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    SATools - Server Administration Tools:
    Version: v0.402
    Last Release: 10/3/11
    Donate!!!!!!!! <-- Please?

    This plugin is almost like a server wrapper, which in the future it may become. This is a plugin meant for people who run a server from a home computer or a location where you can access the server using a GUI. This plugin creates a GUI to make managing a server a lot easier, especially when you don't want to type and remember a lot of commands and stuff.

    Info: If you want to be a part of this project whether it be development or design, please let me know I am always accepting new ideas.


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    @Crosshairs I'm guessing you've installed craftbukkit successfully, so I'll skip those questions.
    What do you mean it doesn't create a folder?
    In your server's folder, is there a folder named plugins? if so, download the .jar file from the OP and put it in that folder. restart the server, and it should just work (don't reload it, actually restart it). if it's not, either something isn't working right for you or you aren't doing something right.

    hmm... I came up with an idea for the time options, which can also be applied to the world options.
    Have a way to have a dropdown menu that lists each world, that way you pick the world then press the corresponding time/weather button and boom, world and weather working.

    edit: this part is just me being curious if you know why, don't have to answer this if you don't want to :)
    Also I'm not sure why it does it but:
    I have a plugin that deals with weather, and SATools is still able to change the weather. (both enabled)
    I have a plugin (CommandBook) which can change time, but I can't do so with SATools if I enable it.
    is it because /time is the base command for both of them and the weather one just happens to not match up? I would love to give my mods/admins access to /time without breaking SATools lol.

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    SATools uses the 0 - 24000 time format...

    and about the multi world I am already testing the solution to that problem.
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    i can't get time to work on my server but i think thats because i have essentials installed and it changes the commands for time from /time 000 to /time day night
    also some of the command menus give people wiered names like (some weired double S)4(double S)JayFight(double S)f(double S)f which i suspect has to do with the fact that at leaste one of my mods changes the color on my name
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    cool, hope it's going well :)
    I wasn't concerned about the format you were using though. I was just curious since the other plugin overrode the default (that an Op would get) command for /time if that would be why it wasn't working. but regardless, a minor issue since resolved :) thanks for your work
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    I find it kind of ridiculous that a plugin would completely change a command, I will have to play around with code to fix this issue but plugins should only add commands never take away or modify. Also the weird characters in the name are color codes used to change the color in a string in minecraft, depending on the plugin.

    It is going ok I tried to start on the next version and this map feature is going to be a bit weird especially since I have cut down the GUI and added scrolling etc. I will formally start my to-do list next Monday as I stated earlier I am just playing around with code at this point.

    Thanks for all the support everyone, I am going through odd times inrl there have been some legal issues in my family but I have still been able to work. Always love compliments.

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    @OneThatWalks they change the time command around to make it 'easier'. instead of typing "/time set [0-24000]" some people set it so that "/time [0-24]" would be the command, and "/time" 8 (8am) would be equivalent to "/time set 0". others have it as "/time [day|noon|night]". I haven't found a "/time set [0-24000]" plugin to try it with. I requested one in the plugin request section, and have that plugin ultimately include all of the Op commands.

    Also, hope all goes well for you in RL.
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    I fixed the time issue, I was originally using a dispatchCommand (rudimentary way to do stuff) to set the time. When i tinkered around more a few minutes ago I switched the method it used to the current selected world, bypassing the need to mess with pesky plugins. Speaking of worlds I created that menu people have been talking about, in the next version there is a menu added in the toolbar to switch the world you modify, I tested the time but not weather conditions. Now my nether world and real world are out of sync, I do not know if that causes problems because I do not own a legitimate copy of minecraft and do not like to play the cracked copy due to my morals, but I don't think it impacts the game much. I also wonder what it would be like to make it storm in the nether?

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    Ok i was recently thinking ( i know how to use craftbukkit btw) Is this for servers that are run on your computer only... If so i think you should develop one for remote access because i run on a dedicated server
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    Yes, this was initially created for local servers only. However, I have been thinking up ways to allow remote GUI. IT is a challenging this to think about. I do not plan on releasing remote support before v1 but it may happen. Probable testing remote support before true release.
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    NICE : D LOVE IT , fast update
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    you misspelled coming ;)
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    Yeah, there comes a time when a programmer becomes short on time and misspells fluently to keep up with his/her schedule. I have become the unfortunate victim ;P.

    If a RB comes out for 1.7.3 I will see if it breaks the code and if it does Ill update the current build of SATools and throw in multi world support and time fix.
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    jeah ,but i only tested it on my hamachi server on my hosted server by nitrado it dosn´t work ?
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    I do not have remote support added. I am between ideas on implementation. I will probably design a web interface, assuming most hosting providers have web access. Some hosting services use remote connection, try that if your hosting provider supports remote connection for now.
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    ehmmm... okeY
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    i can't see the players list o.ô
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    What OS are you on?
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    windows 7 home premium 64 bit
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    DOES IT WORK ON LINUX? caps was intentional. this would be MUCH better than console for me if it works.
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    I run same OS and I see list just fine try having a player join and then leave then join again.

    idk, only OS I personally know it works on it Windows 7 (32 and 64bit). I have had no confirmation of any other OS being able to use this plugin.

    Going to update to 0.33 to fix time issue and world selection etc... Since I know you guys cant wait :p

    Also my 2 Ideas for remote connection...

    Idea 1:
    2 different SATools plugins
    1 for people with hamachi or local hosting
    another for people running on private hosting servers

    The one for local hosting would be the way it is now, the other one will be no GUI or anything just packet based, then I make a standalone GUI exactly like it is now, with a login screen on start (with remember me settings) then will send packets of data to the server on a specific port (80 or something) that will allow SATools to work remotely.

    Idea 2:
    Web interface, basically same function different look. Remote access anywhere in the world.

    Give me your ideas or vote for my ideas, happy mining.

    P.S Check soon for updates as 0.33 will be soon.

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    This is what i see maybe something in the config?
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    Thanks for the awesome plugin!
    You should add support for teleporting players around or to other players!
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    What plugins do you have installed? I don't know why anything would interfere with the playerjoin event?

    That should hopefully be in 0.4

    Those of you who's screen is too small please tell me your resolutions so I can fix the GUI for the next version. ASAP

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    Mike Geitz

    Awesome plugin, I'm not sure why it didnt work for me, but I wish it had. Being one of the many hosting on a linux server I have no gui, and this was just a pleasure to see with all the buttons and options. I especially like the reclaiming java mem feature. Any chance you could put that in a stand alone plugin with just a text based command? I cant find anything else like it. Otherwise, I will most definitely keep an eye on this plugin for updates :D

    The list of plugins I was running is under 'About' on my server website - www.cubuscraft.com - if you interested. Thanks for your great work OneThatWalks! :D
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    Player: Danjio_D was not properly updated during login!

    what does that mean?
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    Thanks again for the best plugin!
    Some bugs:
    Cant remove some people as "jesus".
    Cant spawn somethings to myself. Is it because im OP?
    Very often the online players deosnt show up on the "players" list.
    And even sometimes players show up 2 times!!?
    Can you add feature to spawn Skeleton-Jockeys?
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    I am running 1366 X 768 I don't think it is a resolution issue. It will let me adjust the width but not the height. See the screen shot attached.

    Thanks again

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    I am investigating remote usage methods

    That is a craftbukkit error, I don't have any such error messages associated with my plugin.

    I have been experiencing the Jesus bug occasionally, but I thought I had it fixed in v0.31. Spawning works flawlessly for me, but I will check through the code and make sure there aren't any possible hiccups. The list is updated every time a certain player joins/leaves, the method is rudimentary and will be updated soon to update every-so-often instead of just updating when a certain player joins/leaves. If a player shows up 2 times your server has a lot of lag and double events are registered. The creature spawning can spawn any current creature in minecraft, It isn't using a specific list it auto-updates for each version by fetching the creatures on load.

    The way I designed and built this GUI is made to be incompatible with resizing, I am not very good at designing fluid GUI's, so resolution is the issue because I have to re-size and rearrange components depending on the height and width of your screen. So I am just adding an if statement on GUI load that checks if the user is below 1366x768 (768p), in which case the gui will transform into a smaller component while retaining its main functions.

    The current build of SATools v0.33 is compatible with the latest RB(1000). So you are free to update to 1.7.3.
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    awesome work! thanks a bunch :)
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    Thank you ! ;P

    Is it just me or is a bunch of websites not functioning properly? ie: Bukkit, Twitter, etc.

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