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    SATools - Server Administration Tools:
    Version: v0.402
    Last Release: 10/3/11
    Donate!!!!!!!! <-- Please?

    This plugin is almost like a server wrapper, which in the future it may become. This is a plugin meant for people who run a server from a home computer or a location where you can access the server using a GUI. This plugin creates a GUI to make managing a server a lot easier, especially when you don't want to type and remember a lot of commands and stuff.

    Info: If you want to be a part of this project whether it be development or design, please let me know I am always accepting new ideas.


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    What @ACStache said...

    Checking v0.3's compatibility with the new 1.7.2, which of course might delay the release. Darn! I hate waiting. I am just going to release it on Sunday. I'm going to make that my deadline.
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    [INFO] Error: /time only supports day/night.
    2011-07-01 13:40:36
    [INFO] Time set to 0

    this is the error i get when i try to do that
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    Nice work. Sorry for being a little bit picky, but GUI stands for Graphical User Interface, so every time you write "GUI Interface", you are saying "Graphical User Interface Interface."

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    Hey, Im running the Autostop plugin, and wasnt sure if there was a way of disabling the "Your version is up to date" message as it stop the rest of the server starting until I click OK
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    Thats a console error, use the GUI for the time editing, its much easier. Unless you have aq mod or plugin installed that modifies it.
    Oh i didn't catch that in the orig post, thanks bud ;P

    Ill make a config file for v0.3 to support disabling auto update message and/or disabling the whole auto update.
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    no problem cheers mate
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    Turns out I forgot part of the task scheduling code, I tested finally as I had some extra time to kill, and IT worked the first time like a champ. But it saved glitchy and modifying didn't work, so I have to do some extra work.
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    i'm great with php if you ever neet help with it ;)
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    v0.3 is coming along, I would like to formally apologize for being very very slow on my update process. Working with a very nice developer to churn out a mapping feature for v0.4 in a couple weeks. V0.3 this week !!!
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    you may have a conflicting plugin then. I know CommandBook made it so it's /time HH:MM, but the buttons still work for me.
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    Because I don't use server commands to do what I want unless I have to :p love java!

    Today I will clean up all my code and organize it from my developer builds. If testing goes well then it should be released today, and If i missed anything while I was testing I will fix those problems right away as I see them posted.

    Stay Tuned

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    I'm curious, seeing as how I haven't gone to 1.7 yet, will it still work for 1.6.6 (CB 935)?

    Also, I noticed that when someone logs on or off it adds another line into the server.log
    [INFO] CraftPlayer{name=<player>} should be in the list
    [INFO] CraftPlayer{name=<player>} should be removed from the list
    is there a way to hide these? I'm one of those guys that doesn't like excess lines in the log lol.
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    IT should but I don't think any version below that.

    Also I am cleaning up the logging system to make it cleaner and nicer. So that will definitely be fixed.

    V0.3 Is out, always remember that SATools is beta. And will stay as such untill its first complete stable release v1. By downloading you agree to this.

    Please post all problems and bugs immediately and provide as much information as possible!!!

    Also, I will work on a low priority integration of servers, For my own benefit. It will give me information about what counties use SATools and how often it is used, etc. Yes there will be an option to disable it. When I get it fully integrated the first time you start it will ask you then save to the config file. I highly recommend when that time comes you accept.

    First Bug: Broke the gods system, repaired for v0.31
    Tomorrow, update per day.

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    Installed v.3 last night and everything worked fine. This morning the program informed me of an update
    I let it install. After that satools failed to load. I assume this was v.31

    By the way love the program.

    satool screen capture.PNG satool screen capture.PNG
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    Awesome plugin, just a couple of things though: I can't chanege the time using the SATools v0.31. The server says "You have to be a player!" so i don't know what the problem is there. Also when you put in anti-grief do you think that you could make it compatible with other anti-grief (ie for my server it would be very useful if it'd work with WorldGuard)
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    I Updated It Doesn't spawn items to me
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    Thanks for the bug reports guys I'll check them out tomorrow.
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    Great plugin =) just 1 problem
    Not sure if its just my pc, but the GUI doesn't completely fit on the screen and there are buttons hidden/cut off.
    This could be fixed by adding a scrolling feature.
    Besides this, awesome plugin!
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    i get the error with not being able to spawn to players because of mcmmo a way you could fix this is by using the same code for players as you have in the spawn tree/lighting/lightpost area well just a guess tbh

    has made managing some things on my server much easier cant wait for next update

    craftbukkituptodate compatability would be nice but i guess you dont need it
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    I have that planned for next release, but a question to anyone who's screen is to small, is it too small on the width will I need scrollbars on both axis?

    I don't have a player spawning feature.

    I may not have patience to code today had a pretty crazy 4th of jury in my town, I am just exhausted. I will still try and see what I can do about those weird error above.

    Tested your error and everything on my end was working fine try restarting the server. If that doesn't work try reinstalling the craftbukkit jars and such. If all else fails redownload satools and try.

    Tested your error too, and didn't get an problems changed time just fine, let me know if it starts working and what you did to fix it.

    Also tested your problem, Items spawn like a champs for me, remember I updated the whole back-end of item spawning to where items now go directly into your inventory.

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    CurlyFender Guy

    This plugin looks like it has everything I need. However, I have downloaded the .jar file and am now unsure what to do with it. This is like my first ever plugin download so go easy on me.

    Somebody please help me...
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    @CurlyFender Guy
    I'm going on assuming (I know what that implies) that you have craftbukkit already installed since you're looking for plugins.
    download the SATools.jar
    In your server directory should be a folder named 'plugins'. If there isn't one, make one.
    Now put the SATools.jar in your plugins folder
    Restart the server and now you're ready to roll.
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    CurlyFender Guy

    Is that really all I had to do?
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    yup, it's that simple for pretty much every plugin at first. some others have configuration files and extra bits that they'll generate themselves, but to start it's all that needs to happen.
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    ^^^ I try and make my plugin as simple to understand, without all the confusion from other plugins with instillation and configuration. Mine should have everything you need without directly modifying files.
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    well you've done a great job so far :) can't wait to see how this evolves
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    Me neither ;P

    I was chatting with FrozenCow (Developer of dynmap) on ways to implement mapping which is the next scheduled feature. It seems hard to do because besides FrozenCows plugin there is no one else doing it, and the way I want to do it may go beyond dynmap. I want click and drag moving of players, etc.
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    Well update satools to your latest release and everything works fine today. I also agree with an earlier post about the window being clipped off at the bottom. I am guessing that I am missing some buttons down there. As far as I am concerned, It would be better to make the gui wider and shorter so it would fit the 16x9 format better.

    I seem to remember in earlier versions that you could start typing in the (give what box) and be able to look up
    what you wanted. Now I have to wade through the list to find something. Being that its not in Alphabetical
    order but by item id I have to have a cheat sheet to find stuff fast.

    Once again thanks for a time and effort in producing a first class GUI for MC server
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    Oh yea I have been working on a search feature kind of, its a bit hard. Since changing the item giving back end I revamped that whole selection box. Where as I used to load all the items from a predefined list. I learned that would be hard to keep up with so I just have it directly loading the items from minecraft itself, so yes it does go by ID. I will work on trying to make it a lot easier to find the item you are looking for, I will probably implement a Google like feature where you start typing the name in a box and the combobox keeps up with those letters and suggests a couple things with the letters or words you have.

    Thank you for that comment it means a lot to me. ;P
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    What would be really cool would be a separate tab for give items and have it be graphic, (like too many items)
    mod. Just drag and drop items on a player. I realize this would be big on overhead and probably hard to code.


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