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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by matejdro, Jan 24, 2011.

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    This plugins adds Jail to your minecraft server. Admins can define several jails and then jail/unjail people or jail them on time basis. Plugin also offers wide variety of protections, so players won't escape out of your jail.

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    Maybe you did not selected the jail area correctly ?

    All cells must be INSIDE the Jail area, otherwise it's like your prisonners is escaped.

    I'm still not getting how to transfer a prisonner from one cell to another.

    And actually, the command to jail someone into a SPECIFIED cell does not work (bukkit 1000, Jail 1.2.2)

    When I jail anyone, he is always no matter what, jailed into the last cell created.
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    I did everything like in the video, that is in video tutorials "Short tutorial and demonstration"

    EDIT. Ok, I fixed the problem.
  4. For some reason, my entire jail, properties gets reset to default on every server restart, and the color codes are replaced with ? instead of ß.

    This plugin is useless because of that, i have to restart for changes to take effect, but that resets the config, meaning that players can still chat, spawn items etc. in jail.
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    wow this mod is awesome! i do really like that you can make your own jail :)
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    Installed using MySQL with no issues

    The guards are hilarious and useful at the same time. Great job!

    Actually, I'm having the same issue too now. /reload does the same thing.
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    Spathizilla -- Begin Line 35:

        public static synchronized Connection getConnection() {
            if(connection == null) connection = createConnection();
            if(Settings.UseMySql) {
                try {
                    if(!connection.isValid(10)) connection = createConnection();
                } catch (SQLException ex) {
            return connection;
    Please? Since I've said the ?autoReconnect=true does not work many times. I hate having to /reload each time Jail hasnt done anything in a few hours otherwise MySQL wont work since the actual conneciton is dead and connection != null.

    I've just forked my own copy just to put it in (and changed everything to ChatColor).
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    Another bug I've found, angry wolf guards attack any non-prisoners too lol.
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    @dragos240 @rundmcarlson cells are currently broken in non-main world. Just delete all cells until fix comes.

    @ScottSpittle you can remove misspelled names using /unjailforce

    @Mr_H4mm3r Can you add that to issue tracker please?

    @Darcion looks like prisoner is jailed in non-existant jail. Re-jail him.

    @McSushi it counts online time

    @CeramicTitan By using other plugin that supports jail.

    @andrewkm @GmK try enabling AlwaysTeleportIntoJailCenter

    @Pythros only <Player> is currently supported.

    @TNOMCat are you using any other spawn-related plugins?

    @sean_skroht you can already block warp command

    @laserlemons integrated in bukkit

    @Dothackking whoa, how many prisoners do you have?

    @chernobyl360 what were the issues?

    @_-DarkMinecrafter-_ will fix it in next release. Until then use jail.command.jailpay permission.

    @Jeffmcgee It should work with B1000. Currently only Permissions plugin and bridges that emulate it are supported, but I'm planning about supporting bukkit permissions.

    @pwndupure set RespawnGuards to false, which will free prisoner when he kills all wolves. Wolves will attack as soon as you get out of jail cuboid, so make sure that your underground is inside jail cuboid.

    @rooster6050 @Mabboon do you have any cells?

    @40540057 will take a look at that. Please add it to issue tracker so i won't forget it.

    @brzavr /jailcheck

    @gippo any errors?

    @laserlemons add wheat blocks to BlockProtectionExceptions

    @Vinsssounet jailing: /jail time jail:cell. Currently there is no cell transfer.

    @theC just delete Jail.jar from plugins folder. Maybe some other plugin is blocking the command.

    @EMOberger what would that do?


    @brzavr @Graloth @seriosbrad I will switch to YAML with next version, which should eliminate that issue.

    @hppcm @darvd29 too small prison or you have not selected ceiling and floor.

    @killer8600 i see you have already added this to github. Thanks.

    @Spathizilla Thanks, will add that. I don't know much about databases, so i had no idea how to fix this, sorry.

    @seriosbrad if they attack wolves, then they are supposed to fight back.
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    It is already set true for alwaysteleportintojailcenter
    I have tried everything and the problem is still here.
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    quote="matejdro, post: 534219"]@EMOberger what would that do[/quote]
    allow us to change where the sign is.
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    The Api Guide was a bit difficult to understand. Plus im having issues with trying to deffine the time within the command. if i type in /jsiren chernobyl360 1 testing. the set time of 1 min wont work. it keeps me in the jail until i force clear the jail info.

    the jailing code in modsiren.

                if ((label.equalsIgnoreCase("jsiren")) &&
                        (permissionHandler.has((Player)sender, "Mod.Jail")) &&
                        (args.length == 3)) {
                    String name = args[0];
                    int time = 0;
                    String reason = args[2];
                    jail.jailPlayer(name, time, null, reason);
                    player.sendMessage(ChatColor.DARK_RED + name + ChatColor.GRAY + " Has Been Jailed For " + reason);
                }return true;
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    @andrewkm will take a look at it. Please add it to issue tracker

    @EMOberger ah yes, i need to add cell options to jailset.

    @chernobyl360 what /jailstatus says?
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    Would it be possible to get the other syntax's added, please? Thanks!
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    I'm also having the same problem as Vinssounet. I tried to jail someone in a specific cell, but every time I do, they always go to the cell I created last.
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    I only have 1 world so it should be my main one right? I cant remove the cells because no jail related commands work. It doesn't even give a response to the command, so I don't know if it is even being recognized by the server or not.
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    Try deleting or renaming the Jail folder and delete the Jail.jar file, download the Jail.jar file again, and run the server.
  19. I have found the misstake the permission is not "jail.usercmd.jailpay" but "jail.command.jailpay"
    than all works perfect
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    @Elitedude cell selection is random. Use cell name if you want to specify cell

    @rundmcarlson If your commands don't work, then problem lies somewhere else. Check permissions and try deleting and re-downloading jail as Pythros said.
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    There is a bug. If thrown into prison who is offline player does not lose its inventory .
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    Actually, that was the code I was using.
    It is not working, and any player is always jailed in last cell created.
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    This is great. I'm luvin it. My castle has a correctional institution now. Thank you for this.
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    @matejdro Yes, I have 16 cells.
    It works jailing him if he is in the same world as the jail, but not from the main world.
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    Try to make a jail in the same world as he is
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    Brody Romhanyi

    this jail was working great for me then i tryed to make cops on my server and that messed everything up the jail plugin wont even work anymore IDK WHAT TO DO
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    If you got a error in the server.log please post it. And the ingame error too. This is the only way we can help you?
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    Brody Romhanyi

    Its alright i just reinstalled it and everything is better now :D
  29. @matejdro

    Is it possible to create a chest with the inventory of the prisoner. So he can take it back, when he try to escape.
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    Very cool plugin !

    I would like to enable different protections for my different jails :
    one where player can't break anything, and another one where they can break everything (to create a country far far away where they will be abble to live without coming back)
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    That works, but I already made a huge jail (at the other world) , so I really want it to work.

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