Inactive [ADMN/SEC] AuthDB v2.3.6 - Database authentication and protection [1.1-1.4.5]

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    In order to centralize support of our legacy projects, we will no longer be providing support on Bukkit. Please use for support with our projects going forward.
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    Their chat is supposed to be blocked. It shouldn't be sending at all. If it is, then it's a bug and contex would need to take a look at it. Unregistered guests are the only ones that should be able to chat, but that's only if the option is enabled to let them.
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    Wulf/Contex, could you have a look at.

    Players are loggin into my server and freezing/crash. I will wake up for sleeping and check my SSH, the last line from over 10 hours ago will be "player has logged in at world x y z". Check Java CPU and its only 100% not overflowing, still active.

    Deleting the players dat file in world/player/name.dat will allow the player to connect again without crashing.

    I cannot tell you what to do for reproduction. They were however, not in the main world.
    The first player to do this was logging in @ the_end
    the second player to do this was logging in @ nether
    no players have done it in the normal map.

    The players say they were not doing anything special and get too defensive about it to tell you anything.

    It must be to do with the worlds. I'm 100% sure these players are not in normal areas, like the 1 guys was building his stuff ontop of the nether. But still seems a big problem as I have had this problem for week or so and this is the first stack trace I have been able to get.
  4. Perhaps you misunderstood the question. Its not the last connected player who loses chat, but the one that's on the server in the first place.

    I can trigger this problem and do it on myself, and i'm an in-game Op. I don't want to be forced to relog because someone found a way to block my chat. Perhaps you now understand what's happening? ;-)


    - ThisUsernameIsMine
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    I'll test and see. I've never heard of that before. :p
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    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE] Current Thread: Server thread
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]    PID: 14 | Alive: true | State: RUNNABLE
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]    Stack:
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.ChunkProviderServer.getChunkAt(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftWorld.getChunkAt(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftWorld.getBlockAt(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftWorld.getBlockAt(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        org.bukkit.Location.getBlock(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]       com.authdb.util.Util.landLocation(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]       com.authdb.listeners.AuthDBPlayerListener.onPlayerJoin(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor257.invoke(Unknown Source)
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]$1.execute(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.c(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.Packet1Login.handle(SourceFile:68)
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]        net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]
    2012-04-13 15:39:44 [SEVERE]
  7. Thanks :)

    Another thing: I've disabled sesssions but a moment ago i quickly disconnected and reconnected to my server and could freely roam around (in creative mode) while seeing ''Welcome 'name'! Please enter your password:' , while Freeze was enabled?! (i've set it to 2 seconds)

    It looks like freeze can be bypassed while being in creative mode :S
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    Thanks, I'll look into it.
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    How can I use a double md5 encryption?
    Thanks for this cool Plugin
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    Why? Why not just use one of the SHA options or whirlpool even?
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    I use Php-fusion, and it uses a duble md5 hash due of security. I can't change that.
    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    We'd likely just have to add support for that script in general. I'm not sure if that will happen with the current version or with the rewrite though.
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    Thanks, that would be nice.
  14. Is it possible to unregister/delete peoples accounts completely?

    I want to free up one account so that i don't have to increase the maximum possible accounts per ip address (deleting an account is no problem but the used accounts for the ip remains the same).
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    Not from in-game, and that likely won't come until the AuthDB rewrite. You could always delete the user from what CMS/forum script you are using though, if you are.

    I'm not sure how contex is storing the IP limit, so I'd need to look and see.
  16. I skyped him and he linked me to a SQLite database manager. I've solved it using that program :)
  17. Hello again,

    I've noticed some other awkwards things about AuthDB:

    If my server crashes for some reason and i restart it, AuthDB remembers who had signed in.
    This seems normal but it happens while sessions are disabled! :confused: ?

    Finally: The screen still occasionally flips out (bounces/shakes) when people join the server.
    Even when having freeze set to a delay of two seconds, the event still occurs.

    (setting bukkit.yml's use-exact-login-location to true didn't change anything)

    Best regards,
    - ThisUsernameIsMine
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    Both things we need to work on. ;)
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    My forum script is 'MyBB'
    How to setup this line in config
    hashformat: "{PASSWORD}{SALT}{NAME}" 
    if i want use login function ?

    Now server return message
    I connect everything but i can't login ;/
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    That config option is not usable, and isn't needed for MyBB. Simply setup basic.yml with your MyBB database information.
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    What can I do to move the registered account in authme to AuthDB
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    I don't know exactly how AuthMe stores the information, but I believe last time Contex checked, they were doing something silly beyond normal hashing, so we'd likely have to add a special option just for that.
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    I hope it´s not already mentioned. But I am unhappy that sessions only avaible at offline-mode (online-mode = false). Because of "Session Stealing" I would like to use AuthDB. If online-mode=true I get always logged in automaticly even if I logged out last time. Am I doing something wrong or can I get it another way?

    Edit: Is it possible to deactivate the sessions that a player has to use login everytime (after log out or disconnect from server)?

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    Seesions and session options work perfectly fine with online-mode set to false. You are only automatically logged in with sessions set to false if you online-mode is set to true.

    There is no way of anyone stealing your session if you have online-mode set to true. The only way someone could steal your session is if you have online-mode set to false, AND the user is on the same IP address as you.
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    How's the development build going is the temp spawn session when login to prevent people from locating each others bases added if so which development build.
    I would like to use it or so :D
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    Not yet. I'm not sure when that will be added.
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    Hey Wulfspider how i can solve this? It's throwing it on start:
    Show Spoiler

    I'm running CB++ and i have the mysql connector on the "lib" folder, also other plugins like Towny, iConomy, Jobs, uHome, PEX are using the database too with no problems at all!

    Any ideas?
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    You don't need the MySQL connector in your lib folder, as it comes built into CraftBukkit.

    It looks like you've also modified your bukkit.yml file and changed it from using eBeans to MySQL. That will break AuthDB as it requires eBeans for the local cache. I suggest you reset your bukkit.yml to default by deleting it and letting it recreate itself.
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    When "teleport not loggined in players to spawn" will be added? It is important function for Factions-Based servers. I am waiting for "Rules accept" option too, i think that it will be very userfull.
  30. Even though the last (real) update i've seen has been some time ago, i found something of which i'm not sure if it's been reported/mentioned before:

    When being in creative mode and not logged in (i left the previous server-session in mid-air), you can repeatedly circumvent/bypass freeze i.e. move further than is normally allowed. This problem also occurs with other auth/login-plugins, such as CrazyLogin.

    I reproduced this by moving (in)to some direction (using either one of the WASD-keys) until you freeze, and then move into a different direction by pressing/holding a different key. Then repeat this procedure from the beginning.

    Thought it was important enough to let you guys'n'galls know ;-)
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    Thanks for the report, I'll see if we can get a fix in for that. :)

    Not sure, as soon as contex is able to spare some time.

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