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    Project has been continued by ryanclancy000 at dev-bukkit here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/plugman/

    PlugMan - A Bukkit Plugin Manager
    Current Version: v1.3.2

    • Enable/Disable/Reload Plugins on the fly.
    • All commands work on the server console.
    • List plugins and show their status in green (enabled) or red (disabled) without client crashes.
    • Get plugin info such as the version, author(s), and description.
    • Permissions support (not required though).
    • List the commands a plugin has registered.
    • Describe the usage of a plugins commands.

    • /plugman list <Page> - lists all plugins loaded on the server. Page is optional
    • /plugman vlist <Page> - lists all plugins loaded with their version next to them. Page is optional
    • /plugman load <PluginName> - load a new plugin.
    • /plugman disable <PluginName> - disables a plugin.
    • /plugman enable <PluginName> - enables a plugin
    • /plugman info <PluginName> - shows the version, author, description and status of the plugin.
    • /plugman reload <PluginName> - disables and then re-enables a plugin.
    • /plugman usage <PluginName> - gets all the commands a plugin has registered.
    • /plugman describe <CommandName> <PluginName> - describe a command a plugin has registered.

    PlugMan will use the Permissions plugin automatically if found. If Permissions is not found, it will simple give server OPs full permission and everyone else nothing.

    Permission Nodes:
    • 'plugman.list' - gives the ability to use /plugman "list" and "info"
    • 'plugman.describe' - gives the ability to use /plugman "usage" and "describe"
    • 'plugman.admin' - give the ability to use all commands.
    v1.3.2 - 8/16/2011
    - Update for new bukkit permissions.

    v1.3 - 3/19/2011
    - Rebuilt against latest Recommended CB (556).
    - Added ability to list plugins with pages.
    - Added ability to list plugins with version numbers next to each plugin.

    Change Log (open)

    v1.2.2 - 2/28/2011
    - Rebuilt against latest recommended craftbukkit build (440 as of now).
    - Changed to a static download link.

    v1.2.1 - 2/23/2011
    - Changed namespace to no longer use com.bukkit in preparation for com.bukkit being sealed.

    v1.2 - 2/21/2011
    - Added the "usage" and "describe" commands to allow plugman to list all the commands a plugin has registered.

    v1.1 - 2/21/2011
    - Fixed minor bug causing a plugin to not be enabled on load if the jar filename was different then the plugin name.

    v1.0 - 2/21/2011
    - Initial Release.


    Source: GitHub
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    Oh I'm sorry, I guess you do. I explained the situation before. But in short it's like this:

    As I said, most developers don't expect their plugin to disable and re-enable without a full reload. So they register for event listeners in onEnable as they're told. But when a plugin like PlugMan (it's the only one I know who allows this though) disables and re-enables them. Then the plugin has registered for the events a second, or more, time(s). In some cases that doesn't matter much. But it's very clear when one event causes a message to be printed.

    Also, they often do not check in their event listeners/handlers whether the plugin is still enabled. So even if you disable a plugin. It might still stay active.

    This is simply an oversight in the design of Bukkit. And that's what I am addressing in that thread.
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    Thank you for your efforts towards a saner Bukkit.
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    I would like the ability to enable plugins that i just dropped into the plugins folder. as it is the list only comes up with plugins that were there upon server startup, and reloading the server configuration completely is slow and irritating (as it triggers a backup). This would make it much easier to install new plugins without interrupting my players. If this is already a feature my apologies but I could not find it.
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    /plugman load <PluginName> - load a new plugin.

    Where you see PluginName you'll want to use the full name of the jar but without the .jar.
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    Huh. I tried that several times but it didn't work until just now. Must have messed the name up or something. Thanks!
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    could you do /plugman disable all (without disableing plugman) so if you have 20 plugins you don´t have to do 1 and the next and so on? would be great.

    also it dosn´t save is when i restart my server.. all plugs are enabled after restart -..-#
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    Its a handyman plugin!
    I will give it i try, I got almost 40 plugins running, so very usefull
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    This is one of if not the most useful plugins that i have in my arsenal. Before i used to have to reload the whole server which takes 30 seconds and gets everything when all i wanted to do is change one small thing. But now i an do things very efficiently and productively without taking away game time form my players!
  10. 1.3.2 doesn't work properly with commands issued from the console - getting "You don't have permission to do this...". Using Permissions 2 (yes, I know I should update but there are soooo many plugins to reconfigure), and PlugMan still detects it.
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    Got the same issue as Drool here, Don't have permission through console :(
    Using Permissions 3.1.6.
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    same issue as Drool & Sevettns
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    Any chance the next version could list the plugins alphabetically?
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    Please add download command.
    It would work as follows:
    plugin donnloads a file with the names of plugins and download links or sends a query to mySQL server,
    then downloads files and loads them.
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    please update this plugin for PermissionsBukkit
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    Awsome plugin! But 1 problem, earlier on today, Permissions was working after I used /plugman load Permissions when I just installed it. Later on I needed to reload something, but I forgot the command to reload the worlds, so I use /plugman reload Permissions It said "Plugin Disabled: [Permissions]" then "Plugin FAILED to Enable: [Permissions]"

    What happened?
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    Did any of you find a work around? It isn't the end of the world but it makes managing the server from work a little easier since I don't have to open the game client.
  19. Looking at the source code it looks like it wont work from console atm, he does not make a check if the command sender is an instance of ConsoleCommandSender in his PermCheck code. This means all the command can't work from console as the ConsoleCommandSender does not have any permissions, nor does he need them, it is the consle!!!
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    I have noticed this also. Please enable console access to the commands (it used to work from console but now gives a "you don't have permission" after an update).

    Console access is necessary as we use it from some external scripts.
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    Yeah i'm also having the console command issue. I humbly ask someone to fix that. :D
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    When I attempt to run commands from the console it says I do not have permission. Could this be being caused by my console name being <*console*> (commandbook altered it I believe)
  24. Same issue here, please fix this, critical Oo
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    Same too... [sheep]
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    nice work..

    What about support PermissionsBukkit ?
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    Please use Bukkitupdater's source code and integrate updating plugins. He appears to not be into it anymore.
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    Can we have MySQL Support? so that we can have a nice Interface listing plugins on our websites? xD Plox
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    yes, my permissions stopped working
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    Hi, i have a request, is it possible to add an "unload" command so i can update/delete a plugin without shutting down my server ?
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    you can just disable and then load..

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