbban (/netherban)
    • Bugfix - Fixed Permissions completely!
    Version 0.1.1

    • Bugfix - Added "Banished-Cant-Use-Commands" option in the NetherBan.prop file
    • Bugfix - Minor chat bug
    Version 0.1

    • Initial release!
    Known Bugs:
    • None, please report any :)
    • Always opened to suggestions (Doesn't mean I'll always take them though ;))
    • Clear and save inventories on ban, restore on unban
    • Private Chat Channels for the damned
    Permissions and Commands:
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    netherban.nbban - Allow /nbban <player>
    netherban.nbkick - Allow /nbkick <player>
    netherban.nbunban - Allow /nbunban <player>
    netherban.whitelist - Allow /nbwl <player> || /nbwhitelist <player>
    /netherban <player> | Ban a player to the Nether!
    /nbunban <player> | Unban a player from the Nether!
    /nbwhitelist <player> | Whitelists a player and makes them safe from banishment!
    /nbhelp | Displays help menu
    /nbversion | Displays NetherBan version you have.

    Config File:
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    #NetherBan Config​
    #Sat Jun 25 12:45:38 EDT 2011​
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    @Walker Crouse Have you had any trouble with chunks not loading properly when the player is teleported to the nether?
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    Can the damned player spawn back to the overworld? (through a tp command?)

    Chris :cool:
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    I did at first, but ever since 825 it is much better and haven't had issues since.

    I'm going to make a disabled commands option in the next update :cool:
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    Looks great gonna try it out now :D
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    v0.1.1 Released:

    • Created "Banished-Cant-Use-Commands" option in NetherBan.prop
    • Minor chat message bug
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    latest recommended CB version missing in title
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    Damn. Sorry it was but I changed the title and forgot to put it back in :p
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    @Walker Crouse would you be so kind to add a nether banned player command whitelist?
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    Sure I'll add it after I finish up what I'm doing :)
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    Version 0.2 Released!
    • Bugfix - Fixed the plugin not liking when you ban people who where in the Nether already.
    • Feature - Added whitelist. @captainawesome7
    • Bugfix - Chat errors
    • Feature - Added whitelist command (/nbwl || /nbwhitelist)
    • Feature - Added alias for /nbban (/netherban)
    • Bugfix - Fixed Permissions completely now works on Permissions 2.x and 3.x correctly!
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    Hmmm Eveything is working great except when i try to banish a player that is not in the server. Then i get an error within the application. Any ideas how to fix this.

  14. funny and original
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    Added to bug list, I'll fix this in the next update. :)
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    I like this a lot. Would it be possible to make this so when a player dies they get sent to the Nether? I'm looking to make a sever with a severe death punishment. Deathban was nice when it was out but this seems even better if you could tie it into death. With the help of your friends or finding a random portal in the Nether would be the only way out.
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    I have a number of suggestions for this plugin (each of these points could be enabled/disabled in the NetherBan.prop file):
    1. Empty their inventory. Not permanently; just optionally give them a separate, empty inventory for the duration of their stay in the Nether. Because if there's one thing worse than being trapped in the Nether, it's being trapped in the Nether without any tools, armor, weapons or food. Should they be pardoned and allowed to rejoin the real world, their original inventory will be restored. Similar idea to the MultiInv plugin.
    2. Their own personal Hell. Some may not see any reason to banish troublemakers to the same Nether that everyone else is using. Give this plugin the optional ability to create its own, untouched Nether, devoid of portals and other players' creations. (All banished players will be sent to this one Nether, however it will be separate from the regular Nether.) The only way for them to return to the real world is if their nether ban is lifted, whereupon they will be teleported back to the main world's spawn.
    3. Inability to die. This might seem more like a blessing than a curse, but after being trapped in the Nether for a while, they'll be wishing that they could die. At least, that's my logic. I'm still not sure if dying repeatedly will suck more than not being able to die, hence this would be optional.
    4. Inability to cause damage. With this on, the banished player won't be able to cause any damage to mobs in the Nether, including other players if they are sharing a Nether with others. However, there should be nothing to prevent other players from harming them (assuming PvP is enabled). Likewise, hitting a zombie pigman should still cause it to attack them, while causing no actual damage. Being killed over and over again by a jeering crowd of players while you have no means of defense has got to suck.
    Things that I know or am assuming this plugin does already:
    • Dying in the Nether respawns them in the Nether. Don't know if this plugin does that. Normally if you die in the nether you return to spawn or your bed, but obviously it's not much of a ban if all they need to do is throw themselves into lava and die to rejoin the real world. This should be a given, and non-configurable.
    • Placing/destroying blocks can be disabled. I know this one is part of the plugin, as I saw it listed in the features. It's vital to my plan.
    • Inability to use any commands. Glad this is also an optional feature, useful to prevent them from using any commands that could teleport them out of the Nether.
    Here's why I want all of these features: I want to be able to jail griefers and troublemakers by sending them to their own personal Hell. They will be teleported to a featureless, untouched Nether with an empty inventory where they cannot even gather mushrooms or build a soulsand shelter (because of the no-build restriction). I'm still trying to decide which is worse: being killed over and over by ghasts and lava, or being invulnerable and unable to even amuse oneself by dying. The only way to get out is for the troublemaker to apologise for his/her transgressions via chat, whereupon the admin might be kind enough to lift the ban and return the player to spawn.

    The idea of a defenceless banished player being hounded through the regular Nether by a horde of players wielding diamond swords is fun too. Both of these situations should be possible with the above suggestions.
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    1. I like that idea a lot I will try and implement it when I get the chance

    2. Already possible ... just create your own Nether and set the Nether-Name setting to that world so players could have their "personal hell"

    3. I don't know about this one but if it is something people want and will show their support for it I will add it.

    4. PvP disabled for the damned is already an option... disable damage to entitys... interesting...


    1. Already implemented

    2. Already implemented

    3. Already implemented

    Thanks for the constructive feedback :)
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    You're welcome!

    Good to know you can select which world to banish a player to, so that makes point 2 "already implemented" for me. Also means I could use other plugins like WorldGuard to change the "rules" in only that nether-world to whatever I like.

    I'm not so sure about 3 either, as I said. Not dying seems like it could be interesting, could give an "in limbo" sort of feel to being banished, making them feel like they are a ghost maybe.

    Glad you are going to implement the inventory thing. It shouldn't be too hard. When they are banished, save the player's current inventory to disk as a file in your plugin's directory (as a backup). Then wipe their inventory. When they're unbanished, load the inventory out of the file and replace it. It's important to save their inventory to disk and not just keep it in memory, in case the server is rebooted while players are banished.

    Edit: Oh, one more question: When they are unbanished does the plugin automatically bring them back to the real world? Or just leave them in the Nether to find their own way back (via portals that they are now able to use, for example)?
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    It teleports them back to the normal world.
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    Hey if this is to hard then never mind, but could you make a option for turning it to OP only.
    For some reason or another its not working with my GroupManager
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    If permissions isn't detected it will go to OP mode... but if you have GroupManager it will use Permissions ... are you sure your doing it right?
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    well i added it like i added all the other permissions nodes, but banning players to the nether is still available for all ranks. (im probably doing something wrong though)
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    Just tested it ... It is working fine ... But make sure you have NetherBan v0.2. If you don't this can happen
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    Definitely Loading it, Brutal..... However adding yourself whitelist bans you
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    Hmm ... strange .. I will try and fix this for I think I know the issue just add your self to the whitelist.txt for no and you should be fine.
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    Can you make it where it strikes down lighting on the player?
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    I'm not sure if it already does this, but is it possible to setup custom spawns in the nether to tp the banished to? I'd like to be able to banish people to where I want (for example over lava or above the bedrock)

    @SystexPro that would be interesting, a lightning bolt hits the player and they teleport to the nether, you could then called it "Zeus's Wrath"
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    Haha i think of it as instant rage quit xD

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