Inactive [ADMN/SEC] AntiOP v1.5 - Protect the unpredicted. [1.2.5-R3.0]

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    AntiOP - Safety when it's needed most.
    Version: v1.5

    Bukkit Development Thread - [BukkitDev]

    Please Read - Let me set some things clear now. I'm aware that it is not possible to FORCE OP as Evilseph said but I do know of some servers that do experience 'unwanted' players being around with operator like permissions including the server I normally mod for. Now you are probably thinking; "Won't this further protect offline mode servers?" your answer is no. To run this plugin your server MUST be in online mode.

    • Disallow complete use of the OP file.
    • Disallow Commands, Movement, Block Break, Block Place, and Chat for players that are OP.
    • Automatically or Event check each player. (Intervals of 1 Minute)
    Planned Features:
    • Check for offline players as well as online.
    • Configurable Intervals.
    Known Bugs:
    • None reported.
    Example Configuration:
    # RunCheck : Removes any OP Player
    RunCheck_Automatically: false
    RunCheck_Before_Every_Command: true
    RunCheck_On_Disconnect: true
    RunCheck_On_Login: true
    Block_Command_If_OP: true
    Block_Chat_If_OP: true
    Block_Movement_If_OP: true
    Block_BlockPlace_If_OP: true
    Block_BlockBreak_If_OP: true
    Players_Caught: 0

    Source (Removed due to possible alterations)

    • Version 1.5 [Download]
      • + Added check for Online mode.
      • + Added Configuration with plenty of new features.
      • + Added Automatic Checker.
    • Version 1.0 [Download]
      • Made for private server...
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    i can't make myself op or is it just how the plugging works???

    and is there any way to have a new op folder???
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    This is not an entirely new OP system. This blocks the use of the OP system. Most servers use permission plugins to assign their staff the desired nodes. Do not install this plugin if your server DOES run off the OP system completely. However if you run your server using a permissions plugin I highly recommend using this plugin for extra security.
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    Is it possible to Add No use of Worldedit?
    @ the most servers who give people OP have worldedit installed and 50% of all OP's will Grieff the server With worldedit is it possible to add a No use of worldedit into the config file?
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    as i use an offline-mode server, and i have oppassword, i dont need it. it looks like a good plugin though and could be very useful to online-mode servers.
    by the way, with a special window thing, it is actuelly possible to force op.
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    Acctualy it is possible to forceop, someone hacked my server a few weeks ago and it sucks.
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    It is not. Only if you have left some security open or something else. It is impossible to forceop unless the following reasons:

    • Somebody gave you a malicious plugin
    • You need to change your password :)
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    You have about 7 OP people in your server. That's bound to happen.
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