Inactive [ADMN/SEC] FoundDiamonds 3.6 - Broadcasts broken blocks & Cheat detection [1.3.2]

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    Diamond rewards/Anti-Cheat
    Original concept by itsatacoshop247
    FoundDiamonds aims to improve the fun of mining by broadcasting when players find certain blocks (configurable) and give out rewards when players find diamonds! It comes bundled with anti-cheat features such as light-level monitoring to deter fullbright hackers and x-ray users from running amok. FoundDiamonds supports admin message functions, logging to file, and even trap blocks that can kick or ban a user if broken. Check out the video below if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.

    Download at:

    Demonstration Video
    (An older version, but the concept is the same)

    Old Outdated Changelog:
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    Version 3.3.1-Beta

    * Fixed an old total block counting bug that I accidentally re-introduced.
    * Fixed a bug with admin messages firing on blocks players placed.
    * Fixed admin messages sending message to the person who broke the block.

    Version 3.3-Beta

    * Implemented versatile lists that can be edited to whatever blocks and colors you want!
    * Made fd log all player commands to the console, including failed command attempts (for this plugin only)
    * Fixed a terrible admin message bug that I never saw before. Revamped the way these works to prevent bugs.
    * Moved prefix to broadcast message as prefix@ instead of having a separate option for it in the config.
    * Fixed color bug when using nicknames in broadcast (now looks way better)
    * Fixed a bug with random items not even working
    * Added 3 new spells! :O
    * Made potion messages more descriptive, and even configurable.
    * Fixed bugs with menus and made other improvements to them.
    * Traps can now be set without using '_' characters, and just spaces (/fd trap gold ore)
    * Refactored tons of code. The source code is actually not so much of a mess anymore. Performance improvements as well.
    * Improved block counting! Diagonal blocks no longer fool the plugin!
    * Merged a pull request by snoepje0 who implemented a depth option for trap blocks. (Thanks again)
    Version 3.2.7

    * Removed an old pointless option from config.
    * Cancelled block break event on trap breaks.
    * Fixed exploit using traps to get diamonds by stopping trap blocks from dropping anything.
    * Fixed a few minor bugs with light level admin messages
    * Added light level logging to file.
    * Added permission 'fd.ignorelightlevel' to completely ignore a player's light level when mining. Not included in fd.*!
    * Improved logging a lot.
    * Renamed logs.txt to log.txt. Why was it plural?
    * Added a few more debug messages
    * Made CleanLog.txt lowercase for lazy linux users like myself :p

    Version 3.2.6

    * Added some debugging info for admin messages.
    * Added lightlevel as a configurable percentage
    * Removed coal ore from light level monitoring (Reason: It denies noobs trying to mine coal with no torches yet. Irony fail. Also the chance of someone cheating for only coal ore is unlikely.)
    * Added lightlevel admin messages and debug
    * Fixed potential bug with trap blocks being set in the void or above max world height.
    * Improved trap block logging quite a bit. Added world, improved readability.
    * Did some testing for weird trap block situations to ensure they would function.

    Version 3.2.5

    * Fixed multi-world spell issue.

    Version 3.2.4
    • Added debug mode. To enable do /fd toggle debug. Outputs information to the console about why broadcasts are canceled.
    Version 3.2.3

    * Made **adding** worlds case sensitive! This will prevent confusion in the future and allow 'World' and 'world' to coexist in the config.
    * Fixed ANOTHER multi-world issue DX I tested it this time!
    * Added a new config option under Logging: Trap Breaks. Defaults to true. Not sure why I had diamonds and trap breaks under the same configuration option. Chances are that even if you don't log ALL diamond ore breaks - you definitely want to know if someone breaks a trap!

    Version 3.2.2

    * Fixed bug where we weren't respecting the world list for spells and announcements from other worlds.
    * Attempted fix for world issue for some.
    * Cleaned up certain areas of code that were sorta messy.

    Version 3.2.1

    * Removed a debug message

    Version 3.2
    • Added option to 'Use Classic Ore Colors' in broadcasts because custom color formatting overrides them. Defaults to true. If you don't like the ore names being colored to their type, set this to false.
    • Cleaned up some sketchy file handling methods
    • Impelemented 'ignore.broadcasts' permission for players who don't like broadcasts :(
    • Made admin messages conform to the custom color codes in the config.
    • Made admin messages send a message to the console!
    • Fixed a terrible bug that could have prevented broadcasts when using admin messages :/
    Version 3.1.9
    • mcMMO spam fixed!
    • Now supports custom color formatting!
    • Improved clean log.
    • Added redstone admin messages.
    • Set plugin to add ALL worlds on first run and enable most everything (should help new users with issues)
    • Improved world menu a bit
    • Added more functionality to the config, toggle, and set menus + fixed a few bugs.
    • Implemented a "Clean Log" option to log ALL announcements cleanly to a text log file.

    • Added an option to disable the [FD] prefix on broadcasts.
    Version 3.1.8
    • Fixed issue of jump potion basically killing players
    • Tried to add support for custom color formatting although it only works in spoutcraft...
    • Fixed bug with fd reload not reloading worlds
    • Implemented the rest of the /fd world menu to add/remove worlds from in game.
    • All console-relevant commands now work at the console.
    • Organized code
    Version 3.1.7
    • Added ability to fd reload from the console
    Version 3.1.6
    • Added an award where spells are casted on players for finding diamonds.
    • Drastically improved admin messages
    • Added admin messages for gold, iron, and lapis.
    • Fixed a rare block detection bug.
    • Re-arranged a lot of code.
    • Added /fd world which as of now only lists enabled worlds (permission is for future features)
    • Figured out that copydefaults only copies new items so no need to delete old config anymore
    Version 3.1.5
    • Fixed a bug with toggling coal
    • Improved /fd config menu's readability
    • Improved /fd toggle menu's readability
    • Added usenicks to the toggle menu
    • Added obsidian as a broadcast-able block
    • Fixed bug where placed blocks from players would be announced
    Version 3.1.4
    • Permissions overhaul! Be sure to update your permissions!!!
    • Tested plugin with PEX. Works great.
    • Fixed a rare NPE.
    • Fixed OPs in the config not completely working like it should have.
    Version 3.1.3
    • Removed a debug message :/
    Version 3.1.2
    • May have fixed issue with config not saving for some.
    • Improved /fd config menu
    • Fixed issue where on diamond break other blocks were counted in the total
    • Added a config option to change the percentage of time awards are given
    • Added coal ore as a broadcastable ore
    Version 3.1.1
    • Fixed a NPE
    Version 3.1
    • Implemented new YAML Configuration file. (Much easier to read IMO)
    • Added a main menu accessible with /fd or /founddiamonds that prints all commands.
    • Added submenus to toggle admin messages, update the config, reload the config, view the config, or set traps.
    • Re-implemented admin messages in a way that makes sense.
    • Admin messages toggle on/off with /fd admin
    • Further reduced I/O
    • Consolidated configurations into a single file.
    Version 3.0
    • Completely rewrote entire plugin.
    • Fixed numerous performance issues.
    • Tweaked plugin to get best possible performance.
    • Added disable on creative mode to config
    • Added disable total darkness mining to config
    • Added total ores found to broadcast message
    • Removed admin messages.
    • Further improved configuration readability
    Version 2.2
    • Updated to the new method for registering events.
    Version 2.1
    • Added support for multiple worlds! Simply remove any world in worlds.txt you don't want FoundDiamonds enabled in.
    Version 2.0
    • Fixed a terrible permissions issue.
    • Made admin messages a bit more pretty and intuitive.
    • Added Mossy Cobblestone as a broadcast-able block
    • Changed /settrap id# to /settrap itemname (IE, /settrap dirt, /settrap gold_ore)
    • Fixed client side NPE crash
    • Added /settrap # which creates a trap based on the item id a user enters.
    • Added configuration option for admin messages for trap blocks. IE, if another admin breaks a trap block - all admins will get a message.
    • Added a configurable option to the config, WaitTimeBetweenBroadcasts, to configure your own wait time between server broadcasts. As always, you can still disable this entirely, but now you can make them more or less frequent. Time is entered in SECONDS :)
    • Added a configurable option to the config, TreatOPSAsFD.Admin which treats any player in Ops.txt as a player with FD.Admin (if you don't have permissions). This is configurable, so you can choose to ignore Ops.txt and rely only on permissions. This defaults to TRUE.
    • Added *.* to recognized permissions.
    • Actually fixed redstone this time :)
    • Fixed redstone broadcast & admin messages
    • Fixed issues creating files (how on earth did that even happen?)
    Version 1.8.1
    • Made configuration file easier to understand
    • Improved /settrap diamond vein generation
    • Plugin now prints current version on start-up
    Version 1.8
    • Re-implemented /settrap
    • Fixed /settrap to log all diamond blocks it generates, not just one
    • If player has FD.admin permission, they are now immune to trap blocks
    • Added ability to ban on trap break
    Version 1.7.5
    • Switched colors for lapis and diamond (looks more accurate)
    • Added a 3rd random item for awards (defaults to slimeballs)
    • Changed random items to show item names, not ID numbers
    • Rewrote the code for getting random items + amounts
    • Improved error messages, and fixed more spelling errors
    • Changed 30 second wait to 20 seconds
    Version 1.7
    • Continuation of itsatacoshop247's plugin
    • Fixed a few spelling errors and recompiled for latest RB
    Original Changelog from itsatacoshop247
    Version 1.6
    • Traps!
    • Chance to get random items!
    Version 1.5
    • Logging added finally!
    • Option to turn logging on/off
    Version 1.3
    • Works better with Permissions, defaults to OP list if no Permissions
    • Configurable message
    • Beta 1.4 Compatible
    Version 1.2
    • Permissions!
    • 'FD.admin' to see all block breaks
    Version 1.1
    • Added more to config
    • Added ores, options for each to be on/off
    • Turn server message on/off
    • random item give on/off
    Version 1
    • Release
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    Moved to releases and awarded a plugin developer title.
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  3. Can you explain more about random items and chance?
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    THNX i <3 you i was looking for this plugin for a very long time :D
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    cool looks like you fixed all the bugs that where in itsatacoshop247's version :)

    the download link is not working :(

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    Can someone explain to me exactly how i find the total size of my map ? i keep getting errors and the world breaks when trying to use this pluggin :(
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    Nice... I placed a trap and wanted to see if it worked and not I can't login on my own server
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    Oh jeez, the download link is linking to the old version :rolleyes:

    Let me fix that real quick...

    Gah, sorry :oops:

    The wrong download link was up, my fault. Try again if you were seeing errors.

    You'll need the permission FD.admin to remove trap blocks (well, or just set BanOnTrapBreak=false which should be by default anyway)

    The random items are in the config (RandomItem1, etc). Every time a user finds diamonds the plugin picks a random number between 0-1000. If the random number is from 0-49, random item 1 is chosen, if the number is from 50-99, random number two is chosen, or if the number is from 100 to 150, random item 3 is chosen. If the number lies between 151 and 1000, nothing happens besides the broadcast.

    The amount of the random item is based on a random number from 1-5.

    yw :)

    ty :D
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    @SeeD419 Shall I discontinue my plugin on FoundBoxx then? Since this is being continued. Or would you like a merge?
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    i still can't download it... :eek:
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    Yea :D the great plugin is back!
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    Weird, the download link works fine for me.

    Looks like yours took a spin off in a different direction (although admittedly you implemented some really interesting ideas). Mine is basically just the original with bug fixes. Hmm...I'm not sure what to do about that...
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    FD does not work good.
    No admin message for blockbreak.
    Can you add a message/config to see if a player kills a slime (slime chunk cheat)

    Using #1337 and GroupManager 1.5

    here my config:
    #===[FoundDiamonds] Configuration===
    #Wed Nov 02 15:45:07 CET 2011
    BroadcastMessage=@Player@ fand @BlockName@\!
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    You have to have the permission FD.admin to see the admin messages.

    I could add the slime messages, but it's a bit out of the scope of what this plugin is supposed to do...
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    i have the fd.admin permission since the "old" FoundDiamond. No changes there.

    Slimeball-founds were very nice.
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    em "FD.admin" is not working for me :(
    btw i love this plugin so if you could fix that it would big a big help :)
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    Sorry guys, fixed some more stuff. Redownload. FD.admin seems to be working just fine for me with with GroupManager. I'm just coding support for superperms (which apparently works with GM).
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    well i use permissionsbukkit...
    EDIT: well its my permissions then :( well when you add superperms i will use this :)
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    That's what I'm saying, it is using superperms. It should work with anything that uses superperms, I'm just saying I only tested it with essentialsgroupmanager
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    :eek: then it should work for me...
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    it still doesn't work.
    gm 1.5.3, the ore will be logged but bo admin message.
    Can you add multiworld support?

    and what do you think about LogOres?
    It's unsupported, maybe you could do a big plugin of both.
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    No clue. I tested it earlier and admin messages worked for every ore. CB 1337 GM 1.3

    It may be that groupmanager has changed since 1.3. I will update my groupmanager tomorrow and see if I can find the root of this problem.

    It should...I'm not sure what's going I told the guy above me, I'm testing with GM 1.3 which is the only thing I can think of that's different. I'm gonna play with it tomorrow and see if I can figure out what's going on. I've been coding all day for another project and I'm exhausted.
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    thx, maybe there was changes. With GM 1.5 on my server other plugins were little breaked, because the permissions were detected, which were before of it not.
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    Nice plugin! The traps really work, but I would like to get a message when someone is mining a trap. Could you plz add that?
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    It should broadcast a server-wide message when a player without FD.admin breaks a trap block.

    Tested with GM 1.4 and GM 1.5, works fine.
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    I will try it tomorrow again. I was using GM 1.5.7 dev, and i will install 1.5.11 because another problem occur.
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    i tested it with my gm and i forund the bug.

    The admin with *.* nodes don't getting the ore messages. So ist must add the fd.admin permission manually to the admin, then it works.
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    what is *.* ?
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    It was the old permission for everything. Meant you can do anything.

    Well, that would explain it. I never tested with *.*, only fd.admin.

    I think I remember hearing something about *.* not working with superperms?? Either way, good to know, and glad you figured it out - I was stumped.
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    so i put the node *.* for my permissions then it will work? or do i use the node fd.admin :eek:

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