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    Follow - A Plugin for following other players.
    Version: v0.6-Beta
    Do you wish you could follow a player around your server and eat your lunch at the same time? Follow lets you "lock on" to another player and follow them at any distance you want.
    ...will automatically move you within 9 blocks of CptnGri3fr no matter where he goes. It works with invisibility, god and even mob disguise.

    • Lock onto a specific player
    • Switch to another player
    • Follow along the ground, through hills and valleys
    • Safe placement each move
    • Auto-teleport so you stay within a reasonable distance
    • Auto-rotation so you're always able to face the followed player
    • Server-friendly operation at low priority
    • Permissions
    • Support for flying players
    • Config reload
    • Closer/Farther while following
    Download from Bukkit Dev:

    Version 0.6-Beta
    • Support for config reload: /follow reload
    • Support for decreasing the distance while following: /follow closer (half distance)
    • Support for increasing the distance while following: /follow farther (double distance)
    • Support for flying (will match whatever the followed player is doing)
    Version 0.5-Beta
    • Support for 0.5-height items (slab, bed) and 1.5-height items (fence, gate)
    • Support for Hidendra's Metrics
    Version 0.4-Alpha
    • Fixed jumpiness issues
    • Configurable distance and behavior in config.yml
    • Follow the nearest player, if none specified
    Version 0.3-Alpha
    • First Public Release, tested on 1.2.5-R3.0 and 1.2.5-R4.0
    Usage Metrics:
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    Works with Mob Disguise? So I could turn into a friendly wolf and follow a player around? Would it be glitchy or would it work smoothly?
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    Look at the video on bukkit dev it does look abit jumpy
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    There is a bit of jumpiness because the location change originates from the server and smoothness in self-movement originates in the client.

    Yes, you could follow as a wolf using /md wolf (provided by MobDisguise).

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    Make it so it works like /call or /tpa (request) which players would be able to accept or deny. : )
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    You mean like, "may i follow you?", "yes, you may"?
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    Yes! That's it :D
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    Updated to 0.5-Beta!
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    Could I release this in my website for a server pack under your name?
    All credit goes to you.
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    Not sure I understand what you are wanting to do...
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    I will be making a server plugin pack that includes basic plugins depending on which category you want, and I'm going to add Follow as an Admin Recommended Pack!

    However, since you have a strict license called All Rights Reserved, I'll have to ask you for permissions.
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    Sure you have permission for version 0.5-Beta. Just include a link to the bucket dev page in your "read me".
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    Haha awesome plugin, I should check it out. I like this idea, especially when it was useful back then in Minecraft Classic.
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    Good Idea for a plugin.
    Permissions support would be great then you can give higher ranks the ability to Use it while lower ranks cannot
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    Permissions are supported! :)
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    Updated to 0.6-Beta!
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    Added to the header....
    Usage Metrics:
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