Inactive [ADMN/SEC] EliteBlocker v2.0 - Block any item, and be alerted! [1.3.2-R1.0]

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    EliteBlocker - Block any item, and be alerted!

    BukkitDev link

    Version: v2.0

    This plugin blocks any item or block from being placed. You can add and remove items in-game using commands. You can let people use the blocked items using OP or permissions. You can customize what worlds items are blocked on to your liking, also using commands.

    • Block any block or item from being used.
    • List blocked items in-game.
    • Be alerted when someone uses them, get their username, coordinates and current world as well as what they tried to place.
    • Permissions support.
    • Multiworld support.
    • In-built ban system.
    • Option to disable specific plugin broadcasts (in config)
    • Stop specific players from using the blocked items (overrides OP/permissions)
    • Can automatically ban or kick players after they have used too many illegal items.
    Permissions and Commands:
    • /eb help # - No permission - Displays help page #.
    • /eb add id <id> - - Adds a blocked item
    • /eb add world <worldname> - - Adds a world to block the IDs
    • /eb add username <username> - eliteblocker.username.add - Adds <username> to the list of players that can't use the blocked items.
    • /eb del id <id> - - Removes a blocked item
    • /eb del world <worldname> - - Removes a world from blocking the IDs
    • /eb del username <username> - eliteblocker.username.del - Removes <username> from the list of players that can't use the blocked items.
    • /eb list id - - Lists blocked items
    • /eb list world - - Lists enabled worlds
    • /eb list username - eliteblocker.username.list - Lists players that can't use blocked items.
    • /eb ban <player> - Ban <player>. <player> must be online at the time.
    • /eb unban <player> - Unban <player>.
    • No command - eliteblocker.use - Use blocked items
    Video (Thanks to Diamondsftw/KrazyGames21):



    Version 2.0
    • Added in-built ban list
    • Added option to disable broadcasts
    • Specific username blacklist
    • Can auto-ban and auto-kick for using illegal items too much.
    • More stuff that I can't remember.
    Version 1.1
    • Added multiworld support, from request.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release.
    • Throwable items aren't blocked when right clicking the air to throw them
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    Nice idea man, is this configurable for only selected worlds? If not thats something you might want to add.
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    Good idea, I'll work on that.

    Added multiworld support, check op.

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    Nice man, I will defiantly be using this in the future.
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    This works perfectly on our server!
    Well made plugin!
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    Does this work with tekkit stuff 2
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    It depends on what you mean. It will block nukes, etc, but not Destruction Catalysts, etc.

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