[ADMN] ScheduleStuff v0.1 - Schedule when players can pvp, and when monsters spawn [935]

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    ScheduleStuff - Schedule when players can pvp, and when monsters can spawn.
    Version: 0.1

    (made from this request)

    This plugin will create a properties file in which you can specify on what days and times monsters can spawn and players can pvp.

    PVP AND MONSTERS MUST BE ENABLED IN server.properties! (or it won't work properly)
    Load the plugin into your server, "schedule.properties" will be created. Open this up in a text editor, and change the settings you want changed.

    The time settings (day-start and night-start) are in 24 hour format and are the HOUR the time starts. Therefore setting night-start to 22.50 would mean 10:30 PM. Format times as a decimal number only, or you might break something.

    The schedule message is the message displayed to players when the schedule changes, "%d%" is replaced by the current day name, %t% is replaced by either "Daytime" or "Nighttime", "%p%" is replaced by "on" or "off", depending on whether pvp is enabled, "%m%" is replaced by "on" or "off", depending on whether monsters are enabled.

    Currently just /schedule, it displays you the schedule message.

    Still under testing, as I have not been able to test the pvp features.

    Download - Latest Version (0.1) Tested on build 860 + 935.

    Version 0.1:
    • Initial Release
    • Tested on build 860 + 935
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    5days beta-test starts tonight with 10 players. :D Epic gj!
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    First comment on the plugin:

    No.1. It would be nice if the dayes where better organized the properties file. Otherwise a good system.
    No.2. The plugin doesnt want sunday to be monsters off. Guess it likes the thrill.
    No.3. I like the schedule command, works like a charm.

    The PvP function will be tested tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes!

    EDIT: I selected monster - False on sunday night and day, yet it tells me monsters are on. And they are ^^

    EDIT: Same thing happens today. PvP is on, monsters are off... Yet i told it to be monsters on, PvP off. Could it be that the schedule properties file is out of order?

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    I loled a lot at that :D
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    Gonna reboot the plugin tonight so i can see how the days will line up in the config file. Might help.
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    This looks really cool. It may be of use to my server. Let me know how things go with it. (Keeps an eye on the thread)
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    this looks good... maybe a little more to it and it'll get better... I'll look out for this.

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