[ADMN/RPG] ClassRanks v0.2.1.2: Manage class ranked groups [1337]

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    ClassRanks - Manage permission groups easier

    Version: v0.2.1.2

    I have moved to dev.bukkit.org

    No more download links, because the latest version supports all mayor perms systems
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    Installtion guide would be great
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    There you go :)

    If you have problems or anything misses, feel free to ask. The administration might be a little hard the first time. But once set up, you don't have to bother about anything ;)
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    is this alot easier to use than permissionsEX ?
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    Well tbh I tried PermissionsEX yesterday and the setup itself is rather equal. Except the fact that within PermissionsEX you have the (ingame) possibility to add rank numbers to easily adjust ranks. But I have not seen the "switch" to have multiple trees like I have:

    Crafter I, Crafter II, Crafter III
    and parallel:
    Trader I, Trader II, Trader III

    and so on.

    But the main reason not to switch to PermissionsEX and to delete this thread was the incompatibility of so many plugins with PermissionsEX. Setting a permission there did only work for about 30% of our plugins. And I really don't want to setup two permissions plugins at a time to get everything to work ;)

    Oh a big difference in my plugin is that users can rank themselves up, but (if not permitted) not other users, PermissionsEX only allows (or not) people ranking up other people up to one rank lower than themselves. So a Crafter III could invite a Crafter I to the Crafter II group, noone can rank up himself. And that is the main purpose of my plugin :)
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    it doesnt work to me it says: [classranks] Permissions not found, deactivating
    [classranks] disabled i dont know what to do plzzzzz help
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    Good idea. Hopefully we will all move over some day :D

    Expect v0.1.2.9 with PermissionsBukkit and more in some hrs!

    @Skillet did you see the Dependencies? You need Permissions. If you have it, what version?
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    i have no idea how to install it i only get the error: classranks] Permissions not found, deactivating

    what are Depencies

    and where can i find the dependencies

    plzzzzz help

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    plzzzzzzzz help i downloaded permissions what now i dont know what to do anymore plzzzz
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    Check the thread - there already are tutorials and such - explaining Permissions here in my thread is too much. I already did an installation guide that includes a permissions file ;)
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    ok ill wait but how long will it take exactly?? cus im very excited about it

    where is that then

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    Verrrrryyyyyyy simple good job:)
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    i dont understand anything of it
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    1) calm down -.- repeatedly spamming this thread will not make me work faster. I'm not at home, and will start doing it when I am - that will be in 2 hours. I cannot predict how fast that will be, just relax. You will survive some hours without that thing.
    2) I posted a link to the thread, IN THAT thread, there are howto's and a wiki and whatnot. Read there until I finish the next version
    3) rezznov thanks for the feedback :)
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    ok ill do it with other mods to make fun with till then i think
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    Update: It seems harder than I thought - I'm getting trouble with writing the yaml file. I think I might move to a SQL table. Expect results today or tomorrow...
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    Thank you! Hope you can finish this today [pig]
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    Support GroupManager?
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    Update for bukkitPermissions please?
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    Shouting will not make me work faster :p Im planning to release next version featuring:
    • ingame class/rank changing/adding/deleting DONE
    • SQL interface to achieve that :D DONE
    • BukkitPermissions - 30%
    Groupmanager ? I'll have a look at that when I finish

    Edit: I will update THIS post here so you are up to date :)
    Edit2: Im now finishing the Permissions version and then starting to work on the other one. I will keep the PermissionsBukkit Version totally separated, as they collide heavily :D
    Edit3: Thread up to date, now starting with BukkitPermissions
    Edit4: Struggling with the not easy way of accessing groups...
    Edit5: Stuck :/ I'll continue trying tomorrow...

    Alright - as said in the post above... I will try to get it to work tomorrow. Everyone using groups has problems, PermissionsBukkit doesn't seem to be ready for group access. I as a developer do get no single way of reading and writing player<=>group connections.

    The author promises to get converters to work and the plugin is still on built 1000, not updated for a over month by now. I will have an eye on that and as soon as it's possible, I'll add a PermissionsBukkit version!

    Edit: GroupManager is dead for months, dude...

    Okay, I got it to work - I hope the author of PermissionsBukkit will release a better hookable version soon -.-

    For questions regarding on how to setup groups and how to add permissions to people, please refer to the plugin thread:

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    So this really fits me, thanks! :)
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    PermissionsBukkit link doesnt work
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    Oh ... that was a silly typo. It works now!
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    PermissionsBukkit version fixed, it worked only almost randomly. :)
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    v0.1.3.3 features requesting items to rank up, simply add the Bukkit material enums, amount separated with colon!
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    when i type a command doen't show nothing
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    What command did you type?
    Do the logs show any errors? Search the logs for ClassRanks

    Do you have Permissions plugin?
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    bPermissions support please!
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