Inactive [ADMN] PlayerLogger v0.7 - Logs of your players! [1.2.5-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by javoris767, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I will begin that.
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    Nooooo! well, at least add a option to do that please! i like to know peoples passwords for sucirity purposes. please add the /login ****** as a option please
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    What are the commands for this pulgin?
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    Is it possible to add a feature to change where the files backup to?
    I would like to change this to my FTP folder.

    Thank you.
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    This plugin is very useful.
    Thank you to author.
    But I want to do something with this plugin.
    Now this plugin can't leaving the log when somebody empty the bucket or use fireball.
    So I want to leaving this log.

    Thank you.
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    Hi, how can I save the location how where the files save too? I want them to be stored on a different drive
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    if this is still active, I would love to see some lava /water placements and to clear up that annoying bug when a new player joins :)
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    Please include the logging of logout/disconnect of any player.
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    its not logging blocks placed/ broken
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    I fixed that bug it's on bukkit dev

    Thats been updated on bukkit dev

    Only people with file access could see it

    Hmm that might be possible

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    but not all server-owners are friendly.....
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    Yeah but its a server owners choice to install the plugin and only he/she could see the files. Its easy enough if you have to permissions to do /authme name changepassword for admins/owners to do.
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    Great plugin! A little overkill for what I am looking for though. I would like a simple way to see who has logged in and out of my server over the past few days, as well as chat, without all the console messages. Would like to option to log to a single file instead of individual files that must be opened for each player, is this possible?
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    I could make a quick plugin in a few hours or tomorrow for you to do that but I wouldn't release it to public as its just a basic one.

    Bg fixed in update awhile back and bucket place now logged from 2 updates ago :D

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    please tell me how to log every block? -'*' or -* doesnt work.
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    It works now
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    edit: works very smotthly, if I could give any uhh supporting criticism, the player chat is store seperatly, this makes it an hell to sayy what actually is going on, therefore I use another plugin.
    It's just an heads up, very nice plugin though.
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    You could use MySQL as it will be in order.
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    well, I try to not let everything use my db :p but thanks anyway
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    Can you update playerlogger please. Update it to bukkit 1.7.2 and more please, thank you or anyon can update it?

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