Inactive [ADMN/SEC] AuthDB v2.3.6 - Database authentication and protection [1.1-1.4.5]

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    is this project death please response??
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    AuthDB is not dead, we've put it into a "legacy mode", meaning we won't develop it further unless there are bugs that have to be fixed.
    We are currently working on a rewrite, it's taken months and there's still things to do, the rewrite will be using the same configuration and messages, all you have to do is replace it with your current AuthDB.
    This rewrite allows us to develop addons for AuthDB, or as we renamed it, "Odin".

    These addons will provide functions such as private messaging from the script to your server, reading posts, using forum permissions and much more!

    If you want to follow the progress on the rewrite check out Odin:
    We're working on the library for script intergation currently, which we've called Bifrost:
    We've also created our own library for logging, reading configurations, database handling, encryption and much more, this library is called CraftCommons:

    Odin will be available for both Bukkit and Spout, so there is no need to worry!

    So to put it short, no the project is not dead, we're working on rewrite for it.
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    Same problem as dawon, sessions are being ignored by any player entering the server.
    Bukkit 2377
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    Do you by any chance have online-mode set to true in the
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    Indeed I did, excuse me for being stupid.

    Okay, I've possibly found a new problem now.
    It seems that guests are able to take damage from mobs yet registered players do not.
    Bukkit 2377

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    Not a problem. Registered users are not the same as unregistered users. The protection settings in the file only apply to unregistered users. It's that way to protect people from griefing registered user accounts.
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    I'm still having problems. I've sandboxed the server by only running AuthDB.
    Registered users take no damage from mobs but guests do.

    My config file is here:

    However if you set "guest health: false" then registered players take damage.

    AuthDB had a similar problem like this about a year ago I posted here:

    Again using...
    Bukkit 2377
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    Odd, I'll look into it, there might be some events we're missing.
    I'll let you know once I find the issue.
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    2 Questions:

    -The changelog for Build #293 says that I need to delete AuthDb.db. Can you confirm this information when using Joomla?

    - Small issue, when not logged in, the chat is still viewed on DynMap (like passwords and such :) ). Is this an issue to be adressed with them?

    Best regards,
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    Ignore the #293 build, it was a simple test to check out an issue with the local cache, you don't need to do anything.
    DynMap, that issue hasn't been reported before, I will look into it, until then, use /login :)
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    Thanks for the quick feedback!

    I forgot to ask this earlier, but as less players play on my server ( :( ), I noticed an issue that I'm not sure that's from AuthDB or just from my local MySQL server.
    If no one connects to my server for about 8 to 10 hours, the connection to the DB is apparently lost. All the players that connect receive the message that his account is not created. One quick Bukkit reboot and the issue is resolve. Do you have any ideias to where I should look?

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    That would have be something related to the connection timeout setting for the MySQL user.
    If you have keepalive as false, that shouldn't happend.

    I know that's no excuse, but we've fixed this reconnecting issue in the rewrite, but I'd suggest either setting no timeout for the MySQL user you're using, or setting keepalive to false (that will cause more lag).
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    I have keepalive as True.
    My DB is running locally on the server, so for the time being you advice me to set it to False for now?
    Lag is always an issue of course, but if I don't check the server every few hours I can have a downtime from this.

    Thanks for your feedback!
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    Hello dear plugin developer, I appreciate your work u have put in your plugin and thank u for letting me use this in my server, though I encountered a problem that makes me a "sad panda" I have configured the plugin for Vbulletin and only edited the basic configuration not the advanced.

    In the advanced configuration chatting for guests is disabled, though when people log in to my "owner" account they can't do anything as they are supposed to :D, but still can chat :(
    Even as new users that aren't registered can chat as well ;(

    I probably am doing something wrong here since I can't note anyone else with the same problems

    I use a dev build of bukkit 1.4.2 that also can problems and I only started my server around 4 days ago so I don't got any details without 1.4.2

    Could u please be nice enough to point me at the right config or permission.

    I hope u have a nice day,

    Below I paste my advanced config, authentication works perfect though.

        enabled: false                                  # Enable/disable custom database support. Leave this disabled if using a script such as phpBB.
        autocreate: true                                # Enable/disable automatic creation of the database tables and columns for a custom database.
        table: authdb_users                              # Table name to use for your custom database.
        userfield: username                              # Field/column name to use for storing user names.
        passfield: password                              # Field/column name to use for storing user passwords.
        emailfield: email                                # Field/column name to use for storing user email addresses. Leave blank to disable email requirement.
        emailrequired: false                            # Enable/disable registration email requirement.
        encryption: md5                                  # Encription type to use for password hashing. Options are MD5, SHA1, and SHA512.
    #    saltfield: salt                                  # NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! Field/column name to use for storing the passwordsalt.
    #    hashformat: "{PASSWORD}{SALT}{NAME}"            # NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! Format/layout to use for the password hash.
        enabled: true                                    # Enable/disable allowing users to register.
        force: true                                      # Enable/disable forcing users to register.
        delay: 4 seconds                                # Amount of time before register message is shown to player.
        timeout: 3 minutes                              # Amount of time a player has to register before the configured action is taken.
    #    enabled: false                                    # NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! Enable/disable players being able to login.
        method: prompt                                  # Login method to use. Options are normal and prompt.
        delay: 4 seconds                                # Amount of time before login message is shown to player.
        timeout: 3 minutes                              # Amount of time a player has to login before the configured action is taken.
        tries: 3                                        # Number of allowed incorrect password tries.
        action: kick                                    # Action to perform when a maximum number of password tries is reached. Currently only option is kick.
        enabled: true                                    # Enable/disable username linking.
        rename: true                                    # Enable/disable renaming users to linked name on link.
        enabled: true                                    # Enable/disable username unlinking.
        rename: true                                    # Enable/disable renaming users to original name on unlink.
        minimum: 3                                      # Minimum number of characters a username can be.
        maximum: 16                                      # Maximum number of characters a username can be.
        minimum: 6                                      # Minimum number of characters a password can be.
        maximum: 16                                      # Maximum number of characters a password can be.
        enabled: true                                    # Enable/disable player sessions. Ignored if online-mode: true in
        start: login                                    # When to start the player's session. Options are login and logoff.
        length: 1 hour                                  # Length of the player's session. Can be any number of seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
        protect: true                                    # Enable/disable protecting player from being logged out from another location.
        commands: false                                  # Enable/disable guest commands.
        chat: false                                      # Enable/disable guest chat.
        building: false                                  # Enable/disable guest building.
        destruction: false                              # Enable/disable guest destruction.
        movement: false                                  # Enable/disable guest movement.
        interactions: false                              # Enable/disable guest interactions with objects.
        inventory: false                                # Enable/disable guest inventory usage.
        drop: false                                      # Enable/disable guest being able to drop items.
        pickup: false                                    # Enable/disable guest being able to pickup items.
        health: false                                    # Enable/disable guest getting hurt.
        pvp: false                                      # Enable/disable guest hurting players.
        mobtargeting: false                              # Enable/disable mobs targeting guest.
        mobdamage: false                                # Enable/disable mob damage from guest.
            enabled: true                                # Enable/disable freezing players on join to prevent movement.
            delay: 2 seconds                            # Amount of time before players are frozen and unable to move.
            enabled: true                                # Enable/disable protection message being sent to player.
            delay: 3 seconds                            # Amount of time before protection message can be sent to player again.
        action: kick                                    # Action to perform when a username matches the filter. Options are kick and rename.
        username: "`~!@#$%^&*()-=+{[]}|\\:;\"<,>.?/ "    # Characters and symbols to check for in usernames. We recommend leaving this as is.
        password: "$&\\\""                              # Characters and symbols to check for in passwords. We recommend leaving this as is.
        whitelist: Contex,Wulfspider                    # Usernames to exclude from username and password filtering.
            commands: English                            # Language you want to use for commands that matches a directory under translations.
            messages: English                            # Language you want to use for messages that matches a directory under translations.
        debugmode: false                                # Enable/disable debugging mode and additional console output.
        usagestats: true                                # Enable/disable usage stats reporting to CraftFire devs.
        logging: true                                    # Enable/disable logging to files.
        logformat: yyyy-MM-dd                            # Filename format of the AuthDB debug and error log files.
        type: mysql                                      # Database type/driver to use. Current options are MySQL and eBean (Bukkit persistence).
        host: *******                                  # MySQL server hostname, domain, IP, or localhost for local connections. MySQL only.
        port: *******                                      # Port used for connecting to your MySQL server. This is usually 3306. MySQL only.
        username: *********                                  # Username used to connect to your database. Only valid for MySQL.
        password: ******                                  # Password used to connect to your database. MySQL only.
        name: ******                                      # Name of the database you are connecting to. MySQL only.
        keepalive: false                                # Enable/disable keeping database connection alive. Do not use if your connection limit is low. MySQL only.
        name: vBulletin                                      # Name of the script you are using.
        version: 4.0.0                                  # Version of the script you are using.
        tableprefix:                              # Database table prefix for the script, if you use one.
    #    passwordsalt:                                    # NOT IMPLEMENTED YET! Unique/custom password salt, if needed by the script.
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    Likely some changes were made to chat that we'll need to update for.

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