Inactive [ADMN/SEC/FIX/GEN] NoSpawnEggs v1.7 - Block Spawn Eggs, Golems, and much more! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Do you want to run a Creative server, but hate the idea of any user being able to cause what could become infinite lag with Spawn Eggs and Chicken Eggs? This plugin fixes this problem. You can choose to only allow people with a certain permission to spawn certain mobs, and it is fully configurable.

    • Allow the spawning of certain mobs per player or permissions group
    • Allow only certain types of mob (animal, monster, NPC)
    • Allow or deny unknown mobs from being spawned
    • Custom Mob IDs! Allow or block new or modded mobs
    • Chicken egg blocking! Prevent chicken eggs from hatching if configured.
    • Also prevent them from spawning out of dispensers!
    • Fully configurable messages and mob names
    • Prevent Iron Golems from being created
    • Block XP bottles from being thrown
    • Prevent spawn eggs and Fire Charges from being used in dispensers
    • Block boats and minecarts from being placed
    • Prevent Ender Pearls and Eyes from being thrown
    More Info, Pictures, and Download
    See this plugin's BukkitDev page.

    Configuration and Permissions
    Wiki on GitHub

    Need Help?
    Ask a question either on these forums, BukkitDev, or post a ticket.


    • Added 3 levels of the plugin, Full, Moderate, and Light. Read more on the Versions wiki page.
    • Fixed Op permissions not always functioning.
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    • Added Ender Pearl and Ender Eye blocking.
    • Added boat and minecart blocking.
    • Added new permissions node, nospawneggs.user, that most 'normal' users can have to allow legitimate actions in survival (building Golems, spawning chickens with eggs, using Ender Pearls and Eyes, placing boats and minecarts)
    • Added Vault hook for permissions
    • Config help no longer generates in the header, instead see the Help page.
    • Plugin now has JavaDoc comments; if you don't know what that is, you don't need to care about it.
    • All onlyCreative settings now default to false
    • Added XP bottle dispense blocking
    • Made dispenser blocking more efficient
    • Added 1.2 spawn egg mobs (ocelot); permission is nospawneggs.animal.ocelot.
    • Added Iron Golem blocking, it works nearly identically to Snow Golem blocking.
    • Added blocking of mob eggs being spawned by dispensers.
    • Added Bottle of Enchanting blocking.
    • Added Fire Charge blocking when fired out of dispensers.
    • Added alias to /nospawneggs (/nse).
    • Fixed permissions bug
    • Cleanup and other fixes
    • Added per-world support. See the Algorithm page for help.
    • Added per-world support of allowing or blocking certain mobs based on entity ID.
    • Snow Golem, chicken egg throw and chicken egg dispense can be disabled per world.
    • Drastically changed configuration, once again. This will hopefully be the last time it's changed. Hopefully.
    • Removed custom mob naming for now.
    • Fixed Snow Golem blocking
    • Fixed the severe errors on first run, before generating a config file/folder
    • Code cleanup
    • Chicken Egg Blocking: There is now a config option to disallow chickens from spawning out of eggs. This is configurable based on the permission the user has to block only in creative, survival, or both.
    • Dispenser Egg Blocking: In addition, configure chicken eggs to turn into snowballs on the way out of a dispenser, preventing chickens from coming out.
    • Configurable Messages: You can now configure the messages sent to the player when denied a permission.
    • Color in Messages: A dab of color in the deny messages.
    • Completely Redone Yamls: Now, the config file is much more solid with better comments, the names file allows changing messages, and custom names have been moved to their own file (customNames.yml). Delete the old ones and let them regenerate!
    • Improved plugin.yml: Now, permissions systems should work much better.
    • More Permissions Compatibility: Any modern permissions plugin (not 2/3) should now work with this plugin.
    • Only Right Clicking: Left clicking while holding a denied spawn egg used to also cancel the event. Fixed!
    • Custom mobs can now be blocked or allowed with the permission<entity id>. This does not work for vanilla mobs, just use nospawneggs.<animal/monster/npc>.<name>
    • Mob names can now be (re)defined in the file names.yml for this plugin only. This can be for a translation, or just to make the names that appear when someone is denied spawn permissions funnier.
    • When someone is denied spawn permissions, the mob's name now appears in the message, rather than just Monster/Animal/NPC.
    • /nospawneggs now reloads both config.yml and names.yml.
    • Config file's header now tells what all options do with detail.
    • Fixed NPE caused by no permissions plugin being present
    • Added support for more Permissions systems. Currently only supports PermissionsBukkit and PermissionsEx, but more will be added as they are requested.
    • Tweaked plugin.yml a bit
    • * Permissions nodes now work
    • Fix: Config now generates properly, no tabs
    • **Note: Snow Golem blocking has been disabled** in this build because of the Bukkit BlockPlace bug in 1.1R3. Config properties for it still exist, but they do nothing. Expect a fix when Bukkit is updated.
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    can you make it deny per unit of time as well? i dont want to stop people from spawning things, but i want to restrict how many they can spawn at a time
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    Wow, I'm finding all this no spawn egg plugins now.. after i made mine.. Why didn't i find these when i was making one? ): Edit: This plugin is equal or better then mine, looks like i need to do some work to compete :(
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    Edit: Re-approval please? :)

    I'll add that at some point in the future. Or, if any coders out there can help me, that would be great too.
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    Does it work with 1.2.3
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    [ADMN/SEC/FIX/GEN] NoSpawnEggs v1.5.0 - Block Spawn Eggs, Golems, and much more! [1.1-R6/1.2]

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    Great idea! I know they're not as destructive, but perhaps have an option to stop snowmen from being created? Also, is there a config file?
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    It's in the title and description... If you didn't know, Snow Golems are the "official" name of snowmen. There is a config file, as said on the BukkitDev page.
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    That's awk... sorry for waisting your time. Wonderful plugin!
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    Updated to 1.6 with some new features that make me wonder if it should still be called NoSpawnEggs.
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    why u no have donate link/button :(

    i wood donate if u hadz :)
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    Could you add timing so that you can use the xp potions but u can only use every 5 minutes tho

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