[ADMN] RealAdminTools - list and remove any entity from your worlds [1337-1561]

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    RealAdminTools - Some usefull admin tools
    Version: v0.06 (2011-07-22)
    • Please read CHANGELOG, KNOWN ISSUES, ROADMAP AND THE WIKI before you tell me bugs or ask me new features please : it may be already here !
    • These are some administrator's features that I did not found anywhere else

    server.properties file editor

    Needed to changes some server.properties options, without opening the file on the serveur, simply with chat commands.
    • /config [<option> [<value>]] display / change (if value is set) the value of a server.properties file option
    Usefull options to change values are :
    • allow-nether : true / false
    • view-distance : 3 to 15
    • spawn-monsters : true / false
    • spawn-animals : true / false
    • online-mode : true / false
    • max-players : 1 to 1000
    • pvp : true / false
    • allow-flight : true / false
    • white-list : true / false
    • spawn-protection : 1 to 1000
    After the value is changed, you can reload the configuration using the craftbukkit /reload option.
    If you do not do this, your changes will not be activated.
    Sample : type these commandes to disable monsters spawn on your server
    All monsters are immediately killed
    /config spawn-monsters false
    Entities manager

    I first made this plugin because I needed to know why the Essentials plugin /gc function told me that I had more than 20000 entities into my world (this made a big server lag and crash).
    This helped me to know where these entities were, what they were, and it enabled me to remove them from the world very quickly.
    So it will be very usefull if you need to clean-up your world : minecarts, boats, dropped stuffs... everything can be removed from the world with it.
    Only OPS / CONSOLE can use these commands.
    • /entities displays a summary of the entities active in your worlds
      Writes a detailed log into plugins/RealAdminTools/entities.txt
      Each entity is described here, with it's acurate location into the world
    • /entities remove item all remove all active dropped items from your worlds
    • /entities remove item <typeId> remove all active dropped items that have this typeId from your worlds
    • /entities remove <class> remove all entities of this class
    Known classes are : (Beware : if you remove an entity class, all sub-classes entities will be destroyed !)
    • entity (DO NOT USE ! Unpredictable result)
      • arrow
      • egg
      • fallingsand
      • fireball
      • fish
      • painting
      • snowball
      • tntprimed
      • vehicle
        • boat
        • minecart
          • poweredminecart
          • storageminecart
      • livingentity (DO NOT USE ! Unpredictable result)
        • creature
          • animals
          • chicken
          • cow
          • pig
          • sheep
          • wolf
        • monster
          • creeper
          • giant
          • skeleton
          • spider
          • zombie
            • pigzombie
          • watermob
            • squid
        • flying
          • ghast
        • slime
        • humanentity (DO NOT USE ! Unpredictable result)
          • player (DO NOT USE ! Unpredictable result)
    Operators list

    • /ops displays the list of the operators (content of the ops.txt file)
    Download and documentation links:

    Known issues:

    • Tell me

    Version 0.06
    • Internal changes (RealTranslation and RealTools libraries compatibility)
    Version 0.05
    • /ops to display the operators list
    Version 0.04
    • /config alone to display server.properties options values
    • /config <option> to display one option's value
    • /config commands now answer with color
    Version 0.03
    • /config command to change server.properties file configuration options
    • /entities remove now displays how many entities were removed
    Version 0.02
    • entities can now be called from the console
    Version 0.01
    • first release
      I was able to /entities remove item 81 with it.
      One of my players used to build a huge cactus farm, that popped continuously cactus items (81). This big purge saved my server from a definitive crash !
    Road Map - TODO:

    • nothing else for the moment.
      perhaps other tools for server admins I will not found somewhere else.

    If you like my plugins and have some money to spend helping me to take more time improving it and - why not - develop other cool things, don't forget the author :
    Make a Donation via Paypal
    Thanks a lot to donators.
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    Updated it to the new version, and removed the entities.txt file and still got this error.

    2011-07-22 17:19:44 [SEVERE] [RealAdminToolsCould not save plugins/RealAdminTools/entities.txt file
    This happens when i do /entities remove item all or any other remove command with the plugin.
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    Likewise, this problem still persists for me.
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    Same problem on #1000... will work on it someday;
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    Thank you so much.
    You saved my server.

    Someone thought it would be a good idea to make an huge mob-fighting arena, then they got a lot of exp orbs and died. WorldGuards stoplag failed me but this worked perfectly.
    Thank you.
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    cool :) so this is working, nice !
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    Can't do things like "/entities remove monster" or "/entities remove monster all". Even though there are some on the world, it won't remove them. Please fix :)
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    Yeah I don't think that worked for me either, but I'm also getting this now:

    02:57:58 [SEVERE] [RealAdminTools] Could not save plugins/RealAdminTools/entities.txt file

    ... and it's creating a 0-size file of that name in the location it specifies. I removed it once and it re-wrote it again when I did the command.
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    same also...
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    THANKS!!! =D
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    what about glitched entities? on my server there are a bunch of floating fireballs around when an op went crazyshooting them everywhere. can i use this to get rid of them or is there a simpler way?
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    Long time no see tickleman. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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