[ADMN] PlgLogCmd v2.0 - log player commands [1.4]

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    PlgLogCmd - log player commands
    Version: v2.0

    Any command a player types in (/xxxxx) this plugin logs into server console. That's it!
    Done on request by @Brock Blocking Samson

    Logs all commands the player types in.

    Download (source code in the .jar)


    Version 2.0
    • updated to new bukkit API
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    How can it not increase security? The database that contains the passwords are on another server using MD5 encryption. So not showing passwords in the logs would sort my problem of using this, surely there should be a way.
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    Excuse-me but... of course it have sence ...it improve security to not save password clearly somewhere ! if your game server is hacked, the hacker go read logfile and he can see password of each player !!! In my case like 99% of people in this world passwords are crypted and saved (in a mysql or a file or something like that...) so the hacker can't get clearly password except with your plugin so sorry but it's very bad thing

    (And don't tell it's not improving s├ęcurity to save CRYPTED password only and not in clear, Linux do it, Microsoft do it, each serious website do this...)
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    Then it's pretty easy to add hacker's own plugin to store passwords and send them to him via IRC for example.

    Now of course if you protect against script kiddies, it helps (but is it real security?). And I stated that this is not the reason why I don't do this, I'm just lazy.
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    Then in the case of being lazy I can't use this, sorry.
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    IIRC Juze was gonna make a for with config and possibly permission, try PMing him.
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    could you make an option for the commands to appear in the chat?

    so for example if someone typed a command it will say in an admins chat

    <name> used command: /---

    this would help me a lot because I don't want to check separate logs all the time it would be easier for me if I could see it in the chat as soon as someone used it.
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    Well that would also need some config file to know whom to send it to...
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    true, too much hard work for a small thing.. thanks anyway :)
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    broken link -_-
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    hosting down for maintenace till 5AM CEST
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    thank u
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    Will this show pickaclient Chat> commands? ie .down
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    No this only filters real commands starting with /
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    thx for that plugin :3 dont use crap permissions so easy thx
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    keeps saying i tried to use a command and it works anyways. if it says that everyone tried then how do i know who DID. i think it might be built in permissions. im using Version 1000. ive been out of the loop on bukkit for a while =(
    is there something i must change?
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    It says <name> tried to use <command>. It does not stop the command from execution (there is plgdisablecmd) the rest I don't really understand
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    Can you add the ability to receive the message in the chatbox? only for op.
    Or get the last 10 cmds of users with a command? 8)
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    Those things are in consideration, but currently I have not spare time for my plugins except for keeping them updated.
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    The PC Tech Guy

    I also support MCrofl777's suggestion. I've been looking for such a plugin to do so, and it appears only Command Alert can. However, it doesn't catch all the commands (priority issue I think).
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    Guys can I just point out somethings:
    If the server has been breached your screwed...
    The server software will contain the Md5s for decrypting all the passwords, in a way this plugin actually is secure 'cause it reminds admins to make everyone change their pwords after a breach.
    If a hacker can get access to the log files, your screwed...
    As of current Notch has not implemented Md5 encrypted chat, that means your precious passwords are sent in plain text anyway! Trust me the logs are far more secure than a plain text file zipping across the net. It's far easier to sniff a couple of packets than to break into a machine...
    What is so precious about these plugins??
    Since the switch to AWS minecraft.net has barely been down, that means offline mode servers with authenticating plugins are just there to do nothing more than to provide players who feel they can rip off Notch's work illegally with more services!
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    Ok so I agree if you get hacked is easy to get passwords BUT it's a fully wrong way of thinking to not crypt theses password. It's like you give hand to your hacker. Let him do his own plugin... it make already one more difficulty.

    And in my use logs are accessible by my website for admins. I don't want my admins can read passwords (me also). It's not usefull to see it. That's why I made mine. I know I can parse the log file before showing it on my webpages but when I've got a problem I solve it at the source. So I made a GOOD plugin to do that.
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    I would like this functionality as well, so mods and OPs can monitor what's happening on the server somewhat easier. If you do get the time to update this mod, it would be much appreciated.
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    what about a permission to give to mods/admins so that the commands will show up on their chat
    and anything they would say inside the chat like client-side commands
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    The biggest threat to your server's security would be people who hit . instead of /. I recently got a disguise mod for my server (to follow a possible griefer) the first thing one of my mods did was to hit . instead of / and blow our cover :sadface:.
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    Yeah and what ? does it mean you don't have to secure anything else ? You are 16... you'll grow up but if you continue thinking like that, your naivety will cause you problems when you'll work for a company...
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    When somone types a message only ops get a message with it awesome
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    brilliant :)
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    is it possible that the Console will write InGame ( in Chat ) that a player used a command? Would be nice if it's for OPs only
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    Would be cool if it logged to a SEPARATE file. Please?

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